Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope

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Baggy pants are tacky, but making the questionable fashion statement illegal seems to be taking it a bit too far. One town in Louisiana apparently doesn’t see the problem as it has made baggy pants illegal.

The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana recently voted 8-1 in favor of outlawing baggy pants. The ordinance says that “appearing in public view while exposing one’s skin or undergarments below the waist is contrary to safety, health, peace and good order of the parish and the general welfare.”

Those found in violation of the new baggy pants law will be hit with increasingly more expensive fines for each offense. The first offense will cost $50, the second will cost $100, and every other offense after that will cost $100 and 16 hours of community service.

Those who argued for the law went to great lengths to point out that they aren’t making this a race issue. They said that baggy pants are simply crass, and an undesirable part of prison culture that made its way into mainstream fashion.

Those who opposed the law said that they agreed that baggy pants were tacky, but argued that legislating fashion is a slippery slope that leads to legislating morality. They said it was an example of government overreach and shouldn’t be allowed.

Despite arguments against it, it’s expected that the Parish president will sign the anti-baggy pants ordinance into law. The ordinance will surely promote decency among the young men and women of Terrebonne Parish because baggy pants are obviously the greatest threat to decency since rock and roll and mini-skirts.

[WWLTV via HuffPost]

Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope
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  • Greg Prince

    I say let them wear the baggy pants. They can’t run from the law when the waist line is down by the knees and you can’t run as fast when one hand is holding them up.

    • nonsense

      If they so happen to commit a crime.. I don’t like your implication..

  • http://webpronews.com RAPPING RODNEY

    These laws are right up there with, i will Chane the laws and tell you people what you can do, BECAUSE I CAN. While terrorists and other hateful people live next door among the us. No, this is not racial, RIGHT. Like in the past women will get raped if we give these people freedom or this music that they play is the Devil’s music and our kids will be easily influenced to lawless behavior. And baggy paints and hoodies are worn by thugs and criminals. DO YOU REALLY THINK SO!!!!

    • http://Yahoo Jay

      Good point!!

    • J.S.

      rapping rodney question… What’s a baggy paints?

  • TJ

    This is geared towards young Hispanic and African American males. A White woman could wear a short dress or skirt or short shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out and nobody would have a problem.

    • gwenn

      Why must someone always say this is racist. I have seen many young white men in baggy pants.

  • YAY

    This is great! Now crack down on the tramps with their boobs and crotch hanging out! Thanks!

  • CHris

    Don’t care if it comes across as a race issue, pull ya dam pants up
    Black man

  • Pat Doyen

    I’m about as liberal as they come-I mean really liberal. Been that way for decades. But when it comes to wearing pants way below the waist line, I’m in agreement with this town. It is the most vile, detestable, ugly, inconsiderate, stupid, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Walking around with your outer cloths so low, that most all of your underwear-shorts are in full view of everyone. I don’t want to see your underwear, and I don’t want to see your pants legs dragging under your untied shoes, while one of your hands is keeping your pants from completely falling by holding your penis from the outside of your cloths while you walk. When you dress like this, there isn’t one good thing that comes of it.

    • http://Yahoo Jay

      Your full of it!!

    • Nick B

      Regardless of its idiocy, forcing people to abide by what you like is overreaching. Thats like saying I dont like mullets, they are ugly and annoying and just make an area look redneck and hillbilly, so im going to make it illegal for people to have them. Forcing style on people is ridiculous, not to mention a blatant violation of our rights. Every day more and more ridiculous laws are being implemented that allow states and cities to overreach and tell people how to live, act, dress, talk, and do. Kids cant play cowboys and indians because its insensitive, people cant cut or dye their hair certain ways, you cant wear certain clothes, this is becoming a police state, fascism at its finest. This is the DEFINITION of fascism, making everyone dress, talk, and act the way one group of people feels they should. I don’t understand how on one hand, you want the government to leave your guns alone, and how you can call obama a socialist and a fascist and say hes over reaching and trying to tell people how to live, and that big government is ruining america, yet you think its ok for you to force your fashion sense on other people. You cant have it both ways you hypocritical douche bags. Why is it that republicans are so blatantly hypocritical, they think anything they dont agree with should be banned, yet try an ban something they want and all of a sudden the government has to much power.

  • L.W.

    This is as racist as racist gets. Southern white people picking on minorities. We’ve seen it before….. And we will see it again. You can’t ban ugly clothes. Anything that doesn’t show a person’s private parts really can’t be legislated.

    • OHWOW

      You are very ignorant why should we see somebodies rear end that is terrible it is inmature for any race to not have their pants on their waist

    • J.S.

      L.w. it’s not racist the baggy pants originated in prisons for young men to advertised they were avalable for sex.. That is what your so called fashion statement makes!!!!

      • L.W.

        I would say first, quit making assumptions about me. I find the baggy pants looks immature and stupid. But just because something is stupid, doesn’t mean it needs to be ILLEGAL. When you single out baggy pants, you are going after minorities. As long as there are boxers underneath, It’s none of anyone else’s business and unconstitional. If you want to be fair, then pass a law stating that ANY CLOTHES that expose any part of a person’s privates is forbidden. Including the fat guy who walks around with his belt under his belly and a shirt that way to small so we can see his buttox…… And including Women who show 75% of their breasts. Now that would be fair and equitable. Going after the baggy pants look alone is just a way to pile onto minorities.

    • nonsense

      OHWOW and J.S One of you calls the commenter Ignorant and the other says its his style.. Do you see the ugliness of your comments…. The commenter simply pointed out It is not nudity. ugly. tacky, immature maybe.. But there is no nudity. How do you make this illegal and not daisy duke shorts or spaghetti string tops.. What about baseball caps backwards?

      • L.W.

        Thank You….. I happen to find the look stupid and immature but we can’t legislate stupid and immature.

  • Luis Baquedo

    Baggy pants are JUST DISGUSTING and a lack of self-respect fo those who were them. Buy a belt for goodness sake. Pull them up!!

  • Kosh

    In prison, having your pants low like that means you are someones Bitch. Every time I see someone like that, I just assume he prefers men and is trying to attract someone.

    • Louis Hutchins

      You are 100% right! These young knuckleheads don’t realize that fad DID start in prison and it was a signal for the other immates they were available for sex! If you ask me, subconsiously they young men are telling on themselves! Personally, I’m not trying to see anyone’s boxers!

  • http://Yahoo Jay

    I hate this crap it’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen who wants to see a guys butt hanging out of his pants and pants so low they can’t run fast enough to get away from traffic to cross the road!! I agree 100%

  • joan

    Great job, now if the rest of the nation would do the same. It does not matter what gender, color, or profession pull your pants up, I am sick of seeing breast,bellies and butts. Wear your clothes but leave something for your signifacant other to appreciate alone with you,in your home. You have the right to wear your clothes your way, but I also have the right not to be exposed to you dirty underware or your naked butt.

  • Tom

    Wearing baggy pants are one thing, but “baggy” is not even the word for this anymore. These days these young guys literally wearing their pants so low that their entire butts are hanging out – it’s simply impractical and uncalled for. I have no idea what females are attracted to these men but they need to stop misleading them into thinking this is “hot”! Once the chicks stop digging it, maybe things’ll change. Anyways – I agree with the rule – keep your skidmarks behind closed doors!

  • Wasula

    These town-fathers are my new Hero’s I want to move there!! Well done and I wish more towns would outlaw this ridiculous look. You’re AWESOME,guys! Don’t change, don’t go to rehab and DO NOT apologize to Al Sharpton!

  • gwenn

    If people don’t show respect then maybe we need to take a look at how we are excepting things now days. Some of our morals are falling way below the line. One comment said if it was a white woman with her butt cheeks showing no one would say anythin. Take a look at some of the more popular singers and not all of them are white that are showing butt cheeks. Some of are standard need to come up a little.

  • George Newton

    The way I look at it our lazy ass parents imprinted and programmed us with those wet baggy diapers and now they make it a law to be the way they programmed us to be? Huh?

    • HurleyJ

      Now that’s a funny excuse. Lame, but funny.

  • arnold ramsey

    thank goodness for sensible louisiana people. no one wants to see dirty underwear and some dude run around grabbing his ass all day long because hes afraid his pants are going to fall off

  • Frank

    This is pointless. Cite people with their pants too low with indecent exposure. No fuss, no muss.

  • bob kosgak

    typical skinny jean propaganda

  • JOE

    This is so stupid and dumb and trying to be rascist.Baggy jeans are completely out of style in hip hop and the black community find something else to whine about crackers!

    • scott


  • Bill

    Good job idiots ! With their pants pulled up the criminals run faster!!

  • Royal Morehead

    I respect this town for doing what my town did a few months ago. It’s just disgusting and nobody wants to see these kids’ butts! And this law is not at all racist whatsoever. It just happens that blacks are usually the ones dressing like that. And it’s not a matter of being too poor to buy a belt either..they just want to literally show their butts! More towns/cities should do the same and pass a law against it, and get this kind of mess off the streets so the decent folks don’t have to see it!

  • Josh

    Baggy pants are silly but making it illegal is frivolous.



  • Dan

    Baggy pants are tacky like it is tacky to wear skinny jeans with no pocket space, that show off a person’s crotch. I don’t want to see the imprint of someone’s privates when I walk down the street.

    This is completely a race issue, because you don’t see it happen in CA or NY, 2 states with some of the most stringent health & safety laws in the nation.

  • dexter dale

    All that I can say is that I don’t want my wife or mother looking at someone’s dirty underwear…..
    Saggin spelled backwards is very telling for baggy pants style.

  • Punish Thugs

    It’s about time. I hope the whole country follows suit. No one wants to see your underwear. All of you hoodlums do this to look “cool”, but most people over the age of 25 look at you and simply think “loser”. Pull up your damn pants and be a responsible citizen.

  • Fashionistaky

    This is one time where I wouldn’t mind if the government stepped in and outlawed baggy pants in all states. It’s a terrible fad, not to mention a complete faux pas in fashion! How about indecent exposure! It’s all about self-respect.

  • Rod

    The law states “appearing in public view while exposing one’s skin or undergarments below the waist…” According to the law, shorts are now illegal since your skin below the waist will now be visible.

  • David

    Pull up your damned pants, take off the flip-flops and crocks, put on a pair of shoes, grow up, and act like a man!

    Stop mollycoddling these kids and encouraging/allowing them to remain children into their 30’s!

  • watchitgo

    Yes! Besides being disgusting seeing their underwear hanging out it is dangerous to cross a street or parking with them dragging beneath their shoes!

  • David

    Although I think baggy pants are stupid, making it illegal is even stupider. What’s next, no tight pants? Oh wait a minute… black men don’t wear tight pants so Louisiana won’t outlaw them

    • scott

      Seriously it shows that your one of these ignorant ones that does this! Grow up and have some respect for others and stop being a self-pleasing,disrespectful,idiot! And if it doesnt stop well then we can take it even further and start banning certain music that portrays this as cool!

  • scott

    Its long past due and should be considered”Indecent exposure” or gang related! tired of trying to enjoy a weekend with a bunch of thug punks of all races with their buts showing in front of little girls etc.

  • http://webpronews twobuckchuck

    Please come back once a month and tell your readers how many deputies actually catch and charge anyone with this law. I have a great amount of money that says this is one more law that goes without stopping anyone or anything from getting a ticket that is paid. A writer from St. Mary Parish , Morgan City , Louisiana says this.

  • captdeep6

    What is the name of the town in terrebonne parish? There are a lot of towns in Terrebonne parish. There is no town in terrebonne parish named terrebonne parish. Have you ever used Map quest? Write the article again and get your facts straight. I always want to shoot the low riders in the behind with a BB gun. Let’s see if they ever show up to court wearing their pants like that.

  • BR

    I agree completely !!!!!!!!!

  • scott

    Another reason they like the saggin(backwards is what it comes from-niggas)they sew pockets in odd places to hide dope,guns,etc.Its easier for them to access it to throw or use on some innocent citizen!

  • D. Hathaway

    So, people are against regulating guns which are used to kill, but they are not against regulating clothes which only annoy. Some kind of double standard on rights violations.

  • http://webpronews twobuckchuck

    Oh, Terrebonne is a parish ( like a county everywhere else ) . Terrebonne is not a city in Louisiana . The law is a great thought that is not going to be enforced .

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    I think baggy pants are stupid. But, to outlaw them? What will be next? No swimming on Sunday?

  • http://yahoo linda

    I agree with this law. The only problem I have with it is we won’t be able to quickly spot the idiots who will probably end up on our welfare rolls, or in prison, where they can wear their baggy pants while advertiseing to be someones girlfriend.

  • gerald overholt

    first you can get only a 16oz coke, now they are telling you how to dress. Next it will be illegal to own a firearm. All the while they are taking one freedom away at a time.

    When it is time to rebel their will nothing to rebel with!!!

    • scott

      Yes they are infringing on way to many rights,but this one derives from prison and self-pleasing,disrespecting,ignorant,indecent exposure,gang related antics .They use them as a form of defiance,disrepect,andhave special pockets fabricated into the loose(hanging off their a(ss)es for guns and dope! Easier,fast access to throw the dope when running from law,or pull a gun for robberies,assaults,etc. Come on we are not all stupid and its not just blacks! So many spanish,white trash,and all other races doing it cause of rap and others making it seem cool.Well it isnt,so grow up and know that we are keen on the true reason and the disrespect stops today!

  • woowoo

    I can not believe it or can I? Here we go we the people are having more rights taken from us. I for one do not like the style but hey it is out there, and why do you have the right to take it where is freedom? I feel like it should be legal but lets start arresting some for indecent exposure. In my opinion some of the officials for the AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD START LOOKING OUT FOR US AND WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY LOST AND THEY ARE STILL TAKING. I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT THE GOVT IS GOING TO KEEP ON AND AMERICA WILL NOT HAVE ANY FREEDOM

    • http://www.successallin.com Hasan

      I agree with you. I think the goth look is also not the best style but It should not be illegal. I mean isn’t what this country is about. Our Freedom is at stake. We are being told how to dress. What is Next.

      • Mark

        Goth is stupid, ridiculous and mind-boggling – but it’s not indecent. The fact that you can’t run with your saggy pants is enough. When I see a goth I think “who will hire this misfit?” When I see saggy pants, I see it as an attempt to Pi## me off purposely. No other reason. NASTY. It’s NEVER been LEGAL until the politically correct crowd started governing everything.

    • http://www.date2settle.d8u.com Marquis

      The lack of responsibility and abuse of freedom causes nations to lose their freedoms.

  • James

    I am usually not a fan of adding more laws to tell people how to live but, they did not make baggy pants illegal, they made sagging illegal which i think should be. Nobody wants to take their kids out and see people’s underwear.

    • George Jarrett

      but they take them to the beach or lake and see people nearly naked. Why not ban straples blouses/dresses? (I see more breasts on the bus than I see on late night TV.) Why not ban bikinis? Get real! Seeing someone’s undewear is not going to cause you your life. There are bigger problems in this nation/world to be concerned with. Oh, but I’m sure they have probably done that in this little nowhere town.

      • Mark

        Obviously you must be one of the guys who practices this fashion statement. Everyone who does not take part is vehemently against this absurd “statement”.

  • http://Yahoo cliff

    Finally…….I think they should make this a Federal Law. Parents need to start teaching their children not only to respect others, but to respect themselves. Make no mistake about it; this is NOT a fashion statement. These are kids trying to look and act like thugs and criminals which most of them will become and spend most of their lifetime in jail or prison……good riddance to them all! I guess I was raised by parents who taught us right!

    • George Jarrett

      dude, you folks need to loosen up. We are talking about the way people wear THIER clothes, not how they are robbing, selling drugs, running racist/supremist gangs, or murders. This is not a big deal. How is it hurting you? Who can come into your dressing room and tell you how to dress? How many of you are going to walk up to someone and pull thier pants up? Get a life! dam!!!

      • Mark

        It IS a matter of DECENCY. Only an idiot would wear their pants 12 inches below the intended usage. Every generation rebels in some way or another, but it’s NEVER been indecent until now. And while we’re at it, let’s outlaw those bass reflex systems that rattle the windows and doors of homes as the kids drive by blasting their bass speakers!

    • Tom

      AMEN!!!!!! They should make it nationwide!!!!

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      I think we should make a law that says those who believe in the Constitution should comprehend it.

  • Joe B.

    Blame the damn Obama liberals. Screaming to take our 2nd Amendment rights away, now our 1st Amendment rights of expression and controlling the media. If they can take my guns, they can damn sure take your baggy pants? And I will cheer them on. Don’t like it? Then support all rights, Gun ownership, freedom of speech, press and expression, the right to wear any damn thing you pay for, to own any damn thing you legally bought. they divided us and since my rights are being trampled, I am not feeling very charitable to your cherished right to wear your pants around your knees. Either we all stand together as Americans against the tyrant elite class in our government and make it once again government of, for and by the People, or quitcherbitchin’ and suck it up, because it will be a whole lot worse soon. Only an idiot thinks it will stop with guns or your britches. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Still happy about voting for Obama again?

    • Carolyn Gibson

      Yes, still happy about voting for Obama!!!

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        The Army LTC is.

    • you

      you are so ignorant -.-

    • George Jarrett

      @Joe B.: dude, please! do you think Pres. Obama had anything to do with this silly law in this silly, never-heard of town. If you are that stupid, then you definitely do not need rights to a firearm. You might hurt yourself. The fight against all of the guns on our steets make a lot of sense. Guns are made to kill and the more that are in silly Americans hands, the more murders there will be. I don’t care what you feel you want or need it for. Its only for one thing to kill something or someone.

    • Karl

      Hey Joe…why do you want to blame the President?? I would vote for the beat person who can do the most?? You want to blame the President?? Ask the auto industry, the banks and all the people who have jobs today. Because some kids want to look like fools and don’t care how they look…You say blame the President?? Really??? Wow??? Glad I live in a country where people who have the freedom to voice their opinion can do so…You need some help Joe.

    • http://www.date2settle.d8u.com Marquis

      Mr. Obama has already called on young people to pull up their pants, Sir.

      There is a thing called decency which is part of your DNA and when persons come around you dressed like morons it just upsets the crap out of you.

  • http://www.jesusisthelightcommunitychurch.org Dannie Keen

    Its good to see one small community do what all decent communities should have done when they saw this mess infiltrating their lives uninvited. 30 years ago if this happened a few of the good ol boys would have tarred and feather someone like this.

    • George Jarrett

      Yeah, Dannie, the good ole racist boys of the past would not stand for this… They only liked the thought of lynchings, discrimination, civil rights violations..etec. Saggy pants definitely would have fit thier racist cleaning list. This is the year 2013 and folks know how to fight back. This law may not hold for loong. I’m sure its a violation of folks right to dress as they want….long as their tarred private parts are not exposed. Civil Rights legislation is not dead.

      • lloyd

        George Jarrett—you liberals don’t “fight” back. .you lawsuit back. .don’t have the courage to literally fight unless you have a gang against one. .you count on fear!

        • http://yahoo Lyndon

          2 tours to Afghanistan this libtard knows how and stands ready to bring the pain.

  • me&me

    I agree with the sentiment that brought them to this point but, they’re stepping over a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I’m reminded of something a friend’s 5 yr old daughter said once. She’d had surgery to correct a very lazy eye & when her dad said something about her black eye she just tossed her little head & said “if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.” Unless the people with droopy drawers are actually baring their bottoms for all the world to see, we can’t write laws to dictate what they wear or how they wear it.

    • Mark

      When this hideous fashion appeared many said it was no big deal. But now, after years of watching folks with their pants so low that the underwear is exposed, it’s sickening to a NORMAL person.
      I think the penalties are too lax. Make it a $500 fine!

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      the line is defined by???????? me!

  • http://yahoo.com Bob Miller

    Years of painstaking research have disclosed the following; fighter pilots wear a ‘G’ suit that squeezes the stomach and lower extremities for NORMAL BRAIN function. So if your pants are down and loose, it has the opposite effect on the brain.

    • George Jarrett

      @BobMiller, Then, I’m guessing you love this dress style. Be serious! you people are so dam stupid!!! Must all be redneck or southern whites! I can feel the racism coming from my computer.

      • Everett

        One doesn’t necessarily have to be a racist to dislike having to be constantly exposed to peoples buttcrack…

        • butch

          dont have to be racist. I see as many white with their pants on the ground as blacks. This pathetic dress style knows no color. So ENOUGH with the racist CRAP Already

        • http://yahoo Lyndon

          it is when you have never been exposed to anyone’s buttcrack.

      • lloyd

        always be someone that will make this a race thing. .must be a guilt complex. .

  • joe

    I really dislike that so called style of wearing ones pants. But to be perfectly honest as I see it. There are more pressing problems in our poor world than the pressing baggy pants issue. But it is a nasty way to wear ones pants. I wish folks would just pull up their pants and be respectful of others. Besides who wants to look at another persons dirty draws or dirty backside for that matter. God Bless America and the world we sure could use a blessing. Peace and Love and guys please pull up your pants, thank you!

  • george samler

    did they ban baggy pants or saggy pants?I wear elastic bottom jeans and sweats which make the legs baggy but do noy expose undies

    • George Jarrett

      Do you ive in Terrebonne Parrish? if so, then just go and ask the city council or your councilman/woman. If you don’t live there, then why are you so concern which is banned. Neither would affect you.

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        councilwomen? not in this town in this century

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