Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope

    April 15, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Baggy pants are tacky, but making the questionable fashion statement illegal seems to be taking it a bit too far. One town in Louisiana apparently doesn’t see the problem as it has made baggy pants illegal.

The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana recently voted 8-1 in favor of outlawing baggy pants. The ordinance says that “appearing in public view while exposing one’s skin or undergarments below the waist is contrary to safety, health, peace and good order of the parish and the general welfare.”

Those found in violation of the new baggy pants law will be hit with increasingly more expensive fines for each offense. The first offense will cost $50, the second will cost $100, and every other offense after that will cost $100 and 16 hours of community service.

Those who argued for the law went to great lengths to point out that they aren’t making this a race issue. They said that baggy pants are simply crass, and an undesirable part of prison culture that made its way into mainstream fashion.

Those who opposed the law said that they agreed that baggy pants were tacky, but argued that legislating fashion is a slippery slope that leads to legislating morality. They said it was an example of government overreach and shouldn’t be allowed.

Despite arguments against it, it’s expected that the Parish president will sign the anti-baggy pants ordinance into law. The ordinance will surely promote decency among the young men and women of Terrebonne Parish because baggy pants are obviously the greatest threat to decency since rock and roll and mini-skirts.

[WWLTV via HuffPost]
  • Gabriel

    I’m getting sick and tired of seeing men’s underwear. This is not a fashion statement, this is just plain stupid.

    • Hanii Puppy

      Baggy trousers and underwear are unrelated. This wouldn’t stop people from wearing skinny jeans round their ankles.

  • Buck Naked

    Good for this Town! I just wonder how many people that flaunt this “style” realize its origins.

    The wearing of the pants down beelow the waist originated in prisons as a means of letting other prisoners know the person wearing their pants like this was “open for business” sexually.

    So, to all males who think this looks cool, it not only tells everyone that you’re slovenly, but it also an announces your willingness to participate in gay sex.

    • darrel

      Another origin for baggy pants is in the inner cities when parents don’t have enough money for clothes for their kids so they get hand me downs from people who are larger than they are thus they have baggy pants and a large shirt. It has been taken to the extreme by people via a fashion fad.

      • Scott

        people have handed down clothes for generations how come this didn’t pop up 100 years ago? the people claiming prison origins are 100% correct. it’s prison code for DTF.

  • JoAnn

    In prisons, baggy pants are a message that you are a willing “boy toy” to an older prisoner. Maybe after hearing that, the you men would think twice. *I learned this from my youngest brother, whose a police officer…*

  • tom

    I agree I am sick and tired of seeing underwear or even ASS it isn’t dressing totally it is slovinly and piggish, and more cities or states should follow suit.It isn’t like it is a style of clothing it is lazy people that think it is cool to walk around like a pig.

    • http://none Candy

      You are right and it should be a law for everyone.

  • Los

    I dont care how young men or women wear their clothes its not my concern. This is a silly law used to racially profile people. Its funny how the party of small government goes out its way to get involved in peoples personal rights! so what if a man sags his pants and shows his boxers. i dont give a d#@#!

    • adrian

      At least someone sees the truth. At what point will this stop. Making laws for something you personally do not like. I guess people that are overweight will have to watch out next, there may be a law created from them being able to step out in public.

    • MIKE

      You and your brother are a fool. It started because belts are not allowed in jails. Once they took them away your pants would start to fall. Thats how the style was born. So you are a idiot. Do some research before you comment.

  • Pedro Reyes

    I am 1000,000 percentage agree. They should do Nationally.
    Those guys look terible with those f. baggy pants. Where are the parents? We do not have respect in our Society.

    • Charlie

      We should outlaw obese people too, Im so tired of looking at them!

    • http://none Candy

      You are right. They are worthless thugs.

    • bob saget

      Learn english oh my goodness, “I am 1000,00 percentage agree” ??????? ARE YOU RETARDED

      • http://yahoo tony

        bob you are the man” i am sick and tired of these retarded bastards also”

      • dave

        bobby wants some attshon,what rong bobby no wife no firends

  • Los

    the goverment does not have the right to tell anyone how to dress. if they are exposing themselves then cite them for public exposure, not making a law against pants!

    • http://none Candy

      They look like they shit theirselves, most of them have.

      • Charlie

        Everyone has s*** themselves Candy, yourself included…your rather hostile over nothing, no wonder your husband left.

  • Charlie

    Next on the agenda…CAMEL TOE!

    • bob saget

      lol you probably have one, but anywho they just need a treadmill

  • john

    What about Fat Chicks and yoga pants?

    • adrian

      Thats next if this garbage keeps up. People overweight that support fast food will no longer be able to step out in public because the majority want a law passed.

  • john bates

    Galligaskins are nothing new! The origin of this style is far older than America. Keeping this in mind, the meaning of this legislation is entirely racist. These allegations of symantical double-entendre have been added to the original meaning. Buy a dictionary and do some research, fools!

    • adrian

      They are fools and this is why stupid laws get passed. I don’t agree with this but maybe a law should be passed against old people driving.

      • Marjorie

        Re: Adrian
        I am a 70 year old widow. I drive a 40 foot motorhome towing a car. I drive it safely and without incident from central PA to Miami FL and back again every year.

        I am intelligent and will know when I can no longer make this trip safely. Until then my rights are just as important as yours!

      • Marjorie

        And, what does this have to do with baggy pants?????

      • Debbie

        To many laws being passed to take away people’s basic rights. All you who agree with this law, need to see that it is a basic right to dress how you want. If the law does not like it then ticket for indecent exposure. New York tells you what size drink you can have,and now they want to tell you how to dress. I do not like the look either, but it’s their BASIC right to dress however they want.

  • http://none Candy

    Those who show their underwear and skin are trashy thugs. They have apparently no idea that they appear to have pooped theirselves. We laugh at them and are disgusted by them.

    • http://yahoo.com simple

      Candy its ok to take away someone else’s rights as long as they dont take away your right,to wear high heels shoes??!!

  • Josh


  • Chuck M

    Obviously a biased article. This is not the first law of this kind. In Chicago they made laws against thongs, and erections. Maybe the law shouldn’t be against the pants. Maybe it should be regular indecent exposure law. Either way there would still be some one crying injustice.

  • Geraldo

    Someone will challenge this law in court and win. The statute is a perfect example of government overreach. It is ridiculous.

  • Dan

    I am a police officer in riviera beach florida and this law has been in effect for sometime after thugs were hiding sawed off shotguns in there. Saved many lives.

    • J

      If being out of style or dressing poorly were illegal, most of you d-bags would be on death row.

  • http://yahoo Jan

    Those that wear baggy pants and show a major portion of their as* must have something to sell. It looks like they are advertising that part of their anatomy and are “selling” it.

    • Dball

      It originated in prison. It meant their ass was available! Nasty asses!

  • Sharon

    I fully support laws to regulate indecency and perversion. I recently took my children into an Alvin’s Island in Pensacola,Fla for souvenirs and had to leave. I can’t stomach seeing tshirts of donkeys having sex or any perversion. Thanks, Alvins Island!

  • Curtis

    I guess I dont understand the law. If I wear a belt with my baggy pants and it keeps my pants up, they are still baggy pants. Is it about the pants, or the way you wear them? The article does not say.


      I love the idea if making this illegal! what happened to indecent exposer laws? I am sick of these people who look like slobs. I don’t want to see underwear,bare skin, pj’s etc. out in public. that is for the privacy of their home. why can’t these people dress nicely?

      • Curtis

        I agree, however, If I own a pair of, lets say M.C. Hammer pants, and I keep them up, am I breaking this law? They are clearly baggy, but are kept around the waist.

        • Curtis

          It simply says “baggy pants.” I believe the implication is “sagging” pants. they are 2 totally different things. And no, I dont really own any MC Hammer pants.

  • silent observer

    Very glad to see people grow a backbone and start addressing the issues. It’s rather unfortunate a law had to be passed when the issue can no doubt be tracked just inside a threshold somewhere.

  • http://yahoo Jan

    The trend to wear baggy/loose pants originated in prison. Belts are not permitted in many prisons making holding up the inmate’s pants properly almost impossible. The result is baggy, loose, low location of the pants since nothing can be used as a belt. Pants that are too big are often purchased on purpose.

  • josh

    Okay, this is rediculous. If they are going to literally legislate people’s style choices they need to also make it illegal for fat people to wear tight clothing, low cut tops etc. Better yet, they should just go to citizen uniforms.

    • Kerschnuffle

      That’s coming soon enough. Of course,it will be passed nationally,in the interest of making everyone ‘equal’.


    Thank god for a city council with some sense of decency.It is beyond tacky the way both young men and women where their clothes in public. The guys wear their pants with their underwear hanging out and the girls seem to think it is sexy to have their shirts ride half way up their overweight bellies. I’m 64 years old and did a lot of crazy things over the years but I and my friends had the good sense to know how to dress in public.

    • Reece

      Yep. Almost as tacky as saying “where” instead of “wear”

      • http://WEBPRONEWS DOUG

        Sometimes things just slip through the cracks but you can always count on an intellectual to point them out. Boy I wish I was as smart as you Reece.

        • bob saget

          Dont worry Doug i am master troll.

          • http://WEBPRONEWS DOUG

            Bob, I have a friend who loves to do point, counter point like you do. He is fun to watch with someone who doesn’t know him because they don’t realize that he doesn’t care which side of the issue he’s on, he just likes to screw with peoples minds. Keep it up I love it.

  • C.T.

    “The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana”

    Uh…in Louisiana a TOWN is **NOT** a PARISH. A “Parish” is the geo-political equivalent of a “County”.

    Just saying.

    • Easter

      I agree!

      • bob saget

        you agree with what? a fact? your absent minded comments are not needed.

  • Steve

    Now, they need to tackle the issue if inappropriate dress for the females in the parish….like Daisy Dukes, bare midriffs and vow cut tops, and low rider jeans…tell me that isn’t provocative, and more entising to do evil than the sickening baggy pants!

  • Easter

    I love it! Comedians have joked for decades about repair men showing their butt cracks because the common sentiment is that a behind is smelly and nasty and should be covered! I wish California would do the same . We actually had a young man sagging in the pulpit on Sunday leading worship. UGH! At least San Francisco finally had the sense to regulate the public nudity there…Imagine sitting on a bench after some sweaty or unclean person put their potty parts on it. What if your toddler puts their mouth or toys or hands on that same area? Yuck! I don’t see having to be on a crowded bus or in a crowd of hormonal young people at a venue any differently! People lets keep our junk inside our trunks! OK?

    • bob saget

      you should go back into the kitchen

  • mrracecard

    Hope they outlaw black men, as in: “appearing in public view while exposing one’s black skin is contrary to safety, health, peace and good order of the parish and the general welfare. too

    • Easter

      Oh I’m going to pray for you@mrracecard. I hope you get a revelation from God

    • http://WEBPRONEWS DOUG

      You are moving way off the beaten path with your statement<, I don't see this as a racial issue but one of common decency in public. I don't give a damn if the kid is black or white the practice is stupid.

  • dave

    so if you dont pay your fine you go to jall?
    i hate baggys but r we reily telling peps how to dress??wtf

    • bob saget


      • dave

        wow really, i cant spell so some how you are juging me,
        lol thats cool ,have fun pointing fingers just remamber

        when you point 1 at me you are pointing 3 at your self

        • bob saget

          Maybe you should go back to grade school because its people like you that mess our economy up by being unemployed, illiterate morons.

          • dave

            wow bob,whats your address we shoud talk

  • john dough

    There has been many years of people wearing overly tight pants,skinny jeans, & etc but society has never questioned the fashion statement. Thus wearing the opposite of that particular trend is deemed indecent & punishable by law. This sounds alot like citizens are being disciplined for exercising their rights as individuals to dress as they choose. Therefore it’s a violation of one’s civil rights!!

    • bob saget


      • Debbie

        I guess Bob just wants to be ruled by everyone else and not have a mind of his own or his basic rights

        • bob saget

          Debbie, your comment has no reflection on the matter so why bother writing anything you pathetic waste of a human being.

        • dave

          I think bob has some isues with bob! i feel sory for his wife and him, if you ever want to look into how you act bob get ahold of me

          • bob saget


    • dave

      true that!!

  • Citry Peough

    The way this ordnance is reportedly written also outlaws short shorts, bermuda shorts, swimming suits including of course bikinis, and any skirt that isn’t full length, all of which “expose skin below the waist”. Way to go, people.

    • bob saget

      no. it clearly says baggy PANTS, do you know how to read?

      • Citry Peough

        I was not referring to the town council’s intentions or to the reporter’s interpretation, but to the actual ordinance that is within quotes. Why don’t you stop nitpicking every second comment on this site, and try to think for yourself?

        • bob saget

          The actual ordinance is talking about males wearing their pants below the waist. You have taken it upon yourself to expand the issue to bathing suits/bikinis which makes no sense.

  • richie

    Its prolly in houma or thibadeaux….. i think its stupid

    • bob saget


  • Jason

    As much as I hate when people wear thier jeans like that, making it illegal does seem to be going a little too far. People are free to dress how they want, and to look like as stupid as they want.

  • Linda

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish everyone would ban baggie pants. I relly don’t like looking at someone’s crack. People’s lack of interest in how they look when they go out in public is a shame. People have lost the pride they should have in themselves. It’s really sad at how lax we have become in our way of dressing, especially when they go out in public.

  • Beer Guy

    Pull your drawers up and act like you have some common decency. If you weren’t taught to dress for the public, you weren’t taught to behave in public. It’s your mother and father you’re advertising when you walk around with your a$$ hanging out.

    • bamboe

      In the meantime in beautiful Lousyana, I see trash, brown, black and white driving around in cars, with the windows up and the A/C on. Of course inside are adults who are smoking cigarettes, in a car full of kids who are inhaling the second hand smoke. But keep those pants up, because that’s a real health hazard.

  • suprisedguy

    So much for freedom. :(

    What’s next, we outlaw low cut shirts? Halter tops? Flip flops? Tatoos?

    This town should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Dball

    It originated in prison. It meant their ass was available! Nasty asses!

  • gcatron@sbcglobal.net

    Something has seriously gone wrong. A pretty face, nice boobs, and a nice butt is always what I look at. There’s just something not right about looking at a guy’s ass crack, plus them walking around like they have a load of feces in their pants. But what does crack me up is, none of them can outrun the police with those pants down around their knees. “IDIOTS”.

    • http://BaggiesfashionBAN TheeOlFart8it

      Dang Right!

  • http://BaggiesfashionBAN TheeOlFart8it

    Hey, ALL the Higher Authorities(Police Dept., FBI, ATF, and Bounty Hunters, etc.) don’t mine if criminal tried to runaway from the LAW, they’ll eventually get catch easily while their “baggies” starting to slide down their legs and they can’t hold on to it at the same time which will SLOW them DOWN or FALL DOWN on their face! BIG Oopsy!

  • bob saget

    I hope you all burn in hell, youre failures in life.

  • Kerschnuffle

    They actually have this backwards.They should encourage it,since those that go for the style tend to be the thugs and criminal element,and having to hold their baggy pants up while running,or being tripped by them,makes them much easier to catch.

  • Joan

    I’m glad that they are outlawed, only wish it were true where I live. My daughter and son-in-law have gumption to monitor what my grandchildren wear good for them. More parents should care what their children wear and not be intimidated by them (the kids) when they tell them not to wear such clothes.

  • crhymethinc

    Just a further example of the fascism inherent in right-wing conservatism. Personally, I find the whole “baggy pants” trend ugly, but it isn’t up to the government to decide fashion. I do get a big laugh of how the right-wingers always claim it’s the leftist who are leading this country towards a naziesque state when it is the right-wing who ALWAYS is behind trying to eliminate our freedom.

    • Commonsense58

      poor social manners knows no political party and shame on you for making it political.

      • nonsense

        There is much truth in that statement.. The conservatives cry freedom. But only the freedoms they agree with.. Check the party affiliation of those on that parish council. Who voted this into law. Shame on you for trying to shame someone for pointing out the hypocrisy..

    • h8thebag

      There is such a thing as INDECENT exposure and these “easy access” pants are the epitomy of that!! For all you whining about your “rights”….PULL UP YOUR PANTS AND GET A JOB!!!!

  • Bobbie

    It is about time that someone does something about this way of dressing. I wish the whole country would do it.

  • Commonsense58

    All of us as human beings hold a social contract with one another. We should present ourselves with respect to one another. If for some reason we feel the need to “express ourselves” through the clothes that we wear we should do it in a way that respects this social contract. Society does not care to see your butt crack or underwear. We do not want to view you fondling your crotch on a street corner. Society does not want to hear your profanity or see you spit on the sidewalk. The basic coutesy’s in today’s society are non-existant and I applaud this township for making an effort to advance civilization

    • wes

      Very well put.


    jus so’s I donst has ta look at yur bacon strips, I donst car. jus mens you wans pokie from yur blokie. womens donst liks it nether!!

  • mike

    it’s about time they “cracked down” on those plumbers and carpenters.

  • mike

    uhoh..my chauvinistic side rears its pointed little head….I luv seeing a good looking lady’s pants sliding a little low.

  • Prez Obozo

    It should not be considered racist since I see many white kids also wearing the trashy cloths!

    • nonsense

      I agree. Racist is to strong a sentiment in this case.. But it is indeed urban culture that is being legislated.. Similar to noise pollution tickets for semi loud hip-hop music..

  • Atticus

    So… i’m middle age and my heiney has flattened out. I have a terrible time keeping my pants from falling down, especially if I’m carrying bags, walking my dogs, etc. Will I be subjected to the fine?

    • Chu

      It depends. Are you showing plumber’s crack?

    • tash

      Get a belt.

    • Chu

      I am for it!

      • Atticus

        No plumber’s crack and I have a belt, helps minimally!

  • Tom

    What about women walking around with shorts exposing some of their butt cheecks and wedged in their cracks ( sexual gratification) Speak out about that.

  • nonsense

    I don’t wish to see young men and women’s underpants. But plumbers crack is much worse… I see plenty of styles of dress I find inappropriate. To make just baggy pants illegal seems a bit draconian and bias.

  • Greg Prince

    I say let them wear the baggy pants. They can’t run from the law when the waist line is down by the knees and you can’t run as fast when one hand is holding them up.

    • nonsense

      If they so happen to commit a crime.. I don’t like your implication..

  • http://webpronews.com RAPPING RODNEY

    These laws are right up there with, i will Chane the laws and tell you people what you can do, BECAUSE I CAN. While terrorists and other hateful people live next door among the us. No, this is not racial, RIGHT. Like in the past women will get raped if we give these people freedom or this music that they play is the Devil’s music and our kids will be easily influenced to lawless behavior. And baggy paints and hoodies are worn by thugs and criminals. DO YOU REALLY THINK SO!!!!

    • http://Yahoo Jay

      Good point!!

    • J.S.

      rapping rodney question… What’s a baggy paints?

  • TJ

    This is geared towards young Hispanic and African American males. A White woman could wear a short dress or skirt or short shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out and nobody would have a problem.

    • gwenn

      Why must someone always say this is racist. I have seen many young white men in baggy pants.

  • YAY

    This is great! Now crack down on the tramps with their boobs and crotch hanging out! Thanks!

  • CHris

    Don’t care if it comes across as a race issue, pull ya dam pants up
    Black man

  • Pat Doyen

    I’m about as liberal as they come-I mean really liberal. Been that way for decades. But when it comes to wearing pants way below the waist line, I’m in agreement with this town. It is the most vile, detestable, ugly, inconsiderate, stupid, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Walking around with your outer cloths so low, that most all of your underwear-shorts are in full view of everyone. I don’t want to see your underwear, and I don’t want to see your pants legs dragging under your untied shoes, while one of your hands is keeping your pants from completely falling by holding your penis from the outside of your cloths while you walk. When you dress like this, there isn’t one good thing that comes of it.

    • http://Yahoo Jay

      Your full of it!!

    • Nick B

      Regardless of its idiocy, forcing people to abide by what you like is overreaching. Thats like saying I dont like mullets, they are ugly and annoying and just make an area look redneck and hillbilly, so im going to make it illegal for people to have them. Forcing style on people is ridiculous, not to mention a blatant violation of our rights. Every day more and more ridiculous laws are being implemented that allow states and cities to overreach and tell people how to live, act, dress, talk, and do. Kids cant play cowboys and indians because its insensitive, people cant cut or dye their hair certain ways, you cant wear certain clothes, this is becoming a police state, fascism at its finest. This is the DEFINITION of fascism, making everyone dress, talk, and act the way one group of people feels they should. I don’t understand how on one hand, you want the government to leave your guns alone, and how you can call obama a socialist and a fascist and say hes over reaching and trying to tell people how to live, and that big government is ruining america, yet you think its ok for you to force your fashion sense on other people. You cant have it both ways you hypocritical douche bags. Why is it that republicans are so blatantly hypocritical, they think anything they dont agree with should be banned, yet try an ban something they want and all of a sudden the government has to much power.

  • L.W.

    This is as racist as racist gets. Southern white people picking on minorities. We’ve seen it before….. And we will see it again. You can’t ban ugly clothes. Anything that doesn’t show a person’s private parts really can’t be legislated.

    • OHWOW

      You are very ignorant why should we see somebodies rear end that is terrible it is inmature for any race to not have their pants on their waist

    • J.S.

      L.w. it’s not racist the baggy pants originated in prisons for young men to advertised they were avalable for sex.. That is what your so called fashion statement makes!!!!

      • L.W.

        I would say first, quit making assumptions about me. I find the baggy pants looks immature and stupid. But just because something is stupid, doesn’t mean it needs to be ILLEGAL. When you single out baggy pants, you are going after minorities. As long as there are boxers underneath, It’s none of anyone else’s business and unconstitional. If you want to be fair, then pass a law stating that ANY CLOTHES that expose any part of a person’s privates is forbidden. Including the fat guy who walks around with his belt under his belly and a shirt that way to small so we can see his buttox…… And including Women who show 75% of their breasts. Now that would be fair and equitable. Going after the baggy pants look alone is just a way to pile onto minorities.

    • nonsense

      OHWOW and J.S One of you calls the commenter Ignorant and the other says its his style.. Do you see the ugliness of your comments…. The commenter simply pointed out It is not nudity. ugly. tacky, immature maybe.. But there is no nudity. How do you make this illegal and not daisy duke shorts or spaghetti string tops.. What about baseball caps backwards?

      • L.W.

        Thank You….. I happen to find the look stupid and immature but we can’t legislate stupid and immature.

  • Luis Baquedo

    Baggy pants are JUST DISGUSTING and a lack of self-respect fo those who were them. Buy a belt for goodness sake. Pull them up!!

  • Kosh

    In prison, having your pants low like that means you are someones Bitch. Every time I see someone like that, I just assume he prefers men and is trying to attract someone.

    • Louis Hutchins

      You are 100% right! These young knuckleheads don’t realize that fad DID start in prison and it was a signal for the other immates they were available for sex! If you ask me, subconsiously they young men are telling on themselves! Personally, I’m not trying to see anyone’s boxers!

  • http://Yahoo Jay

    I hate this crap it’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen who wants to see a guys butt hanging out of his pants and pants so low they can’t run fast enough to get away from traffic to cross the road!! I agree 100%

  • joan

    Great job, now if the rest of the nation would do the same. It does not matter what gender, color, or profession pull your pants up, I am sick of seeing breast,bellies and butts. Wear your clothes but leave something for your signifacant other to appreciate alone with you,in your home. You have the right to wear your clothes your way, but I also have the right not to be exposed to you dirty underware or your naked butt.

  • Tom

    Wearing baggy pants are one thing, but “baggy” is not even the word for this anymore. These days these young guys literally wearing their pants so low that their entire butts are hanging out – it’s simply impractical and uncalled for. I have no idea what females are attracted to these men but they need to stop misleading them into thinking this is “hot”! Once the chicks stop digging it, maybe things’ll change. Anyways – I agree with the rule – keep your skidmarks behind closed doors!

  • Wasula

    These town-fathers are my new Hero’s I want to move there!! Well done and I wish more towns would outlaw this ridiculous look. You’re AWESOME,guys! Don’t change, don’t go to rehab and DO NOT apologize to Al Sharpton!

  • gwenn

    If people don’t show respect then maybe we need to take a look at how we are excepting things now days. Some of our morals are falling way below the line. One comment said if it was a white woman with her butt cheeks showing no one would say anythin. Take a look at some of the more popular singers and not all of them are white that are showing butt cheeks. Some of are standard need to come up a little.

  • George Newton

    The way I look at it our lazy ass parents imprinted and programmed us with those wet baggy diapers and now they make it a law to be the way they programmed us to be? Huh?

    • HurleyJ

      Now that’s a funny excuse. Lame, but funny.

  • arnold ramsey

    thank goodness for sensible louisiana people. no one wants to see dirty underwear and some dude run around grabbing his ass all day long because hes afraid his pants are going to fall off

  • Frank

    This is pointless. Cite people with their pants too low with indecent exposure. No fuss, no muss.

  • bob kosgak

    typical skinny jean propaganda

  • JOE

    This is so stupid and dumb and trying to be rascist.Baggy jeans are completely out of style in hip hop and the black community find something else to whine about crackers!

    • scott


  • Bill

    Good job idiots ! With their pants pulled up the criminals run faster!!

  • Royal Morehead

    I respect this town for doing what my town did a few months ago. It’s just disgusting and nobody wants to see these kids’ butts! And this law is not at all racist whatsoever. It just happens that blacks are usually the ones dressing like that. And it’s not a matter of being too poor to buy a belt either..they just want to literally show their butts! More towns/cities should do the same and pass a law against it, and get this kind of mess off the streets so the decent folks don’t have to see it!

  • Josh

    Baggy pants are silly but making it illegal is frivolous.



  • Dan

    Baggy pants are tacky like it is tacky to wear skinny jeans with no pocket space, that show off a person’s crotch. I don’t want to see the imprint of someone’s privates when I walk down the street.

    This is completely a race issue, because you don’t see it happen in CA or NY, 2 states with some of the most stringent health & safety laws in the nation.

  • dexter dale

    All that I can say is that I don’t want my wife or mother looking at someone’s dirty underwear…..
    Saggin spelled backwards is very telling for baggy pants style.

  • Punish Thugs

    It’s about time. I hope the whole country follows suit. No one wants to see your underwear. All of you hoodlums do this to look “cool”, but most people over the age of 25 look at you and simply think “loser”. Pull up your damn pants and be a responsible citizen.

  • Fashionistaky

    This is one time where I wouldn’t mind if the government stepped in and outlawed baggy pants in all states. It’s a terrible fad, not to mention a complete faux pas in fashion! How about indecent exposure! It’s all about self-respect.

  • Rod

    The law states “appearing in public view while exposing one’s skin or undergarments below the waist…” According to the law, shorts are now illegal since your skin below the waist will now be visible.

  • David

    Pull up your damned pants, take off the flip-flops and crocks, put on a pair of shoes, grow up, and act like a man!

    Stop mollycoddling these kids and encouraging/allowing them to remain children into their 30’s!

  • watchitgo

    Yes! Besides being disgusting seeing their underwear hanging out it is dangerous to cross a street or parking with them dragging beneath their shoes!

  • David

    Although I think baggy pants are stupid, making it illegal is even stupider. What’s next, no tight pants? Oh wait a minute… black men don’t wear tight pants so Louisiana won’t outlaw them

    • scott

      Seriously it shows that your one of these ignorant ones that does this! Grow up and have some respect for others and stop being a self-pleasing,disrespectful,idiot! And if it doesnt stop well then we can take it even further and start banning certain music that portrays this as cool!

  • scott

    Its long past due and should be considered”Indecent exposure” or gang related! tired of trying to enjoy a weekend with a bunch of thug punks of all races with their buts showing in front of little girls etc.

  • http://webpronews twobuckchuck

    Please come back once a month and tell your readers how many deputies actually catch and charge anyone with this law. I have a great amount of money that says this is one more law that goes without stopping anyone or anything from getting a ticket that is paid. A writer from St. Mary Parish , Morgan City , Louisiana says this.

  • captdeep6

    What is the name of the town in terrebonne parish? There are a lot of towns in Terrebonne parish. There is no town in terrebonne parish named terrebonne parish. Have you ever used Map quest? Write the article again and get your facts straight. I always want to shoot the low riders in the behind with a BB gun. Let’s see if they ever show up to court wearing their pants like that.

  • BR

    I agree completely !!!!!!!!!

  • scott

    Another reason they like the saggin(backwards is what it comes from-niggas)they sew pockets in odd places to hide dope,guns,etc.Its easier for them to access it to throw or use on some innocent citizen!

  • D. Hathaway

    So, people are against regulating guns which are used to kill, but they are not against regulating clothes which only annoy. Some kind of double standard on rights violations.

  • http://webpronews twobuckchuck

    Oh, Terrebonne is a parish ( like a county everywhere else ) . Terrebonne is not a city in Louisiana . The law is a great thought that is not going to be enforced .

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    I think baggy pants are stupid. But, to outlaw them? What will be next? No swimming on Sunday?

  • http://yahoo linda

    I agree with this law. The only problem I have with it is we won’t be able to quickly spot the idiots who will probably end up on our welfare rolls, or in prison, where they can wear their baggy pants while advertiseing to be someones girlfriend.

  • gerald overholt

    first you can get only a 16oz coke, now they are telling you how to dress. Next it will be illegal to own a firearm. All the while they are taking one freedom away at a time.

    When it is time to rebel their will nothing to rebel with!!!

    • scott

      Yes they are infringing on way to many rights,but this one derives from prison and self-pleasing,disrespecting,ignorant,indecent exposure,gang related antics .They use them as a form of defiance,disrepect,andhave special pockets fabricated into the loose(hanging off their a(ss)es for guns and dope! Easier,fast access to throw the dope when running from law,or pull a gun for robberies,assaults,etc. Come on we are not all stupid and its not just blacks! So many spanish,white trash,and all other races doing it cause of rap and others making it seem cool.Well it isnt,so grow up and know that we are keen on the true reason and the disrespect stops today!

  • woowoo

    I can not believe it or can I? Here we go we the people are having more rights taken from us. I for one do not like the style but hey it is out there, and why do you have the right to take it where is freedom? I feel like it should be legal but lets start arresting some for indecent exposure. In my opinion some of the officials for the AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD START LOOKING OUT FOR US AND WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY LOST AND THEY ARE STILL TAKING. I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT THE GOVT IS GOING TO KEEP ON AND AMERICA WILL NOT HAVE ANY FREEDOM

    • http://www.successallin.com Hasan

      I agree with you. I think the goth look is also not the best style but It should not be illegal. I mean isn’t what this country is about. Our Freedom is at stake. We are being told how to dress. What is Next.

      • Mark

        Goth is stupid, ridiculous and mind-boggling – but it’s not indecent. The fact that you can’t run with your saggy pants is enough. When I see a goth I think “who will hire this misfit?” When I see saggy pants, I see it as an attempt to Pi## me off purposely. No other reason. NASTY. It’s NEVER been LEGAL until the politically correct crowd started governing everything.

    • http://www.date2settle.d8u.com Marquis

      The lack of responsibility and abuse of freedom causes nations to lose their freedoms.

  • James

    I am usually not a fan of adding more laws to tell people how to live but, they did not make baggy pants illegal, they made sagging illegal which i think should be. Nobody wants to take their kids out and see people’s underwear.

    • George Jarrett

      but they take them to the beach or lake and see people nearly naked. Why not ban straples blouses/dresses? (I see more breasts on the bus than I see on late night TV.) Why not ban bikinis? Get real! Seeing someone’s undewear is not going to cause you your life. There are bigger problems in this nation/world to be concerned with. Oh, but I’m sure they have probably done that in this little nowhere town.

      • Mark

        Obviously you must be one of the guys who practices this fashion statement. Everyone who does not take part is vehemently against this absurd “statement”.

  • http://Yahoo cliff

    Finally…….I think they should make this a Federal Law. Parents need to start teaching their children not only to respect others, but to respect themselves. Make no mistake about it; this is NOT a fashion statement. These are kids trying to look and act like thugs and criminals which most of them will become and spend most of their lifetime in jail or prison……good riddance to them all! I guess I was raised by parents who taught us right!

    • George Jarrett

      dude, you folks need to loosen up. We are talking about the way people wear THIER clothes, not how they are robbing, selling drugs, running racist/supremist gangs, or murders. This is not a big deal. How is it hurting you? Who can come into your dressing room and tell you how to dress? How many of you are going to walk up to someone and pull thier pants up? Get a life! dam!!!

      • Mark

        It IS a matter of DECENCY. Only an idiot would wear their pants 12 inches below the intended usage. Every generation rebels in some way or another, but it’s NEVER been indecent until now. And while we’re at it, let’s outlaw those bass reflex systems that rattle the windows and doors of homes as the kids drive by blasting their bass speakers!

    • Tom

      AMEN!!!!!! They should make it nationwide!!!!

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      I think we should make a law that says those who believe in the Constitution should comprehend it.

  • Joe B.

    Blame the damn Obama liberals. Screaming to take our 2nd Amendment rights away, now our 1st Amendment rights of expression and controlling the media. If they can take my guns, they can damn sure take your baggy pants? And I will cheer them on. Don’t like it? Then support all rights, Gun ownership, freedom of speech, press and expression, the right to wear any damn thing you pay for, to own any damn thing you legally bought. they divided us and since my rights are being trampled, I am not feeling very charitable to your cherished right to wear your pants around your knees. Either we all stand together as Americans against the tyrant elite class in our government and make it once again government of, for and by the People, or quitcherbitchin’ and suck it up, because it will be a whole lot worse soon. Only an idiot thinks it will stop with guns or your britches. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Still happy about voting for Obama again?

    • Carolyn Gibson

      Yes, still happy about voting for Obama!!!

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        The Army LTC is.

    • you

      you are so ignorant -.-

    • George Jarrett

      @Joe B.: dude, please! do you think Pres. Obama had anything to do with this silly law in this silly, never-heard of town. If you are that stupid, then you definitely do not need rights to a firearm. You might hurt yourself. The fight against all of the guns on our steets make a lot of sense. Guns are made to kill and the more that are in silly Americans hands, the more murders there will be. I don’t care what you feel you want or need it for. Its only for one thing to kill something or someone.

    • Karl

      Hey Joe…why do you want to blame the President?? I would vote for the beat person who can do the most?? You want to blame the President?? Ask the auto industry, the banks and all the people who have jobs today. Because some kids want to look like fools and don’t care how they look…You say blame the President?? Really??? Wow??? Glad I live in a country where people who have the freedom to voice their opinion can do so…You need some help Joe.

    • http://www.date2settle.d8u.com Marquis

      Mr. Obama has already called on young people to pull up their pants, Sir.

      There is a thing called decency which is part of your DNA and when persons come around you dressed like morons it just upsets the crap out of you.

  • http://www.jesusisthelightcommunitychurch.org Dannie Keen

    Its good to see one small community do what all decent communities should have done when they saw this mess infiltrating their lives uninvited. 30 years ago if this happened a few of the good ol boys would have tarred and feather someone like this.

    • George Jarrett

      Yeah, Dannie, the good ole racist boys of the past would not stand for this… They only liked the thought of lynchings, discrimination, civil rights violations..etec. Saggy pants definitely would have fit thier racist cleaning list. This is the year 2013 and folks know how to fight back. This law may not hold for loong. I’m sure its a violation of folks right to dress as they want….long as their tarred private parts are not exposed. Civil Rights legislation is not dead.

      • lloyd

        George Jarrett—you liberals don’t “fight” back. .you lawsuit back. .don’t have the courage to literally fight unless you have a gang against one. .you count on fear!

        • http://yahoo Lyndon

          2 tours to Afghanistan this libtard knows how and stands ready to bring the pain.

  • me&me

    I agree with the sentiment that brought them to this point but, they’re stepping over a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I’m reminded of something a friend’s 5 yr old daughter said once. She’d had surgery to correct a very lazy eye & when her dad said something about her black eye she just tossed her little head & said “if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.” Unless the people with droopy drawers are actually baring their bottoms for all the world to see, we can’t write laws to dictate what they wear or how they wear it.

    • Mark

      When this hideous fashion appeared many said it was no big deal. But now, after years of watching folks with their pants so low that the underwear is exposed, it’s sickening to a NORMAL person.
      I think the penalties are too lax. Make it a $500 fine!

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      the line is defined by???????? me!

  • http://yahoo.com Bob Miller

    Years of painstaking research have disclosed the following; fighter pilots wear a ‘G’ suit that squeezes the stomach and lower extremities for NORMAL BRAIN function. So if your pants are down and loose, it has the opposite effect on the brain.

    • George Jarrett

      @BobMiller, Then, I’m guessing you love this dress style. Be serious! you people are so dam stupid!!! Must all be redneck or southern whites! I can feel the racism coming from my computer.

      • Everett

        One doesn’t necessarily have to be a racist to dislike having to be constantly exposed to peoples buttcrack…

        • butch

          dont have to be racist. I see as many white with their pants on the ground as blacks. This pathetic dress style knows no color. So ENOUGH with the racist CRAP Already

        • http://yahoo Lyndon

          it is when you have never been exposed to anyone’s buttcrack.

      • lloyd

        always be someone that will make this a race thing. .must be a guilt complex. .

  • joe

    I really dislike that so called style of wearing ones pants. But to be perfectly honest as I see it. There are more pressing problems in our poor world than the pressing baggy pants issue. But it is a nasty way to wear ones pants. I wish folks would just pull up their pants and be respectful of others. Besides who wants to look at another persons dirty draws or dirty backside for that matter. God Bless America and the world we sure could use a blessing. Peace and Love and guys please pull up your pants, thank you!

  • george samler

    did they ban baggy pants or saggy pants?I wear elastic bottom jeans and sweats which make the legs baggy but do noy expose undies

    • George Jarrett

      Do you ive in Terrebonne Parrish? if so, then just go and ask the city council or your councilman/woman. If you don’t live there, then why are you so concern which is banned. Neither would affect you.

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        councilwomen? not in this town in this century

  • Poop McPee

    Better a slippery slope than a slippery buttcrack eh? EH? WELL? ANSWER ME NOW!!!! WELL???!!??!!

  • George Jarrett

    I like to wear baggies and saggies. It makes it easy to hide my sex toys while I’m parked outside of elementary schools.

    • butch

      your a sick puppy

  • Al

    As a cop I would not enforce this stupidity. This is really becoming a problem in this country as others try to put into law their beliefs and prejudices. That is not how the law is supposed to work, this needs to be overturned and those who enacted this voted or forced out for being stupid!

    • butch

      here’s a newsflash Mr. COP. Nuthin stupid about it. I can think of at least a hundred laws that are stupider than this.. Granted it may be getting a bit extreme but I know a hell of a lot of people, (several hundred in fact) and not one of them wants to see these clowns running around with their waistband at their knees and their underwear hangin out all the time. We redicule and make fun of the ones in our town that do it and it usually works until the next time. It’s sickening and pathetic, has gotten completely out of hand and something needs to be done about it. While this may not necessarily be the right approach, at least someone is trying to do something. And I would guess that probably at least 70 percent of the public would approve making it majority rules. Or don’t you have that concept in your part of the country? In addition, by the way, as a cop, you are OBLIGATED to enforce ALL laws without prejudice, unless and or until they are changed.

      • Ed

        You may as well come all the way out of the closet and tell us why you really won’t enforce this law.

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        So apply some common sense, don’t serve them – problem solved. What is the standard? what about those with all of those tattoos? women with a lot of cleavage, mullets, men with tight pants I find just as distasteful, I can go on and on, but I guess the common sense approach for this town is beyond reason

      • http://www.date2settle.d8u.com Marquis

        I hope as a Cop you would not be selling drugs to these clowns, they are ideal candidates for penal institutions.

    • bill

      I think its a great law just like loud music is illiegle in some towns.Who wants too see a persons buttcrack

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        they do not show any skin unlike other fashion trends

    • gat

      i hope this trend gets big,im tired of small children and ladys that go out in public seeing some faggat ass queer with his ass hanging out …personaly i think they should be arrested for indesent exsposure and put in prison were the whole pants half way down to your knees,is accepted .and they would get what there looking for…that is a steady boyfriend….oh and if this affends anybody ..oh well ….pull your pants up idoit you dont mind offending everybody else.

    • robin bowie

      More like the biggest stupidity AL is that you made the police force

  • digger

    …….sounds like JoeB has over dosed on Faux News.

  • bobby

    Idiot writer of this article, Terrebonne Parish is not a town. A Parish in Louisiana is the same as a County in other states.

    • lloyd

      Bobby—-“A” town in Terrebonne Parish! maybe the author is uneducated about LA. .go speed in golden meddow sometime and
      see LA’s law inforced. .they “DO” take care of business! LOL

  • Gunner350

    While I commend the Parish leaders for the thought I believe it is an overreach. If I were to live there and own a business, I would simply post the same sign as “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Saggy Pants, No Service”. I’ll wager it would get me more business than I would lose and a damned site better class at that.

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      So simple, so effective, and full of common sense. Man what planet are you from?

  • http://yahoo Patrick

    I don’t want to see your shitty drawers or your willingness to take up your blow hole. It’s a signal to the other prisoners, your willingness. Idiots!

  • gat

    i knew some uneducated person was gonna scream race…well when u think about it ,it is a black gay thing..

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      Actually it is prison gay thing

  • john

    Well, I can say this. . . As a 50 year old black father & a Louisianian, I applaud this!!!

    My youngest boy is 16 I caught him sagging with his friends in the park last year. Immediately when he noticed me, he began to raise his pants up & tighten that belt. Why? Because just like hi older brothers, I gave them only one warning: If I ever see your behinds not covered by pants or shorts, I am going to tear it up! They already know I can give a no nonsense whipping so that little problem, I never really had to worry about concerning my sons. . . However, many parents need to adopt this method & maybe, many of these young men will think twice before wearing their trousers underneath their butts. Okay, when I was younger, we were frowned upon because of the afros we wore. . . But there is a big difference in making a statement & being disrespectful & showing off your underwear can cross that line. That’s just me but to agree with the brother (Hasan) above, I don’t really think they need to make a law banning it. . . Parents just need to get involved within their children’s lives so that they can know the difference between right & wrong. And if they choose to do wrong, then tear that behind up!!!

    • Dewey

      John…I agree with you 100%. As a retired educator, male…not black, I refused to allow that junk in my classroom. I always stood at the door and when students saw me they hiked there pants up. I had some parents to come and tell me it was their child’s right to wear their clothing anyway they desired. My answer…not in my classroom. After I retired I went to another state to work. There were 8th grade girls sitting in my class with their thong underwear exposed….wished many times during that year that I could use a bucket of ice water to cool their ends a bit. That school administration would not support me in bringing that kind of behavior to a quick end. Sad that our youth thinks that is an acceptable way of expressing themselves. They do not realize that employers in their communities see them and when the approach their business asking for jobs their applications are trashed. Believe it or not this kind of behavior pre-exist some more serious criminal offenses because individuals tend to hang out with more serious riff-raffs criminals. In school students who expose their bodies in this nature tend to be very rebellious to school authority which is a contributing factor to poor school work. Next thing is…drop-out!

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      ever go to beach – all you will see is underwear relabeled as swimwear. I do not support the trend at all, but if that is what one choses- This why I serve in the Army – to defend your right to pursue happiness.

  • Ed

    Baggy Pants became a fashion statement introduced by former Prison Inmates. They were worn low to let the other prisoners know that they were someone Bitch or that they were available for sex. Only the Faggots wore them that way. Ask any former inmate and they will verify that fact.

  • oddvark42

    I was a peace officer for several years. We liked baggy pants. It made offenders easier to catch. You can’t run as well if you are holding your pants up. Do the parents of these young kids care that they look like they are having to wear hand-me-downs and can’t afford clothes that fit? Or that they failed to teach their children to dress? What does it say about a society that glorifies prison to the point that they want to dress like inmates?

  • oddvark42

    I was just wondering if there was an exclusion for plumbers?

    • Glenn

      I think it is unconstitutional but the slugs that wear their pants this way will be punished bigtime if they do not stop this vulger and shameful behavior. The pressure required by the belt to keep them up is 2 or 3 times the pressure of a worker with a heavy tool belt at the waist where it belonges and will require hip replacements or worse by age 40 or 45. I learned about this with the tool belt. Now I cannot wear a tool belt and my hip joints are completely worn out. With the tool belt the pressure is there only when the belt starts tio slip down but these fools have that pressure all the time.

  • megan

    They’re not taking it far enough. any indecent exposures such as bikinis, swim trunks, bandeau tops, booty shorts, and shirts/dresses that expose any parts of a woman’s breasts should be OUTLAWED! YES all women should only be limited to thick, long sleeve, ankle length dresses and men should wear turtle neck sweaters and slacks at all times. swimsuit and underwear models should all be FIRED and forced to be nuns and priests. sagging pants/ANY form of expression is an abomination. And don’t stop there..no makeup, tattoos, body jewelry, etc.. lol if you haven’t caught on, I think this law is a bunch of bullshit, and certainly targets an already negatively stereotyped race.

    • lloyd

      Megan–hope you were just kidding. .realy tho, how many women wear very low cut blowses, and act insulted if a man stares or makes a comment. .well they ask for it. .anyone showing their tail has NO morals, male or female. .for once, bless you Louisana.

      • http://yahoo Lyndon

        The Bible says Adam and Eve became ashamed of their nakedness as a result of their sin. So nudity is immoral but has God originally intended

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      Megan you should have stop at etc. I got it. AS far as negative stereotypes, these are willing to stereotype themselves and I have no problem with that. but to your initial point there are comments about a cap being worn backwards, well I wear mine backwards and only a person with limited comprehension would group me with those wearing pants below the hip

  • http://yahoo Jim

    Just your your information how these low ridding pantS style actually came about…. IN PRISON,THE INMATES WHO WERE AVAILBLE(THE RECIEVERS)

  • http://yahoo Danny

    Have you noticed these idoties that wear the baggy pants, they also have their caps on backwards. They don”t even know how to wear it.

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      backward cap is a lot better than a mullet

  • jim claiborne

    Hope it catches on all across the U.S. Only STUPID, IGNORANT, people see the need to show their scrawny baggy ass – st&& stained shorts to people who do not think this is cute. Skaggy Bas $%%^&&%$

    • http://yahoo Lyndon


      They usually don’t show their ass just boxer or shorts underneath. As bad and tasteless as it may be, why is the government limiting their freedom and pursuit of happiness?

  • db

    Why just in LA? This dump trend is nation wide. This appearance is tellng people you have no job or you make less than 20k a year.

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      And if that is what they choose to communicate then so be it, we do have a 1st Amendment.

  • S-Smith

    All this will mean is Terrebonne Parish, LA taxpayers will be paying a lot of more in taxes (note a parish in LA is what most states call a county) The first person they ticket can call the ACLU or some other group to sue for a civil rights violation when they win the Parish will have to pay legal fees which could cost millions.

    • http://yahoo Lyndon

      and they brought it on themselves for ignoring common sense. Ban it in schools, encourage business to ban it, and oh here is a thought just ask them not to do it in public places. As a Black male, I am always encouraged when young men pull their pants up when in my presence for those who don’t – I acknowledge the style, bring up how this became style, and reaffirm the message that it sends. If they can get that then I will never hire them.

  • Sarge

    I don’t think they should be illegal, however; if the parents had taken a hand in this (to their backside), they wouldn’t want to be showing it. I think it looks ridiculous.

  • Bob

    Might as well ban stupidity … the two seem to go together.

    • http://www.date2settle.d8u.com Marquis

      It is a start, one of the issues of a free country is that you are allowed to be stupid even when you know it is downright dumb. Countries must work towards improving peoples brains or we will keep on producing mooks and lagahoos.

  • http://yahoo joeyd1355

    if you go back to the so called origin jailhouse it was to let bubba know you were his so with that in mind i guess your all gay you bunch of sagging sobs

    • bob saget

      id bet you love to suck on my stick….

  • binyam

    this is stupid. i dont really care for baggy pants or “sagging”, but who the hell is the government to tell us how to dress. everyone talks about how the government should stay out of our personal lives. But no one ever cares unless it’s something that effects them.

  • R Malbrough

    Just maybe if you check some of the laws in this country you will find several regarding obsenity. Sounds like they are finally uphoding the law that should have been enforced some time ago. I find looking at someone’s underclothing, slin, etc offensive and I have the right to not have to be subjected to it.

  • http://webpronews/life Jim Stovall

    Okay, Mr. Bogangles, stay out of town!

    • bob saget

      Jim, have you ever been violated by 4 different men at once? Let me and my friends show you

  • http://webpronews/life Jim Stovall

    Oh, I forgot, Louisiana has one of the worst health records in the nation. It is also among the poorest states. Its teenage girls are highly likely to get pregnant and lose their babies in proportion to the rest of the nation. Finally, it is a state wherein teens start using tobacco and alcohol to excess early on. But baggy pants will bring in some revenue so the state can use the money to do some sensible things.

    • RichardB

      No, Jim. You’ve got it all wrong. Baggy pants are the root of all evil.

    • NOLA


      • bob saget

        Nola id love to make love to those ass cheeks

    • Ally


      As a female resident of Louisiana, I can attest (backed with fact and experience from living in Louisiana) that females who reside in Louisiana are at no greater risk of becoming pregnant than any other state. Our young women are educated about safe sex just as well as any other state.

      Yes Louisiana is not as well off or as privileged as other states but we are not heathens. If it weren’t for the people of Louisiana (particularly the people from Terrebonne Parish) the nation would be even more dependent on other nations for their oil and fish resources.

      But since you are so quick to make assumptions about the beautiful state of Louisiana, let me give you the same courtesy. I can bet that you are from a northern state that knows nothing about Louisiana except what is shown on television. I can also bet that you are man who just assumes that anyone from below the Mason-Dixon line is uneducated white trash. But that’s ok, you’re entitled to your own misinformed opinion. Just like I have the opinion that the real trash floated to the top instead of settling at the bottom.

      As a closing remark I will say this; people can be educated but you can not fix stupidity.

      • bob saget

        Ally wanna do it?

  • RichardB

    Let Stupidity reign unconfined!!

  • Larry T

    I hate baggy pants and think they look disgusting however it should not be against the law unless it is indecent and he/she is showing her @$$ in public. However, it should be a great topic on your Reality Show. What a freakin joke

  • Ted

    Good for Terrebonne Parish! About time someone came down on these ignorant urchins. They’ll just grow up to be ignorant democrats anyway, and vote another moron into office as spite, so why not make a little portion of their worthless life miserable in advance. They’re just emulating prison homosexuals anyway. May be doing them a favor without them even knowing it.

  • polos

    Enough is enough. These narrow minded spoiled raised by welfare mothers brats bring their base morality and stick it in our face–about time someone had the guts to stand up against this stupidity. It true we fattened up their ass with President Johnson’s “war on poverty” but do they have to flaunt it on top of this. “A fool and his money are soon parted” as the Bible says.

    • get a belt

      Funny thing is if you look into how that style came to be was that sagging was adopted from the United States prison system where belts are prohibited. It started in the 1990s and with the whole ganster rappers that acted like they were hard core from the street crimals. Well I’ve had guys from the pen tell me that the guys that are sagging are advertising! They want to take it up the A$$. But because it’s just monkey see monkey do out on the streets and rappers that took the style and spread it we are were we are now. Little did the followers know that they are actully saying “I am another guy’s Bitch, here is my ass ready for anyone” yeah really tuff street guys.

      • ubdum

        Your a moron and know nothing

        • BBB

          Says the person who cannot spell “you’re.”

    • chris

      of course, on the upside, when they commit their crimes, just like the tennis shoes with the flashing lights, it does help to assist the police in capturing them, then we need to find a way to cause the judicial system to function and keep them off the streets than we don t have to look at them at all

      • bob saget

        get a life bro go to sleep at 1:12 am faaaaag

    • BBB

      LOL. Actually, Thomas Tusser said that. That’s not a Biblical quotation.

  • namvet527

    I agree. This is the dummest most crude dressintg attire I’ve ever seen. I agree that I am also glad someone has the guts to stand up to this crude immoral in your face grossness. I am waiting for all the RACE CARDS & RACE BAITING to come.

  • Jon M

    Congratulations to Terrebonne Parrish. About time somebody had some guts and common sense. Most municipalities are too afraid of being sued or to appear racist to enforce some standards of decency.

    Is the law against baggy or saggy pants? What is determined to be baggy? If the law stipulates no showing of under clothing, or pants below the waist I can support that. I don’t like seeing some guy’s underwear covered butt hanging out of his pants in public as I have seen, and I certainly don’t want any of the women in my life to see such a thing, especially my little girls.

    The author’s facetious comment at the end of his article shows his lack of understanding of slipery slopes. Obviously, most communities have myriad issues to deal with, failure to regulate public decency is a slippery slope also.


    The government is the one f**king us in the ass! Tell me why it is ‘illegal’ to wear baggy pants! its people decision just like how people decide what religion they are! If they want to tell the whole world that they’re open for business then let it be!! Since when does the government get involved in fashion/attire! Thats so stupid! Whats next? No rainbow color shirts bc its gay?! The government is overpowering us! Thats not what the founding fathers had in mind! Im embarrassed of this…

    • jake

      Ah is it not illegal to go streaking in public?I am from Louisiana contrary to what everyone believes they are not very many racist in Louisiana its not a race issue or a freedom issue.its an issue based on public decency.I currently live in Mississippi and guess what its illegal to curse/use vulgar language in public.I personally do not care to see someones butt when i walk around town.IMO its no different then streaking.The funny thing is most people don’t even realize what it means.It means you are available for the next guy to come and take you.It came from prison its just shows the ignorance of today youth.

  • John Aerson

    Racism is alive and well in Louisiana. The same inbreds we saw in Easy Rider still rule some places of Louisiana.

    • Don Ball

      John Aerson, it is racist people like you that label every incident as racist. You are NOT part of the solution!

    • Rickey Rodent

      What do you know about it? If you don’t live in Louisiana, shut up. There are just as many if not more black elected officials here as white ones. This isn’t even a race issue, it’s a common sense issue.

    • Mike

      First off, Terrebonne Parish is not a town, its a parish (county) that has several cities/towns in it. Second, I am familiar with the area and know that the chair-person for parish council that created the law is a black woman. So, if you don’t live in Louisiana or personally know the area, don’t run your mouth. The law was not created as a race issue, it was created from a public indecency issue.

  • S. Blade

    Hooray for Terrebonne Parish??? They wouldn’t know indecency if it came and bit them in the a$$! Letting children go hungry, allowing children access to guns…these are some of the things that are indecent!! Attempting to regulating what can and cannot be worn is another! Leave YOUR morality out of MINE! I agree that I don’t enjoy watching children and young adults show-off their undergarments, however there is Freedom of Expression.

    While raising children, I told my son that, if he ever wore pants that showed his undergarments or even the crack of his butt, I pull them down so the world could see the rest. But, THAT was not out of morality. It was out of a sense of taste.

    Now, if the LA police don’t have something better to do than write tickets for the fashion police, then let them find other jobs that will keep them busier.

    Would they rather have these persons wear? cloths that are so tight that you can see every follicle of hair, leaving nothing to the imagination??? It is the immoral mind that tries to regulate it’s own desires that create these laws! (IMNSHO)

  • ted spring

    Great idea….only idiots and well we all know who will be getting in trouble for this…..SO: bookem Dano

  • http://Facebook Tamara Kotton

    So wish that was the whole US of A!!! Its not racist, its not a fashion statement, its not a phase, or a fade, its stupid, & just plan ass lazy.

    No one wants to see your unmentionsables, & DONT tell us then DOnt look, everywhere people go theres someone with there damn pants hangin low!!!

    Have some pride in yourself & pull your pants up & be a human being & respect yourself & those around you!!.

    Also realize we as GOOD parents dont want our better children having to see your undergarments let along your ass crack!!!

    I know if I had a bussiness, & someone came in & gave me a application wanting a job with there pants down, the app would go in file 13, because I wouldnt be paying you to pull your damn pants up, thats NOT the job Id be paying you for, you can do that at home on YOUR own damn time, NOT mine!!

    I also agree, I told my son I would never let him out our house with his pants sagging down past his ass, he told me that I raised him better then that & so should other parents with their children too!!!!

    Those of you that wear your pants like that, look at if from our side & see what we see, or should I say what we DONT want to see!!!

    Maybe then you’ll all realize what an ass your being, instead of the ass your showing!!!

    • BBB

      Why would anyone want a job from you when you don’t know the diffrence between “there” and “their.”?

  • Travis Fredricks

    Now, we need to get that law pushed across the nation. I remember when saggin’ came out in the 90’s. My cousins and I used to do it and we never got comfortable with it. We weren’t thugs; we watched movies like: Boyz in the Hood and Menace II Society and wanted to be like them.

    It’s great that my home state had made a move to get the point across because it’s alot of folks out here that just make themselves look like straight fools. No employer is going to hire, if not wanting to keep an employee for that type of display. Dudes call it SWAG…I call it ignorant.

    • bob saget

      Travis Fredricks…oh boy you mustve gotten made fun of as a child i salute you

  • http://yahoo Y

    it’s not only the young generation wearing there pants be low the waist line rich and poor a like do it. Before my sons leave the house i make sure they’re wearing their paints with their belts on at the waist line and not saggin. I always tell them your appearance is everything especailing when looking for a job people look at how you present oneself. And your appearance will either help you get a job or not even getting a job

    • D

      So you make your children wear their pants at their bellybuttons? Because that’s where your waist is. I don’t know a single person who wears their pants that high. This is just as dumb as when people got upset by James Dean wearing t-shirts all the time. Yes, t-shirts. They’re considered undergarments and you’re supposed to wear them under something. They’re pretty much regular dress now and no one cares. Plenty of women go around showing skin below the belly button and no one complains, it’s only when guys do it. So this isn’t racist, it’s completely sexist. Please make sure all those women keep their tops on at Mardi Gras while you’re at it.

  • roger hill..

    i to dont like looking at peoples but like its a fashion statement,,but i do mind my own bessness,we have aloud our kids to have to wear uniforms in school.. why dont the teachers wear them..we aloud them to tell us, we have to wear seat belts,helmats,you can buy stuff,, cigs, beer, but you cant smoke or drink…then you have some helpless bartender trying to up-hold the law and tell you ,you cant smoke in here..she or he is not a cop.but is put into a spot by people.thatthey should not be put into..i cant talk on the phone and drive, but cops can, im not against police men,,very brave people..but where do we u s a,, draw the line…we want to be a bible belt cacity..but now we cant say, in god we trust,we need to get our priotys stright..we indeed dont need to show our buts,, but we do need to help protect each others rights,,we are giving them away…

    • Redd

      Roger Hill, I would say you have more to worry about then the baggy pants issue. Like, spelling and proofreading

    • Scott Davis

      It was not started by rappers and it was not to show rebellion. It was started in prison as a way to show that someone was available for sex.

    • BBB

      It’s ALLOWED, not aloud.

  • Erik

    The basis for this stupidity in the so called “fashion” statement is that this originated in a prison by convicted criminals as a form of rebellion to their captors. So the genius younger generations by “busting a slack” are paying tribute to convicted criminals!!!! One again another example of priority upbringing, take GOD out of our lives everywhere and bingo they pay tribute to and idolize convicted criminals instead of idolizing and paying tribute to GOD. Oh yeah, let’s not forget to pay tribute to and idolize the next pair of tennis shoes that come out also!! Way to teach priorities parents!!! This Louisiana Parishes law should be nationwide PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billk

    it was not to long ago when ‘black’ was illeagal there…billk

  • David

    People have the right, according to the law, to dress how they like. It is however to dress in an improper manner i.e, naked (by the way, the law calls that indecent ex poser). The one person that said it was a rapper that started this, is correct. It was marked as being a statement or fad. Well fads go away, obviously not this one. What i think is funny, if it was a fat person that was bending over, these kids would say, that’s sick or gross. How muck sicker or grosser is it for the kids to be doing it.

    For the one who mentioned school uniforms, it wasn’t meant to tell the the children what to wear, it was do to teasing of the less fortunate kids by the upper class kids. The school decided to change the dress code so that no one has the better this or the better that.

    Here’s a question for the masses: would you like to see these kids with saggies working at your local fast food dive trying to pull up their pants in the middle of fixing your meal? Think about it, touching their butts then your food. I wouldn’t, just saying

    • wayne

      first off, who do you people think yall are? who gave you the right to decided what another person can wear and how they express themself? baggy or sagging pants is not a fad that was by rappers it was started in the prisons for thoses that where on the “downlow”. I say to each it’s own… worry about you and yours and stop trying to make people change who they are because those that are making these choices are “baby boomers”, times chance.

      • tony

        WOW again you Dont get it..when i go out with my wife or out to shop and i see guys wearing pants below there azz.. i want to kick them in the balls.. its disrespectful.. its called SAGGIN… spell it backwards ,, You still want to wear your pants below your butt. Doit.. i hope someone kicks your azz when you are seen in public.!!

  • Bruno

    Just the fact that these individuals do not know the meaning behind the trend shows their ignorance, in my opinion the lower the pants the lower the IQ.

    • wayne

      that was an ignorant comment from an ignorant person. im a college grad, father of five, and husband and my iq is off the chart, but i wear baggy jeans because i don’t like nut huggers and i look pretty good in them… it’s not what you wear its how you wear it and people should judging people based on apperances alone. IT MAN THAT MAKES THE CLOTHES NOT THE CLOTHES THAT MAKE A MAN…

      • http://yahoo duane

        I don’t think you are a college grad you can’t even get the saying right

      • tony

        You dont get it.. its not about BAGGY pants.. its about wearing the pants below your Azz.. you goofball..

  • Ron

    Making this illegal and in the law books poses too many risks that outweighs the benefits. Education starts at home and within the community. That is the real breakdown. Similar to this baggy pants issue is free speech. How many people speak foul and undesirable language that we wish to censor? It’s the same deal here. KKK, black panthers, and similar organizations still have that right to gather and have borderline but legal assembly. Baggy pants breaks no current laws, (indecent exposure is the closest; however, no one is exposing anything but clothing that we wish not to see, but clothing nevertheless). Regulating dress through legislation is not the answer. It starts at home, and besides, there are more and better solutions to this problem, some of which are already in place; such as dress codes in public places (restaurants, stores, airports, etc.), all gov’t ran facilities and transportation (schools, buses, metros, etc.), job prospects, and many other legal but effective ways in dealing with the matter.

    • Ben Perry

      Unfortunately, many male parents of boys with sagging pants also wear sagging pants. The young emulate their parents and older young men that they see hanging out and around in the community. I think they call the clothes worn close to the body underwear because those garments are supposed to be worn under the clothes, right? not so!– in fact, that convention is increasingly not the case. Record Producers, Video and Film producers, prison wardens, and employers could make wearing belts and suspenders part of the norm….the saggin pants fad would go away, wouldn’t it?

  • Nick

    Nice to see that politicians in this state have their priorities straight. Baggy pants kill people every single day! Next, they will make golf clubs illegal, followed by yellow sports cars and black suits. Welcome to Nazi America….

    • bob saget

      SO basically my dick needs to be in your ass

  • Ralph Spooner

    What these kids do not understand is that if a potential employer sees them dressed this way, they are destroying any possibility of getting a job. Employers can impose dress codes as a dress code helps determine the public image of a company. However misguided some of these laws are that ban this type of dress in the name of public decency, if these kids want to dress this way because they think it is “the current fashion trend” then so be it, it is their “right”. They just have to remember that the ideas of “public decency” can rapidly change and turn on them. When the voters of a community decide how they want the image of their community to be presented, there isn’t much a minor can do about it. From what I have seen in my own hometown, where they passed a similar law, these bans have withstood legal challenges so far.

    • bob saget

      I personally think nobody gives a rats ass about your comment so have fun living in your moms basement.

  • Glen Parks

    Good law. They should also ban the wearing of ball caps backward or sideways. What is that all about? Are these mental midgets trying to use the visor to protect their necks and sides of their head from the sun. It’s especially stupid when you see adults doing it.

    • John

      I guess the idea of dressing for success went out the window. Now we have clowns with pants down to their butt, hats on sideways, you feel me? know what I mean? They look stupid because mose are stupid. No education, can’t read, do math, always soooooooo tired in the interrigation room, arms under their shits, hoods, (no such think as hoodies) – where are the parents? Why is being a parent too much for some of these parents. If you can’t parent- don’t have kids. There used to be a saying every night on tv “it is 10 pm. Do you know where your kids are?” now it is do you even care where your kids are.

  • http://yahoo Jim

    The origination of the low ridding pants came about in prison… It was a symbol that i’m available…. (As a catcher)…. If only 1/2 these kids knew this, I doubt many would wear thier pants low!

    • Chris

      Exactly right Jim! I was just writing the same thing, and posted it, and saw what what you wrote. Young people need to have respect for themselves and their families. The bad thing is, some women love this! It is very sad. Funny, you wrote catcher, the same as me… hahaha.

    • Mitch

      that’s great. i know for sure they have no idea. They would rather humiliate themselves… but whats new…

  • Chris

    Those who wear their pants down have no respect for themselves, or their families. How about when y’all go out, and women and kids have to look at you? You look like idiots. The trend did not start with a rapper. It started in prison. And it means that you are someone’s “b!tch”. As in, you are the catcher, and not the pitcher. It means bluntly, that you are “property” of another man in prison, and that you take it up the @ss from him. Yes, it started in prison. It is part of the downfall of society as a whole. It is not a black thing, as I see many, many white men do it. Men of all races do it. The Parish has a right to make a law like this for their community. If you don’t like it, don’t go there. Simple as that. I wish other places would make a law like this.

    • Jerry

      Its about time and every State should make it a misdemenor crime with a fine and increasing every time they are caught. I do not allow my children to do this ignorant stupid act and I do not want them to see it either. Kids nowadays are to stupid to listen to where this came from, unless all who do this is a homo and someone’s bitc*.

  • Ethel Mertz

    Bravo to Terrebonne Parish!
    I would much rather see those fellows wear really tight jeans so that I can see their buns bounce up and down, “it must be jelly ’cause jam don’t shake like that”. Most of them have bubble butts which they keep hidden under those sagging/baggy pants.

    As I understand it, the fad started with men being initially processed through the criminal justice system where they were asked to remove their pants belt as an attempt to prevent suicide; so the pants would fall and droop. Now that’s what I call real role models.

    This has been going on in different ways. Did you ever see a teenage girl purposly purchase a jacket that was far too large for her? That started years ago when a boy and girl were dating, the girl would wear her boyfriend’s jacket.

    On a sad note for me at least; about 30 years ago some religious group, I believe they were Baptists, complained that the shorts the basketball players were wearing at the time were far too short and far too tight; so now we have basket ball players wearing bloomers that ar as loose fitting as can be; again no mor chance to watch those bubble butts bounce around the court – what a loss, at least for me.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Aaron

    Thank GOD someone is finally taking care of this!!! Enough about the sagging pants, let’s get to the real meat of the ordinance. Thanks to the “no skin below the waste line” part, this will FINALLY get rid of people having the audacity to wear skirts without stockings, bathing suits in general and sandals. I partially feel sorry for kids on soccer teams, cheerleaders, tennis players and the like but please, we need to look out for the greater good of the community!

    • Betty

      I agree baggy pants are rediculously stupid and disrespectful but laws against it is in fact sociallism. Government controlling what to wear and how to wear it is not a good thing. Sooner or later we will all be wearing the same striped outfits as each other. I do not like baggy pants but that is an opinion and it is their right to wear what they please as long as there is no nudity obviously. Laws like this are controlling our nation and our nation is home of the free. Not to to wrong things but if it doesn’t hurt anyone physically or mentally then it shouldn’t be outlawed.

  • JLF

    So the way this ordinance is written…does that mean somebody with plumbers butt, or an exposed thong or other undergarment when squatting down, shorts and capri’s are also illegal? Each of the above mentioned expose either skin or undergarments below the waist….just sayin…