Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope

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Baggy pants are tacky, but making the questionable fashion statement illegal seems to be taking it a bit too far. One town in Louisiana apparently doesn’t see the problem as it has made baggy pants illegal.

The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana recently voted 8-1 in favor of outlawing baggy pants. The ordinance says that “appearing in public view while exposing one’s skin or undergarments below the waist is contrary to safety, health, peace and good order of the parish and the general welfare.”

Those found in violation of the new baggy pants law will be hit with increasingly more expensive fines for each offense. The first offense will cost $50, the second will cost $100, and every other offense after that will cost $100 and 16 hours of community service.

Those who argued for the law went to great lengths to point out that they aren’t making this a race issue. They said that baggy pants are simply crass, and an undesirable part of prison culture that made its way into mainstream fashion.

Those who opposed the law said that they agreed that baggy pants were tacky, but argued that legislating fashion is a slippery slope that leads to legislating morality. They said it was an example of government overreach and shouldn’t be allowed.

Despite arguments against it, it’s expected that the Parish president will sign the anti-baggy pants ordinance into law. The ordinance will surely promote decency among the young men and women of Terrebonne Parish because baggy pants are obviously the greatest threat to decency since rock and roll and mini-skirts.

[WWLTV via HuffPost]

Baggy Pants Illegal In Louisiana Town, Opponents Say Law Is Slippery Slope
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  • Gabriel

    I’m getting sick and tired of seeing men’s underwear. This is not a fashion statement, this is just plain stupid.

    • Hanii Puppy

      Baggy trousers and underwear are unrelated. This wouldn’t stop people from wearing skinny jeans round their ankles.

  • Buck Naked

    Good for this Town! I just wonder how many people that flaunt this “style” realize its origins.

    The wearing of the pants down beelow the waist originated in prisons as a means of letting other prisoners know the person wearing their pants like this was “open for business” sexually.

    So, to all males who think this looks cool, it not only tells everyone that you’re slovenly, but it also an announces your willingness to participate in gay sex.

    • darrel

      Another origin for baggy pants is in the inner cities when parents don’t have enough money for clothes for their kids so they get hand me downs from people who are larger than they are thus they have baggy pants and a large shirt. It has been taken to the extreme by people via a fashion fad.

      • Scott

        people have handed down clothes for generations how come this didn’t pop up 100 years ago? the people claiming prison origins are 100% correct. it’s prison code for DTF.

  • JoAnn

    In prisons, baggy pants are a message that you are a willing “boy toy” to an older prisoner. Maybe after hearing that, the you men would think twice. *I learned this from my youngest brother, whose a police officer…*

  • tom

    I agree I am sick and tired of seeing underwear or even ASS it isn’t dressing totally it is slovinly and piggish, and more cities or states should follow suit.It isn’t like it is a style of clothing it is lazy people that think it is cool to walk around like a pig.

    • http://none Candy

      You are right and it should be a law for everyone.

  • Los

    I dont care how young men or women wear their clothes its not my concern. This is a silly law used to racially profile people. Its funny how the party of small government goes out its way to get involved in peoples personal rights! so what if a man sags his pants and shows his boxers. i dont give a d#@#!

    • adrian

      At least someone sees the truth. At what point will this stop. Making laws for something you personally do not like. I guess people that are overweight will have to watch out next, there may be a law created from them being able to step out in public.

    • MIKE

      You and your brother are a fool. It started because belts are not allowed in jails. Once they took them away your pants would start to fall. Thats how the style was born. So you are a idiot. Do some research before you comment.

  • Pedro Reyes

    I am 1000,000 percentage agree. They should do Nationally.
    Those guys look terible with those f. baggy pants. Where are the parents? We do not have respect in our Society.

    • Charlie

      We should outlaw obese people too, Im so tired of looking at them!

    • http://none Candy

      You are right. They are worthless thugs.

    • bob saget

      Learn english oh my goodness, “I am 1000,00 percentage agree” ??????? ARE YOU RETARDED

      • http://yahoo tony

        bob you are the man” i am sick and tired of these retarded bastards also”

      • dave

        bobby wants some attshon,what rong bobby no wife no firends

  • Los

    the goverment does not have the right to tell anyone how to dress. if they are exposing themselves then cite them for public exposure, not making a law against pants!

    • http://none Candy

      They look like they shit theirselves, most of them have.

      • Charlie

        Everyone has s*** themselves Candy, yourself included…your rather hostile over nothing, no wonder your husband left.

  • Charlie

    Next on the agenda…CAMEL TOE!

    • bob saget

      lol you probably have one, but anywho they just need a treadmill

  • john

    What about Fat Chicks and yoga pants?

    • adrian

      Thats next if this garbage keeps up. People overweight that support fast food will no longer be able to step out in public because the majority want a law passed.

  • john bates

    Galligaskins are nothing new! The origin of this style is far older than America. Keeping this in mind, the meaning of this legislation is entirely racist. These allegations of symantical double-entendre have been added to the original meaning. Buy a dictionary and do some research, fools!

    • adrian

      They are fools and this is why stupid laws get passed. I don’t agree with this but maybe a law should be passed against old people driving.

      • Marjorie

        Re: Adrian
        I am a 70 year old widow. I drive a 40 foot motorhome towing a car. I drive it safely and without incident from central PA to Miami FL and back again every year.

        I am intelligent and will know when I can no longer make this trip safely. Until then my rights are just as important as yours!

      • Marjorie

        And, what does this have to do with baggy pants?????

      • Debbie

        To many laws being passed to take away people’s basic rights. All you who agree with this law, need to see that it is a basic right to dress how you want. If the law does not like it then ticket for indecent exposure. New York tells you what size drink you can have,and now they want to tell you how to dress. I do not like the look either, but it’s their BASIC right to dress however they want.

  • http://none Candy

    Those who show their underwear and skin are trashy thugs. They have apparently no idea that they appear to have pooped theirselves. We laugh at them and are disgusted by them.

    • http://yahoo.com simple

      Candy its ok to take away someone else’s rights as long as they dont take away your right,to wear high heels shoes??!!

  • Josh


  • Chuck M

    Obviously a biased article. This is not the first law of this kind. In Chicago they made laws against thongs, and erections. Maybe the law shouldn’t be against the pants. Maybe it should be regular indecent exposure law. Either way there would still be some one crying injustice.

  • Geraldo

    Someone will challenge this law in court and win. The statute is a perfect example of government overreach. It is ridiculous.

  • Dan

    I am a police officer in riviera beach florida and this law has been in effect for sometime after thugs were hiding sawed off shotguns in there. Saved many lives.

    • J

      If being out of style or dressing poorly were illegal, most of you d-bags would be on death row.

  • http://yahoo Jan

    Those that wear baggy pants and show a major portion of their as* must have something to sell. It looks like they are advertising that part of their anatomy and are “selling” it.

    • Dball

      It originated in prison. It meant their ass was available! Nasty asses!

  • Sharon

    I fully support laws to regulate indecency and perversion. I recently took my children into an Alvin’s Island in Pensacola,Fla for souvenirs and had to leave. I can’t stomach seeing tshirts of donkeys having sex or any perversion. Thanks, Alvins Island!

  • Curtis

    I guess I dont understand the law. If I wear a belt with my baggy pants and it keeps my pants up, they are still baggy pants. Is it about the pants, or the way you wear them? The article does not say.


      I love the idea if making this illegal! what happened to indecent exposer laws? I am sick of these people who look like slobs. I don’t want to see underwear,bare skin, pj’s etc. out in public. that is for the privacy of their home. why can’t these people dress nicely?

      • Curtis

        I agree, however, If I own a pair of, lets say M.C. Hammer pants, and I keep them up, am I breaking this law? They are clearly baggy, but are kept around the waist.

        • Curtis

          It simply says “baggy pants.” I believe the implication is “sagging” pants. they are 2 totally different things. And no, I dont really own any MC Hammer pants.

  • silent observer

    Very glad to see people grow a backbone and start addressing the issues. It’s rather unfortunate a law had to be passed when the issue can no doubt be tracked just inside a threshold somewhere.

  • http://yahoo Jan

    The trend to wear baggy/loose pants originated in prison. Belts are not permitted in many prisons making holding up the inmate’s pants properly almost impossible. The result is baggy, loose, low location of the pants since nothing can be used as a belt. Pants that are too big are often purchased on purpose.

  • josh

    Okay, this is rediculous. If they are going to literally legislate people’s style choices they need to also make it illegal for fat people to wear tight clothing, low cut tops etc. Better yet, they should just go to citizen uniforms.

    • Kerschnuffle

      That’s coming soon enough. Of course,it will be passed nationally,in the interest of making everyone ‘equal’.


    Thank god for a city council with some sense of decency.It is beyond tacky the way both young men and women where their clothes in public. The guys wear their pants with their underwear hanging out and the girls seem to think it is sexy to have their shirts ride half way up their overweight bellies. I’m 64 years old and did a lot of crazy things over the years but I and my friends had the good sense to know how to dress in public.

    • Reece

      Yep. Almost as tacky as saying “where” instead of “wear”

      • http://WEBPRONEWS DOUG

        Sometimes things just slip through the cracks but you can always count on an intellectual to point them out. Boy I wish I was as smart as you Reece.

        • bob saget

          Dont worry Doug i am master troll.

          • http://WEBPRONEWS DOUG

            Bob, I have a friend who loves to do point, counter point like you do. He is fun to watch with someone who doesn’t know him because they don’t realize that he doesn’t care which side of the issue he’s on, he just likes to screw with peoples minds. Keep it up I love it.

  • C.T.

    “The town of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana”

    Uh…in Louisiana a TOWN is **NOT** a PARISH. A “Parish” is the geo-political equivalent of a “County”.

    Just saying.

    • Easter

      I agree!

      • bob saget

        you agree with what? a fact? your absent minded comments are not needed.

  • Steve

    Now, they need to tackle the issue if inappropriate dress for the females in the parish….like Daisy Dukes, bare midriffs and vow cut tops, and low rider jeans…tell me that isn’t provocative, and more entising to do evil than the sickening baggy pants!

  • Easter

    I love it! Comedians have joked for decades about repair men showing their butt cracks because the common sentiment is that a behind is smelly and nasty and should be covered! I wish California would do the same . We actually had a young man sagging in the pulpit on Sunday leading worship. UGH! At least San Francisco finally had the sense to regulate the public nudity there…Imagine sitting on a bench after some sweaty or unclean person put their potty parts on it. What if your toddler puts their mouth or toys or hands on that same area? Yuck! I don’t see having to be on a crowded bus or in a crowd of hormonal young people at a venue any differently! People lets keep our junk inside our trunks! OK?

    • bob saget

      you should go back into the kitchen

  • mrracecard

    Hope they outlaw black men, as in: “appearing in public view while exposing one’s black skin is contrary to safety, health, peace and good order of the parish and the general welfare. too

    • Easter

      Oh I’m going to pray for you@mrracecard. I hope you get a revelation from God

    • http://WEBPRONEWS DOUG

      You are moving way off the beaten path with your statement<, I don't see this as a racial issue but one of common decency in public. I don't give a damn if the kid is black or white the practice is stupid.

  • dave

    so if you dont pay your fine you go to jall?
    i hate baggys but r we reily telling peps how to dress??wtf

    • bob saget


      • dave

        wow really, i cant spell so some how you are juging me,
        lol thats cool ,have fun pointing fingers just remamber

        when you point 1 at me you are pointing 3 at your self

        • bob saget

          Maybe you should go back to grade school because its people like you that mess our economy up by being unemployed, illiterate morons.

          • dave

            wow bob,whats your address we shoud talk

  • john dough

    There has been many years of people wearing overly tight pants,skinny jeans, & etc but society has never questioned the fashion statement. Thus wearing the opposite of that particular trend is deemed indecent & punishable by law. This sounds alot like citizens are being disciplined for exercising their rights as individuals to dress as they choose. Therefore it’s a violation of one’s civil rights!!

    • bob saget


      • Debbie

        I guess Bob just wants to be ruled by everyone else and not have a mind of his own or his basic rights

        • bob saget

          Debbie, your comment has no reflection on the matter so why bother writing anything you pathetic waste of a human being.

        • dave

          I think bob has some isues with bob! i feel sory for his wife and him, if you ever want to look into how you act bob get ahold of me

          • bob saget


    • dave

      true that!!

  • Citry Peough

    The way this ordnance is reportedly written also outlaws short shorts, bermuda shorts, swimming suits including of course bikinis, and any skirt that isn’t full length, all of which “expose skin below the waist”. Way to go, people.

    • bob saget

      no. it clearly says baggy PANTS, do you know how to read?

      • Citry Peough

        I was not referring to the town council’s intentions or to the reporter’s interpretation, but to the actual ordinance that is within quotes. Why don’t you stop nitpicking every second comment on this site, and try to think for yourself?

        • bob saget

          The actual ordinance is talking about males wearing their pants below the waist. You have taken it upon yourself to expand the issue to bathing suits/bikinis which makes no sense.

  • richie

    Its prolly in houma or thibadeaux….. i think its stupid

    • bob saget


  • Jason

    As much as I hate when people wear thier jeans like that, making it illegal does seem to be going a little too far. People are free to dress how they want, and to look like as stupid as they want.

  • Linda

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish everyone would ban baggie pants. I relly don’t like looking at someone’s crack. People’s lack of interest in how they look when they go out in public is a shame. People have lost the pride they should have in themselves. It’s really sad at how lax we have become in our way of dressing, especially when they go out in public.

  • Beer Guy

    Pull your drawers up and act like you have some common decency. If you weren’t taught to dress for the public, you weren’t taught to behave in public. It’s your mother and father you’re advertising when you walk around with your a$$ hanging out.

    • bamboe

      In the meantime in beautiful Lousyana, I see trash, brown, black and white driving around in cars, with the windows up and the A/C on. Of course inside are adults who are smoking cigarettes, in a car full of kids who are inhaling the second hand smoke. But keep those pants up, because that’s a real health hazard.

  • suprisedguy

    So much for freedom. :(

    What’s next, we outlaw low cut shirts? Halter tops? Flip flops? Tatoos?

    This town should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Dball

    It originated in prison. It meant their ass was available! Nasty asses!

  • gcatron@sbcglobal.net

    Something has seriously gone wrong. A pretty face, nice boobs, and a nice butt is always what I look at. There’s just something not right about looking at a guy’s ass crack, plus them walking around like they have a load of feces in their pants. But what does crack me up is, none of them can outrun the police with those pants down around their knees. “IDIOTS”.

    • http://BaggiesfashionBAN TheeOlFart8it

      Dang Right!

  • http://BaggiesfashionBAN TheeOlFart8it

    Hey, ALL the Higher Authorities(Police Dept., FBI, ATF, and Bounty Hunters, etc.) don’t mine if criminal tried to runaway from the LAW, they’ll eventually get catch easily while their “baggies” starting to slide down their legs and they can’t hold on to it at the same time which will SLOW them DOWN or FALL DOWN on their face! BIG Oopsy!

  • bob saget

    I hope you all burn in hell, youre failures in life.

  • Kerschnuffle

    They actually have this backwards.They should encourage it,since those that go for the style tend to be the thugs and criminal element,and having to hold their baggy pants up while running,or being tripped by them,makes them much easier to catch.

  • Joan

    I’m glad that they are outlawed, only wish it were true where I live. My daughter and son-in-law have gumption to monitor what my grandchildren wear good for them. More parents should care what their children wear and not be intimidated by them (the kids) when they tell them not to wear such clothes.

  • crhymethinc

    Just a further example of the fascism inherent in right-wing conservatism. Personally, I find the whole “baggy pants” trend ugly, but it isn’t up to the government to decide fashion. I do get a big laugh of how the right-wingers always claim it’s the leftist who are leading this country towards a naziesque state when it is the right-wing who ALWAYS is behind trying to eliminate our freedom.

    • Commonsense58

      poor social manners knows no political party and shame on you for making it political.

      • nonsense

        There is much truth in that statement.. The conservatives cry freedom. But only the freedoms they agree with.. Check the party affiliation of those on that parish council. Who voted this into law. Shame on you for trying to shame someone for pointing out the hypocrisy..

    • h8thebag

      There is such a thing as INDECENT exposure and these “easy access” pants are the epitomy of that!! For all you whining about your “rights”….PULL UP YOUR PANTS AND GET A JOB!!!!

  • Bobbie

    It is about time that someone does something about this way of dressing. I wish the whole country would do it.

  • Commonsense58

    All of us as human beings hold a social contract with one another. We should present ourselves with respect to one another. If for some reason we feel the need to “express ourselves” through the clothes that we wear we should do it in a way that respects this social contract. Society does not care to see your butt crack or underwear. We do not want to view you fondling your crotch on a street corner. Society does not want to hear your profanity or see you spit on the sidewalk. The basic coutesy’s in today’s society are non-existant and I applaud this township for making an effort to advance civilization

    • wes

      Very well put.


    jus so’s I donst has ta look at yur bacon strips, I donst car. jus mens you wans pokie from yur blokie. womens donst liks it nether!!

  • mike

    it’s about time they “cracked down” on those plumbers and carpenters.

  • mike

    uhoh..my chauvinistic side rears its pointed little head….I luv seeing a good looking lady’s pants sliding a little low.

  • Prez Obozo

    It should not be considered racist since I see many white kids also wearing the trashy cloths!

    • nonsense

      I agree. Racist is to strong a sentiment in this case.. But it is indeed urban culture that is being legislated.. Similar to noise pollution tickets for semi loud hip-hop music..

  • Atticus

    So… i’m middle age and my heiney has flattened out. I have a terrible time keeping my pants from falling down, especially if I’m carrying bags, walking my dogs, etc. Will I be subjected to the fine?

    • Chu

      It depends. Are you showing plumber’s crack?

    • tash

      Get a belt.

    • Chu

      I am for it!

      • Atticus

        No plumber’s crack and I have a belt, helps minimally!

  • Tom

    What about women walking around with shorts exposing some of their butt cheecks and wedged in their cracks ( sexual gratification) Speak out about that.

  • nonsense

    I don’t wish to see young men and women’s underpants. But plumbers crack is much worse… I see plenty of styles of dress I find inappropriate. To make just baggy pants illegal seems a bit draconian and bias.

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