Backing Up Is So Hard To Do!

    January 16, 2003

How many times have you said it? “I have got to back up my information!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said it in this last year since buying my new computer. Why, I even bought the one with CD Write on it just so I could “back up” my information!

I’ve written articles, sent out newsletters, sent and received a ton of e-mail messages, created a bunch of folders, written an e-book, created an information booklet and even added my web site folders! Life is good!

So what’s the problem you might ask? Do you see “backed up my information” anywhere in that mighty list above? Let me answer that one for you….nope! Did I forget to list it above? Let me answer that one, too….nope!

Well, that’s not a problem unless your system goes down is it? Oh please, let me answer that one for you also…..yep!!! So by now you know where I am going with this. My system went down and I wasn’t backed up!

It’s so easy to forget about backing up or to put it off until another time or just to think since you’re not having any problems, everything must be OK. But, take it from me, it’s not OK.

In just an instant you can go from having all your information to having none of your information. Articles, newsletters, e-mails, information, pictures, graphics, files – folders…. everything gone!

Fortunately the technicians were able to get a back up of my information for me. But there are instances when even a technician can’t retrieve your information.

During this nightmare, I also found out that even though your information may be backed up and restored, they can’t back up actual programs, just the information contained in the programs.

This has caused me to think twice about ordering and downloading programs instead of purchasing the CD of the program. I wanted the downloads because they were instant.

But just as you can download in an instant, your information can be lost in an instant. Then you are having to try to find receipts and contact companies to try to download again, which can present another problem within itself.

Fortunately for me, the people/companies I had purchased downloads from, when given the order number or receipt, allowed me to download again at no charge, but this may not always be the case. So, just weigh that in your decision when purchasing another program by downloading.

If you can’t back up all your files and folders, at least make back ups of the ones you have information you’ve written in. Articles, newsletters, e-mails, addresses. Anything that would really be difficult to try to replace.

Determine a specific time or schedule for backing up. It could be every few days or a weekly back up. This may be a little time consuming, which is why we have a tendency to put it off, but in the long run it will definitely be a time saver because….

Backing up, all things considered, (really isn’t) that hard to do!

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