Baby Found in Bag After Teen Mom is Detained for Shoplifting

By: Erika Watts - October 19, 2013

After a teen was detained by security guards for shoplifting on Thursday, they made a shocking discovery in the girl’s bag: a dead baby. Seventeen-year-old Tiona Rodriguez (below) said that she miscarried the baby, but police think the baby was born alive and that he may have been drowned or smothered.


The security guards that were talking to Tiona Rodriguez and her friend after they were accused of shoplifting at a Victoria’s Secret in New York City knew that something was very wrong when they noticed a strong odor coming from Rodriguez’s bag. After looking inside, they discovered a baby’s remains. The security guards then called the police.

Rodriguez, who already has a 2-year-old son, claims she was around six months pregnant and miscarried the baby. She told officers she was carrying around the baby’s remains because she didn’t know what to do. She says that the baby was born on Wednesday and made a Facebook post referencing cramping that day.


Police aren’t buying the teen’s story, as the baby weighed more than eight pounds and is believed to have been born alive. Police suspect that Rodriguez drowned or smothered the baby. The NYPD is waiting for a report from the Medical Examiner’s office, so an official cause of death could take a few weeks. If the report is consistent with what police already suspect, Rodriguez will be facing a murder charge in addition to the larceny charge she and her friend face.

Most of Rodriguez’s friends and neighbors didn’t know she was pregnant. “I couldn’t really tell because she’s a little heavyset, so I wouldn’t know if she was pregnant or that’s just her,” neighbor Ramon Acosta said. “She’s a nice girl. She doesn’t hang out. She’s always with her family and her son. The baby’s father visits them also. Everybody is surprised,”

One of Rodriguez’s friends doesn’t believe foul play was involved in the baby’s death. While she didn’t know the teen was pregnant either, Zami Ford said, “She’s a good girl, I can’t believe she would do that. She’s not a harmful person. Basically, she’s kind of person you can chill with. She’s a nice young lady.”

[Main image via YouTube; Facebook images via Daily Mail]
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  • Brenda

    ….”Neighbors say, “She’s a nice young girl” WTH?!??! She already has a child out of wedlock, was caught stealing, and carrying around a corpse. What the hell does it take to be considered a POS?????????

  • BeeBee

    Ok but she was carrying around a dead baby while stealing! WTF

  • Kiko

    Nice girl? Are you kidding me? She was carrying around a corpse of a dead baby. Don’t you think if she was so “nice” she would have reported it to an adult or someone at least? She knew she was pregnant, probably not the same father, was scared and murdered the baby. She’s not nice nor is she a good girl, she has some serious psychological issues, alongside her friend as well.

    • junk


      You and her accusers don’t make sense. If she murdered the baby, why would she carry it around knowing well that there is a chance for her to be caught for shoplifting?

      I don’t think she is that stupid. She would have dumped the dead baby in some trash can before going anywhere with it.

      • Not so fast

        Since when are murderers known for being logical?

        The police should save their speculations though until the autopsy is complete.

  • junk


    first, She is ugly already and has that thing in her nose. IF you look like that it’s expected that you’ll end up doing things like this. I always thought pierced, tattooed men and women are lsoers and no-good freaks now this is another example to confirm my preconceptions. Jesse James, Von D, Dennsi rodman and all the others …

    Second, why are they telling us all these details about her before she’s even convicted? If she smothered a baby, It’s only logical that she left it in the trash can of the restroom where she gave birth rather than carrying it around like a souvenir.. This doesn’t add up. I believe she actually did give birth to a stillborn child.

    The accusation of killing a child doesn’t make sense.

    • Not so fast

      Logic and murder doesn’t go together.

      She carried a dead baby in a bag while shoplifting lingerie–stop trying to apply reason.

      And I agree, the cops don’t know all facts so they shouldn’t speculate but let’s not try to make sense of something so bizarre.

  • G

    Don’t judge if you never been in that person shoes. If that’s the cause no one is good because we all make mistakes

  • Amy

    If she would have had an abortion, she would not be charged with murder. Abortion in large part has contributed to the lack of respect for life.

    • Not so fast

      This is very true. All the more reason to outlaw abortions unless they’re needed for extreme cases (rape, incest and health total 3% of abortions), and remove the gray area.

      • @Not so fast.

        Don’t try to confuse people with facts!!! Yes, you are very right with your statistics. Most abortions in this nation are done out of convenience. There are men sitting in prison right now and they are serving decades for stupid things like fist fights. Yet, a woman can literally have her baby pulled apart and nothing happens to her. It is all hypocritical.

        I will also argue that even though a child is conceived out of rape or incest — that child still has a right to live. The child didn’t do a thing to anyone and may turn out to be a wonderful human being.

  • veronica sierra

    she carried it around because she was afraid to get caught and was waiting until she found a “proper” place that it wouldn’t be found. She hid the pregnancy and did things that any other normal person wouldn’t do in her situation bacause she did not allow herself to get emotionaly attached, as to make the whole ordeal easier for her to deal with. There is a million possibilities as to what really happened, why, how, etc… i do believe she has mental issues! how else can someone go through this and go about they’re daily life as if nothing happened!? GOD BE WITH THEM ALL

  • Sara

    Lots of babies are murdered alive through abortion. So what? Why is everyone outraged? If this bothers you, then abortion should bother you.

    • Sarah

      Abortion helps thin out the population of those who like to whore around, cause trouble, rape, all of that. As it is, there’s too many humans.

      • @Sara

        You are right. People forget that in abortion many babies are literally pulled apart. You literally find fingers, arms, hands, and feet in the waste bags.

        People are hypocrites though. Outraged by this but abortion doesn’t bother them.

      • @Sarah

        Many mass murders have made the comment you just wrote. You need to check yourself in to a hospital. I am not joking either.

        You are sick.

    • @Sara

      You are right. People forget that in abortion many babies are literally pulled apart. You literally find fingers, arms, hands, and feet in the waste bags.

      People are hypocrites though. Outraged by this but abortion doesn’t bother them.

  • Sarah

    Good thing it’s dead, we need less people like her.

    • @Sarah

      I don’t think it is a good thing when any baby dies. The death of a human soul is never a “good thing”.

  • We Make Too Many Excuse for Teens

    Parents live in some sort of delusion. They think our teenagers are “children” and they do not know what they are doing. What do we see in the news every day? We have teenagers stabbing elderly people because they are bored, teenagers using drugs like crazy, teenagers having sex like rabbits, young girls purposely going after sex with older men, young boys purposely plotting to kill people, teenagers stealing cars for kicks, teenagers fighting over race, now we have teenagers stabbing over race and heck, I just saw a story on how steroid is rampant at high schools. Now we have teenagers stuffing their dead babies in bags and then going lingerie shopping.

    Teenagers are as big as adults and are doing everything adults are doing. The reality is that our teenagers are not children. They completely know what they are doing and they should be held responsible for their own choices. Why do you think things are not getting better? It is simply because teenagers are never held responsible for anything.

    • You Are Right

      Yes, you are right. We never deal with the reality of a what is going on. Parents still think it is the 50s or 80s or even the 90s. Funny thing is that teenagers will admit that they know what they are doing and know right from wrong, but there will always be some parent who says they don’t because they are too young. Then the teenagers realize that they can get away with anything.

  • Bunny Evans

    Take her two year old son away from her and her delusional family NOW. How detached can you get? Walking around ‘Sport-Stealing’ from retailers like she’s always done, and carrying a rotting baby corpse in her stolen purse! Crazy and sad.

  • http://webpronewsFirstshemight Kathleen

    My 30 year old daughter,had 8 ectopic pregnancies. This summer she had have her tubes removed, the pregnancies just tore her them apart. She wanted kids so bad. To hear about things like considering a baby is a burden just tears me apart. I realize this girl was only 16 & I wonder what was going on when threw that baby away, then carried it around in her purse.