Baby Flung From Car In Icy Crash, Caught On Video

By: Amanda Crum - January 23, 2013

A 53-year old man made a near-fatal mistake when he neglected to strap his 1-year old passenger into a carseat and instead placed her on a shelf beneath the back window of his car.

The man was driving on an icy highway in Russia when he suddenly lost control and skidded, the rear of the car being spun into oncoming traffic. The baby was thrown from the car and landed in the road, and narrowly avoided being struck by a huge truck. The entire incident was caught on the dashboard camera of a car driving behind him; the man has been cited for not using a carseat, but it could have been much worse. Luckily, the baby girl survived the accident, but reportedly suffered injuries to her head and face.

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  • Yakov Smirnoff

    In Soviet Russia,babies don’t fling ice..ICE FLINGS THE BABIES!