Ay Caramba! MySpace Mexico Opens

    July 24, 2007

A beta version of MySpace Mexico launched in January, but as of this morning, the real thing is open for business.  MySpace has also hired two new executives in Latin America, and the company intends to host a concert featuring Café Tacuba, “one of the most culturally significant and popular Latin alternative bands in the world.”

That’s quite a series of announcements, but the initial focus of a press release was on MySpace Mexico itself, as perhaps it should be.  “Since the beta launch of MySpace Mexico in January 2007, MySpace has experienced a 67% increase in page views and a 39% increase in monthly signups,” according to the release.

That’s pretty impressive, but, “Additionally, the Spanish version of the newly launched MySpace Instant messaging is the most successful of the six non-English languages currently available on the site.”

So MySpace Mexico looks like it was doing well enough on its own, but in the future, it will have the help of Jose Casanova.  Casanova used to work for EMI Music Mexico; he will now “oversee all Mexico marketing and content initiatives in his role as Marketing Manager for MySpace Mexico.”  The other addition, Victor Kong, “will oversee the expansion and growth of the MySpace Latin online community as Managing Director of MySpace Latin America.”

And let’s not forget Café Tacuba.  To be honest, I know nothing about the group, but it’s been in business since ’89, and also has a nice Wikipedia page and Spanish-language website going.

Hat tip to CNET’s Caroline McCarthy.