Axl Rose: Latest Scandal not so Scandalous

    January 1, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Axl Rose seems to get his fair share of negative press based on whatever latest scandal he’s involved in. However, the latest news on the rocker proves to be anything but scandalous.

According to New York Magazine writer Steve Fishman, who rented his New York City apartment to Axl Rose for two years, the rock star never set foot in the place and may very well be the best tenant ever.

In an article called “What Happened When Axl Rose Rented My Apartment”, the writer details his adventures, or lack thereof, of being the rocker’s landlord.

Fishman writes of how Rose wanted the apartment, was anxious to move in and how he was willing to pay 6 months of “extraordinary” rent in advance.

“Axl was in a hurry to get into the place, we were told,” writes Fishman. “And so we quickly decamped to Brooklyn. Then came move-in day. And then it went. So did a second and a third date. Still Axl didn’t move in.”

In total Rose rented the apartment for two years from 2010 to 2013 and Fishman believes his tenant never even set foot in the apartment.

“As far as I can tell, Axl never set foot in my place after his initial viewings,” writes Fishman. “I wondered if he remembered that he’d rented it. Maybe a superstar lives this way — renting apartments just in case, and then forgetting about them.”

Fishman admitted that he was worried about Rose’s reputation as one of those rockers who trash hotel rooms, but said that his experience was a far cry from what he expected.

“People have mixed views of Axl Rose, but as a landlord, I loved him,” said Fishman in the article. “If he ever needs a recommendation, I’ll happily write: Quiet, undemanding, and pays his rent.”

Image via Wikimedia

  • Wallywoo

    Axl Rose can munch on my stick, diddle my stalk, shift my gearstick, AND SAW MY FUGGIN’ TREETRUNK!! Heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com keith

      THAT IS GAY .

    • MadDog20/20

      I say the same thing but a woman doing to ‘mine’ instead. Homo.

  • http://rockerlifecoach.com Tim

    That is the renter I want in my appartments. Crazy, pay the bills, and never show up or complain about things that need repair.

    • slash

      He’s axl rose! he rented it to show you he can afford it..it’s not a trailer its an upscale apartment in nyc

  • http://makeseye.wordpress.com/ WM

    What more can you ask from me, Haaaay

  • chris

    Maybe he’ll finally come to move in – in about another 10 years . Remember Axl’s way of thinking . He kept saying – over and over again- that Chinese Democracy was due to be released . That took what – 15 years ??? So I wouldn’t count him out just yet . He’ll be there eventually .

  • sleddog

    who cares

  • Sammy

    No surprise he never set foot in the place. How could he? From the photos I’ve seen, he can’t fit through the door.

  • http://yahoo.com keith

    PERHAPS IT WAS someone using his name . not the real jackball .

  • Nick from WI

    Axl never showed up to the apartment? WOW, who would have thought of that? He like never shows up for most of his shows so what is new here! LOL!

  • Aaron Ververs

    “You know what you are?
    You’re like a JUNGLE, baby!
    You’re gonna die!”

  • John

    When reached for comment, Mr. Rose said ” I have an apartment, forget the price. Ain’t never been there, they tell me it’s nice”.

  • http://yahoo Johnny

    In the famous words of Matt Foley ……..(WELL RIPTY FRICKIN DOO”!