Ava Sambora: Sweet 16 Blonde Reunites With Parents Heather Locklear, Richie Sambora

    October 10, 2013
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Looks like Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora’s daughter Ava Sambora is all grown up. The young blonde looked resplendent at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles on Friday, October 4, when she threw a lavish birthday party for her Sweet 16 birthday.

Ava wore a low cut figure hugging white dress highlighting her slender arms and neckline. Heather planted a beautiful kiss on Ava’s cheeks while the proud daddy hugged his daughter.

All three appeared in excellent spirits and were beaming gorgeous smiles throughout the event.

Ava Sambora’s celebrity parents divorced amicably in 2007 and remain good friends while raising their beautiful daughter, who is now an aspiring actress.

Ava has already scored two roles so far, one in 2012, where she debuted as Wendy in Judd Apatow’s comedy This is 40, and the other in 2013 as “future Charlie” in Good Luck Charlie TV Series.

“It was an amazing experience…everyone was so welcoming…Ever since I was five or six, I’ve wanted to be an actress…I loved attention and would always try to be onstage and in front of people. It was easy to figure out what I wanted to be…I really only get nervous in front of my family and friends, because I want to impress them…I’m very on top of it with people I don’t know,” said Ava, as she shared her experiences on the sets of Knocked Up sequel with Teen Vogue magazine.

Here is Ava when she was 10, dancing with Jon Bon Jovi and her dad Richie

“We’re very good. It’s actually even beyond for [our daughter’s] sake…We go out all the time…Heather and I really respect each other, and we’ve become better friends, I think, now that we’re not married,” said Richie Sambora, the famous songwriter and lead guitarist of rock band Bon Jovi.

Heather returned the compliments, “He is really someone who is compatible with you, and hangs in there during tough times…and good times.”

We wish the doting parents and their beautiful daughter the very best in coming years, and hope to see Ava share her talent and beautiful DNA on screen for her legions of fans.

For those of you who want to marry the young blonde, you will have to wait two more years, as the age of consent is 18 in many states.

[image from youtube]

  • You Know

    You know, I am not that old. I grew up in the late 80s and early 90s. Sixteen year old girls did not look like this back then. This girl looks like she is in her 20s.

    I don’t care what anyone says … times have changed… you can literally see it with your own two eyes.

  • Word of Wisdom

    “the age of sexual consent is 18 in many states.” wtf dude????

  • Yeah But

    Yeah but he was telling the truth. This is what I will never get. People tell the truth yet people deny the truth that is being said. Well all know our teenagers aren’t children anymore but we cling to this illusion that they are.

    What do we see in the news every day? We have teenagers stabbing elderly people because they are bored, teenagers using drugs like crazy, teenagers having sex like rabbits, young girls purposely going after sex with older men, young boys purposely plotting to kill people, teenagers stealing cars for kicks, teenagers fighting over race, now we have teenagers stabbing over race and heck, I just saw a story on how steroid is rampant at high schools. Our teenagers are doing everything adults are doing yet we cling to this notion they are underage. It is like a collective delusion.

    Ok… let me lie to you then…. this girl is cute … innocent… she goes home at night and plays with dolls and watches Hannah Montana reruns. She still has slumber parties and talks about how she dreams about her first kiss. She isnt at all dressed like a woman in her mid 20s and really is naive about sex and how the world works.

    Feel better? You can now keep your delusion intact.

  • Sounds Accurate

    Sounds accurate to me. Appropriate or not. It is accurate. I can lie to you and tell you it isnt if you want.

  • Shela

    You are living in a dream world too. This is not the 1950s. Girls have dramatically changed. Just by her looks you would have never known this girl was 16. That is one of the biggest problems in this country. People don’t want to realize things have changed.

  • Ironic

    I read these comments and it really is ironic what is going on in society. The article writer obviously can tell that this girl looks much older than she really is so he made the age of consent comment. I think society as a whole knows that our teenagers aren’t teenagers anymore. Heck, there is even a commercial for a product called Axe that points this out about women (women are getting much hotter commercial where they show women progress across the ages). Everybody literally can see this before their eyes, but some people don’t want to admit it. Consent in this country is a weird thing. An underage person can consent to an abortion but not to sex. Our teenagers are repeatedly choosing to do everything adults are doing, but adults constantly say they cannot consent to things – even though the teenagers themselves say they did. You ever wonder why problems with teenagers persist? We never hold them responsible for decisions they clearly make on their own. We always say …. they are too young and don’t know what they are doing.

    I think we fool ourselves about sex. It isn’t all that complicated. You see someone you are attracted to, you get to know them, and you decide to do it because it feels good. Casual sex today is so common that it is like making out in the 80s or holding hands in the 50s. Sex on the first date is common place.

    I am in that young age range. I can assure people that young women know what they are doing. I know many girls that look older and lie about their age all the time to have sex with older guys. Many of the guys have no clue either. It is easy to get an ID made. Times have changed. What is weird is that many of the older guys treat the girls better. People always assume dating someone your own age is better for a person. Not really … I know plenty of girls who got pregnant by guys their own age or who are treated like garbage by guys their own age.

    Take it for what is worth. I am just telling you what is going on.

  • joanna backman

    she’s got her mama’s looks, and her black roots.