Autonomy Chats Up eTalk

    April 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Supplier to Navy for information handling software acquiring contact center product maker eTalk.

The infrastructure software provider Autonomy will purchase Texas-based eTalk in a cash and stock deal worth about $70 million USD.

Autonomy also gains eTalk’s customer base of 1500+ existing contact centers. Another interesting aspect of the deal is hastening the deployment of searchable voice over IP telephony. Being able to easily search VOIP would be a boon to contact centers, but one must also get a sense of privacy further eroding. Autonomy lists the Department of Defense among its clients.

Autonomy describes the strength of its product as having advanced pattern matching techniques, enabling identification of patterns that naturally occur in text, based on the usage and frequency of words or terms that correspond to specific concepts. Uses for this technology have not been listed by the company. The conspiracy-minded certainly must be thinking of Echelon, though.

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