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SAP eyes mobile business services

Business software maker SAP said on Thursday it aims to sign up 5 percent, or 1,000, of its current 20,000 corporate customers for its mobile business services by 2005.

Directory Integration: Metadirectory Revisited?

META Trend:Convergence and security concerns will drive enterprise directory services adoption (2002+), reinforcing the need for identity management (2002-04).

Desktop cords could reach halfway to moon

Lay all the desktop cords in the United States end to end, and you could circle the earth four times or reach halfway to the moon, according to a study released this week by cordless mouse maker Logitech.

Apple denies music play

Countering speculation that it is close to buying Vivendi Universal’s record label, Apple Computer said Wednesday that it has never offered to make such an investment or purchase.

IBM updates PC security software

IBM on Tuesday announced version 5.1 of its Client Security Software, which, in conjunction with a security chip, helps protect passwords and other data inside PCs.

Chinese portals link to challenge Google

About 200 companies are teaming up to offer a China-based search engine, which hopes to compete with popular foreign services.

Oracle lines up airplane inventory tool

Oracle said it plans to release a new software program in May designed to reduce the aviation industry’s spare-parts inventory costs by billions of dollars.

Overture maps overseas plans

Search company Overture Services on Monday outlined its expansion plans for seven new international markets in Europe and Asia this year.

MS SQL Server undercuts competition

When Microsoft launches its 64-bit version of SQL Server at the end of April, the database will cost the same as the 32-bit version, perform better, and be part of the company’s bid to oust Oracle and IBM’s DB/2 on high-end systems.

Tech on privacy: Offender or defender?

SAN JOSE, Calif.–Although modern technology created many of society’s most pressing threats to privacy, a group of researchers is out to prove that it is also the greatest defender of civil liberties.

MySQL battles the big guys

SAN JOSE, Calif.–MySQL kicked off its first-ever users conference by releasing the source code of its upcoming MySQL 5.0 product and touting its reputation as the little database company that could.

New wireless security: Why you should use it

While wireless networks continue to become more affordable and easier to set up, many users (as well as many companies) still have little regard for just how insecure those networks are.

XQuery standard inches forward

IBM and Microsoft submitted testing software to the World Wide Web Consortium standards body intended to promote an XML-based method for querying databases, or XQuery.

Microsoft to score new C# standard

Microsoft is continuing its efforts to standardize its C# programming language, the software giant’s competitor to Java and a foundation for its next-generation Internet services.

New police tactic–mobile phone spam

Authorities in China are turning to technology to nab vandals–they use a computer program that spams the wrongdoers’ mobile phones until they turn themselves in.