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Creating A Great, In-demand Ebook

If you’re in business on-line long enough you eventually become convinced that to really succeed you need your own product or service. Having your own product or service:

Learn To Really Focus To Succeed

Many starting on-line businesses fail simply because they fail to FOCUS. They fail to focus on doing the most important things first. They fail to focus on seeing one project through to completion before starting the next. They jump from affiliate program to affiliate program and never make any real money with any of them. They fail to identify and focus on what is most important to their ultimate success. How can you avoid these all too common mistakes?

Mastering Getting And Using Testimonials

Perhaps no single element can perk up the response rate on a web page more than hard-hitting, credible testimonials. They work because somebody other than the seller is telling prospects how great, and useful the product is. It’s natural for you to say how beneficial your product is – having someone else do this is much more convincing! If you are not using testimonials in your web copy you should start today.

Get listed in Yahoo !

Getting listed in Yahoo! (The Very Top Search Engine/Index) is a lot like getting a date with the most beautiful girl in high school – often all you have to do is ask PROPERLY.

Can You REALLY Make BIG Money With Affiliate Programs?

Can you really make big money with affiliate programs? Can you earn a satisfactory income from commissions on selling others’ products? That question has to be on a lot of people’s minds. There are a lot of people considering setting up a website and marketing affiliate products. They wonder whether or not to believe all of the hype. There are also a lot of people who are already marketing affiliate products. Many of these are making very few sales, and they are wondering…. what am I missing!

How I Get ALL The Subscribers I Want, And You Can Too!

That’s a very bold title, and even more impressive because I DO get all of the subscribers I want on a continuous basis. How can this be true and how do I do it?

Join the Five Percent

A statistic I see quoted a lot is that only 5% of those operating small businesses over the internet are making any real money. Many never even break even. Let’s take just a moment to look at why that might be.

Success Through Association – A Little Talked About Secret!

One of the best ways to learn the internet marketing business is of course to be mentored by those already successful. Being mentored by, or associated with, a successful person has another seldom talked about side. People assume that if you associate with successful people, that you are also successful. It’s no secret that being seen with famous or successful people can help to bolster your success image too. Knowing this, one way to speed your way to success is to systematically associate yourself with successful people. Aggressively use the principle of “success by association.”

What Are You Doing With Your Website Traffic?

The endless quest of every webmaster seems to be to get more and more traffic. After all, more traffic means more sales… doesn’t it. Your answer to that question should be “not necessarily.”

Ask For A Better Price

Years ago, I was in the US Air Force, stationed at Clark Air Base, Republic of Philippines. I loved the place and regretted when our unit was moved. The biggest lesson I learned during my tour of duty there was to bargain. This was a concept that was, and still is, foreign to most Americans.

Don’t Pretend To Be An Expert – Become One!

The problem for the beginner is that he sincerely believes he cannot be a success unless he comes across as an expert. He believes that to be accepted, and to have people buy his products, he has to “talk the talk.”

Cut Out The Middle Man For Maximum Profits

We all know the secret to saving big money when buying something in the off-line world is buying it wholesale. We know that the more hands an item passes through on the way to us, the more it’s going to cost. Everybody involved in the process has to mark the item up in order to cover their expenses and give themselves a little profit.

The Secret From The King Of Pay Per Clicks

At Joel Christopher’s recent Master List Builders’ Workshop in San Antonio, Texas, Marlon Sanders told the audience that I was “The King Of Pay Per Clicks.” He explained that there was no investment he could think of that gave a faster or better return on your investment than pay-per-click search engines. After all, I had done campaigns where I earned $7for every $1 invested.

Make Your Readers And Customers Love You – Tell Them How-To Do It!

One of the bits of feedback I’ve gotten many times from my ezine readers is that they want more how-to articles. Everyone tells them “what” to do to: build their business, drive more traffic to their websites, make more sales, etc. However, very few people tell them “how”. Many readers have told me that they really want step-by-step how-to articles. Newbies to your business are looking for this same how-to information.

But What If You Can’t Create Your Own Product?

The real money IS in creating and marketing your own products. You don’t have to be on-line long before that truth begins to sink in. It’s no different than off-line really. The off-line manufacturers earn substantially more than their sales representatives. On-line, when you create your own product, you become a manufacturer. Your affiliates are commissioned sales representatives.

Internet Marketing – Doing It Like The Big Guys Do It

When I brainstorm with clients on how to improve their on-line businesses, one of the things I always ask myself is what are my struggling clients doing differently than the big on-line successes? That generally holds the key to them improving their businesses. Today I thought I would share with you some insights into what the “Big Guys” do that the struggling internet marketers usually don’t. Some of these things may seem obvious. However, many people observe the obvious, realize what they need to do, and then do nothing. Those who succeed act upon their observations.

How To Avoid Getting RIPPED OFF On-line

Millions of you dream of someday starting your own business and achieving financial success and independence–it`s a universal dream. Many also discover the internet and are led to believe this is the perfect medium for making that dream a reality. Which is true, because you can accomplish things on the internet that you don`t have the resources to accomplish off-line.

I Question Your Integrity!

I seriously question your integrity! I don’t believe a word of your advertising or any of your promises! You’d be shocked if one of your customers said this to you, wouldn’t you. You’d want a detailed explanation of why they feel this way. You’d acknowledge that YOU needed to correct whatever it was that caused this feeling in customers – IMMEDIATELY. Yet, many of your potential customers do feel this way. They just don’t tell you.