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Time Management For The Internet Marketer

After a very short while operating your internet business you’ll notice that you just don’t have enough time to do all of the things that you think you “have” to do. I certainly felt that way. I mean – you download from you ISP to your desktop computer – 200 or 300 emails at a time and it soon gets overwhelming. So what did I do? Flounder – then learn what others were doing.

Cooperate And Graduate

When I first started flight training in the US Air Force over a decade ago, one of the first expressions I learned was “co-operate and graduate.” What the expression meant was that the way to make it through the highly competitive and very demanding course was by helping your fellow students. I regularly apply the lessons learned from that program to other areas of my life.

The Art Of The Joint Venture

There is no quicker or easier way to grow your business than to joint venture with appropriate businesses. The reason this is so powerful is because of the leverage joint ventures allow you to harness. Doing joint ventures allows you to decisively capitalize on the resources that both you and others are under-utilizing.

Building An Unstoppable Multi-pillar Business

Jay Conrad Levinson in his books Guerrilla Marketing Weapons and Guerrilla Marketing Attack, points out that there are easily hundreds, if not thousands, of tools/methods you can use in your marketing. He points out that your competition is probably only using a few. He also emphasizes that if you just use a few more – effectively – you will dominate your industry.

Are You Mining Your Email Properly?

Are your mining your email for all that it has to offer? If not you are missing out on one of your biggest opportunities to improve the profitability of your business. That’s because your email often holds the key to:

The Hardest Two Questions New Customers Ask

A big part of my day is spent answering email. This IS something I enjoy despite much of it being SPAM. I enjoy answering the mail because some of it is from people asking for advice. Sort of makes me feel important;-) Seriously – I like helping new-to-the-net. Here’s a secret – help them get off to a good start and many of them later become not just your customers – but your repeat customers.

Traffic Equal Sales???

Everything being equal, more traffic to your website translates into more sales. Hence you read a lot lately about ways to generate more traffic to your website.

EMail Thousands Per Month – Without Spamming

The recent rash of spamming is a real irritant. Yet I understand why some are tempted to do it. Of all the methods of selling items over the internet, none is more effective than emailing your message to a customer. All of the other methods require the customer to look for or stumble across your offer. With email your message is right in front of your potential customer and many will look it over. This has generated a blatant disregard for many folks not wanting to receive unsolicited emails.

Change – The Only Constant

As you plan your online marketing efforts you need to be forever mindful, that what worked great yesterday might not work so great today. I remind you of this because most of us are so busy that we don’t have time to waste on non-productive efforts. I know I certainly am forced to concentrate on what produces the greatest return for the time spent.

Serious Business

A very big part of internet marketing success is dependent upon conveying a professional, ethical, and trustworthy image. So many businesses convey just the opposite image without seeming to realize it. So I’ll point out just a few things you may be doing that probably hurt your business more than you realize.

Publishing Your Own Ezine

I receive a lot of email from subscribers wanting to start their own ezine. For those of you who haven’t discovered this “secret” yet, this is one of the most effective online methods of marketing there is.

How To Get Thousands of New Subscribers

Subscribers are the life’s blood of any ezine. In this article I thought I would give you some of the techniques I use every day to get tons of new subscribers. However, let me also point out that getting new subscribers is only part of the picture. You also want to keep them and that means you must offer them something of value. You must offer quality content to make them look forward to every issue.

Multiplying Yourself for Maximum Effect

A recently popular topic of discussion in internet forums is the value of affiliate programs with two-tiered commission structures. Are you better off participating in a program that pays you a large commission on all of your sales but nothing on the sales of people who sign up as affiliates through your site. Or … are you better off getting say 10% less on your personal sales, but getting 10% commission on the sales of all sub-affiliates that sign up through your site.

Using Mirror Pages Effectively

Thought I would share with you a very effective technique for adding new customers to your mailing list. These are individuals who would not otherwise discover your products or services – because they did not come to the internet specifically looking for your products or services. This is through using what some call a mirror site or mirror pages.

How Long Before Business Takes Off?

Many people operating internet-based businesses don’t have a realistic expectations of how long it takes to get started. This is because of all the hype about how easy it is to make a fortune online. You can make money selling goods and services online. However, there is USUALLY a learning curve. From discussions with others earning a nice income online, it seems to take 8 months to a year before things take off. You can shorten this learning period though.

20 Simple Things To Do Today To Dramatically Increase Your Website Sales

Need to increase your website sales? There are major things you can do which often produce incredible results. Things like having your entire website professionally rewritten. However, there are many little things you can do which also generate increases in sales. Through a process of continuous testing and making continuous improvements you CAN increase sales!

Are You A Pelican Marketer?
· 1

Watching the pelicans catch fish near my house reminded me of how some online marketers behave. These pelicans fly high over the water where the unknowing fish don’t notice them. The pelicans spot a big fish and dive at high speed into the water. A few seconds later the pelican surfaces and gulps down the fish.

Are Internet Marketing Seminars, Conferences And Workshops Worth The Money?

I just came back from the Internet Marketing Power Workshop and wanted to share the experience with you. Part of the reason I wanted to do this is because I am sure many of you wonder about the real value of all of the workshops, seminars, and conferences you see advertised. I attended as a speaker/instructor, but also because I knew I could, and did, learn a lot from all of the other instructors.

Starting An Internet Business Without A Website

One of the questions I received this week asked about starting an internet-based business without a website. This individual was very new and just wanted to know if it was possible. He wanted to know how to go about getting started. How to choose a product, etc. He wasn’t ready to build a website yet.

Using Autoresponders to Really Accelerate Your Business Growth

At some point early in the growth of every budding cyber business, the owner realizes that his success is – to some extent – limited by how fast he can answer the email. I certainly did. I would get hundreds of requests for free reports I offered, or for price lists. Even using Eudora Pro to filter email on related topics into specific folders I discovered that inevitably an email or two slipped through every day.

How To Get Rich S-l-o-w-l-y

When I was 14 or so, I discovered mailorder and all of it’s get rich quick schemes. I signed up for a program, bought some booklets to sell, got my own bulk mailing permit, created my own ad sheet, placed a few ads, and waited for the money to roll in.

The Winners` Search Engine Strategy

For most websites, the only way you`ll gain any significant long-term traffic is through the search engines. How else will the world discover and decide to investigate your otherwise-unknown website?

Overture – A Can’t Lose Pay-Per-Click Strategy

The absolute quickest surefire way that I know of to get instant website traffic is using pay-per-click search engines. You bid on the search terms of your choice and as soon as your account is set up they start sending traffic your way. I use a variety of pay-per-clicks but Overture is my favorite. Today I’d like to show you how and why I use them.

Connecting One To One

You’re probably in business to make as many sales as practical and build a better life for yourself and loved ones. In order to make those sales you need to reach as many targeted prospects as possible with your message. Yet, your message must get through to your prospects one… at …. a ….. time. It’s individuals that read your message, think about it, and react to it. They react to your message once they connect with you and feel an appropriate emotion based upon the content of your messages. So the real key to your on-line success is connecting with your prospects one-at-a-time or one-to-one.