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Will Dylan is the Author of "Small Business Big Marketing" a powerful e-book for small businesses available through his website www.marketingyoursmallbusiness.com . Will also offers article and news release writing services. You can contact Will at askwill@marketingyoursmallbusiness.com
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So you’ve made a sale. Great!

Google Chase a Worthwhile Endeavor

If you run an on-line business or operate a website in support of your traditional small business, you have probably desired at some time to improve your ranking in search engine results. Wouldn’t we all like to be ranked #1 in Google for a term related to our business?

Is your Business Website Lonely?

Simply having a website is not enough to generate traffic anymore. You must promote your site as much as possible to encourage people to visit your website. It’s similar to throwing a party but forgetting to invite anyone. You can pour the drinks and lay out the nachos, but if nobody knows about the party, you’ll have a pretty lonely evening

3 Tips to Shake up your Sales

It’s no secret that business hasn’t been booming for the last few years. From big corporations to small business owners, companies are feeling the effects of reduced customer spending and a generally soft economy. This is especially tough on small businesses, as they are often run on a shoestring budget which leaves very little room for the cost cutting and expense reductions that corporations implement in times like these.

The Golden Rule of Marketing

As a current small business owner and corporate marketing manager, I have seen marketing from both sides of the fence. The big corporations tend to rely on their buying power and large advertising budgets to convince their potential customers to buy their products, while small business owners tend to be more crafty with their modest marketing budgets, looking for unique opportunities here and there that will enhance their sales efforts. There is one rule, however, that is applicable to both the big guys and the little guys. I call it the Golden Rule of Marketing, and here it is:

It’s the 8th Idea that Counts

Small business owners are constantly in search of new ideas to help build and strengthen their existing businesses. Whether you operate an on-line or off-line (traditional) business, you have probably had the exhilarating feeling of developing what you think is the next great marketing idea or new product for your business, only to have the feeling vanish when the idea turn sour.

3 Tips to Reduce your Advertising Costs

Advertising costs are a bitter pill to swallow for many small businesses. Many businesses rely on advertising to keep customer traffic up, but the cost of a continuous advertising presence can be overwhelming for some small business owners especially in today’s sluggish economy. Here are 3 tips to help you reduce your advertising costs while maintaining your advertising effectiveness.

Want to Keep Your Customers? Sign Them Up for a Service Contract!

With loyalty programs and other customer retention initiatives popping up everywhere these days, many small business owners ask themselves the question “What should I be doing to retain my clients?” Since you don’t have the resources to launch a brand new loyalty program for your business, you may not be able to compete toe-to-toe with the expensive loyalty programs offered by large companies to draw customers in and keep them, such as “AirMiles” programs. However, there is one thing you can do. Sign your customers up for life today using Service Contracts.

Share Marketing Costs, Boost Profits

The challenges of the small business owner are well documented. They must battle for market share against larger competitors, run all aspects of their business, and even pay higher rates for advertising and other marketing related expenses. Small businesses generally do not qualify for volume discounts when it comes to buying advertising space or marketing materials, and thus they end up paying higher rates for the same ad space or marketing materials purchased by their corporate counterparts.

4 Steps to Writing a Powerful E-zine Article

We’ve all heard the buzz that getting e-zine articles published is a highly effective, low cost method of promoting your on-line venture. While it is true that useful, intelligent articles can position you as an expert on your chosen topic and promote your website, it is quickly becoming a crowded marketplace. Just as websites began popping up like weeds a few years ago, e-zine articles are now being produced by the hundreds on a daily basis. It is no longer enough to simply write an article and wait for a publisher to come along and publish it. You need to write articles that publishers will be interested in using. Here are some tips to help create the next great e-zine article: