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Work On Your Business Instead Of Being A Slave To It

Is your business consuming you, taking up all of your time, thoughts and energy? Do you want more success in your business? Do you think you’ll have to work harder to get it? Your business doesn’t have to be like this. You can choose to change and start working smarter. Now, you’ve probably heard people bandy around expressions such as ‘work smarter’ but although it sounds good, does it actually mean anything? Well, I’m sure there are many people who say they’re working smarter, but are they really implementing the strategy or are they just paying lip-service to the idea?

Learn From More Than Just Your Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes. You’ve probably heard this many times before and it’s very good advice. What about the times when you’re not making mistakes or you’re not aware of any but, as we know, there are always things to learn? Sometimes mistakes don’t show up until we decide there’s been a failure.

Move Your Business Ahead With Clarity and Inspired Action

What has happened to your inspiration and excitement for growing and developing your business? Is there a strong urge every single day or are there times when you feel frustrated? Most business owners are likely to feel frustrated at times and this may come from many different sources. Perhaps there are times when you lack the necessary information, the ideas aren’t flowing or you’ve got too bogged down in the detail. But what about the times when you’ve got lots of ideas and useful information, yet still feel frustrated with your lack of progress? In some respects this seems worse because you have so much right at your fingertips.

Implement Your Ideas And Insights To Grow Your Business

Growing your business means doing more and more, and working harder and harder, doesn’t it? Well, certainly the “doing” and the “taking actions” are critical elements. Without action being taken, your business will get nowhere fast. There are also times when you need to stop taking action, sit back and do nothing.

Design Your Business The Way You Want

Whether you’re starting a new business or developing an existing one, if you want to build it up, first you need to design it. This design should not only attract success but ‘fit’ for you personally. Instead of moulding yourself to fit your business and conform to a particular way of doing business, you can design your business so that it is unique to you.

Identify Your Uniqueness To Attract Success

To get ahead and win this game we call life, you need to know what is unique about you. As individuals we’re all unique and when you’re able to identify and tap into this fully, instead of struggling, you’ll attract the success you want.

Focus on What’s Great About Your Use of Time

Focus on What’s Great About Your Use of Time

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? If so, you need to spend your time more effectively. So, where do you start? You need to ask yourself, what is an effective use of your time? What time management system are you going to follow? Well, as time can’t be managed, you need to focus on managing yourself. This will enable you to free up time for what you want.

Overcome Your Doubts With Action

Experiencing doubts about yourself, be it your ability or credibility, fuels your fears of not being good enough. Fear is the number one enemy that stops most people in their tracks. Having doubts about yourself is a normal part of being human, but it’s what you do about these doubts that really counts. Most people doubt themselves sometimes. Some people have a lot of doubt and others only experience it occasionally. Most people who meet me say they would be surprised if I ever doubted myself, yet I know there are times when I do just that.

7 Lessons For Your Life and Business From Wimbledon

There are immense similarities between peak performance in sport, and what it takes to perform well in your life and business. The sports arena offers great opportunities to learn more about playing successfully in life and business. As I watched the recent tennis at Wimbledon it struck me that there were strengths and characteristics in the players that are necessary for us all in order to perform at our absolute best. If you want the best performance, either in your personal life, your career or your business, here are the 7 key things you need and which I observed in the tennis players.

Wishing For More Time Gets You Nowhere

Do you find yourself wishing you had more time? Do you hope that one day things will be different and you’ll have all the time you want? It’s very easy to say this, but the acid test is whether you’re willing to do something about it. Wishing and hoping are passive and don’t move you towards what you say you want. Action is what’s required if you’re really committed to spending your time in the way you choose.

Have You Got Time For Planning?

You know that planning is essential both for success and effective use of your time. But what if you don’t think you have the time to plan in the first place? It’s a catch 22. You need to have the time to plan because such preparation would free up more of your time.

Get Started Now And Use Your Time Effectively

Using your time effectively requires you to manage yourself, not time itself. One of the steps is to continually evaluate what’s working well for you and do more of it.

Take Effective Actions to Solve a Problem

There are going to be times when you experience problems either in your personal or professional life. They may be few and far between or occur more often. You can choose whether to see these as problems that keep you stuck or opportunities for growth that you respond to. The opportunity for growth comes from being willing to apply a formula that brings about a solution. A formula that can be applied to many different situations.

Set Yourself Up To Be Successfully Focused

Being focused and successful requires structure, a supportive framework. It’s similar to the poles which successfully hold up the canvas of a tent. Without the required poles there wouldn’t be enough structure to successfully create the tent. You too need to put in place sufficient structure to support your goals and dreams.

Take A Reality Check On Time

You have more than enough time for the things you’ve chosen to focus on, haven’t you? Perhaps your focus is on your personal life, your career, being a leader, developing your business or whatever is important to you. If your use of time doesn’t reflect these focused activities, the route to achieving personal success will be a long one.

Be Focused in Every Moment

When we talk of getting focused this means specifically to see what captures our undivided time, attention and energy. Choosing what you’re going to focus on overall imparts clarity. Does this mean you’re only going to focus on these specific things? Not at all.

Handle Your Distractions to Keep Focused

You’ve chosen to be more focused, you’ve discovered what you want to focus on, and you know what you need to do to maintain that focus.* So that’s it, job done; you’re totally focused. Well that may be true for the moment, but there are still distractions which may get in the way.

Bring Your Dream, Vision or Theme to Life

What do you do on a daily basis to you bring your dream, vision or theme* to life? One way is to spend time visualizing it. This gives you the opportunity to keep your dream, vision or theme alive; it allows you to be in the moment with it and the next step to unfold naturally.

Keep Yourself Focused for Longer

Being focused is powerful and attracts success. For many people their focus only lasts a short while before slipping away. When you’re clear about what you want to focus on*, the next step is to keep that focus. Do whatever it takes to maintain it.

The Power of Focus

What one thing is often missing for many people who want to be successful? The typical entrepreneurial spirit of having many ideas, projects and things to do are often there in abundance. Perhaps you see many opportunities and possibilities. However, the tendency is to spread yourself too thin and ‘try’ to do everything. This often results in you not achieving what you say you want.

Develop a Theme That Inspires You

As the New Year begins, it’s inevitable that your thoughts turn to the changes you want to make or the things you want to achieve this year. You may have thought about New Years’ Resolutions, even though you know they generally don’t work. A New Year is like a clean sheet of paper, ready to start afresh. So if setting New Year Resolutions doesn’t work, what does it take for you to focus on what’s important to you? The first step is to have a clear idea of this year’s aims. An effective way is to set intentions for yourself to bring about what’s most important to you. Then condense these aims into a “theme” for the year.

I Don’t Need A Coach To Help Me!

I became caught up in the excitement of deciding to train as a coach and so went along with the recommendation I should start working with a coach myself. A minimum of 3 months was suggested and that was fine because I was determined that I didn’t need coaching anyway. The 3 months would prove this to me and anyone else who claimed that working with a coach would be beneficial. When I’m determined it’s usually very difficult to move me because I can be very head strong. My life was perfect, so all we would work on was my training as a coach and the building of my coaching business.

Work Effectively In An Inspiring Environment

Are there times when you know you could be more effective and productive? Do you want to feel more excited, enthusiastic and inspired? Your environment plays a big part in this and discovering an inspiring environment is a worthwhile investment in yourself and the people you work with.

Grow Your Business By Being Visible

What stands in the way of growing your business? The usual response is to do with external factors and things that are beyond your control, such as the economy and lack of buyers. This may be true to a degree and yet often what is required to grow a business is for you to grow as a person. You can continue to look outside of your business for the reasons that stop it growing or you can look inside your business and to yourself to see what it would take to make it grow.