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Press Releases: Getting Media Coverage

Press releases are a powerful tool for any online or offline business. Your blog, website, or any online business promotional efforts, can be multiplied many times over by being the topic of a news story.

Blog Promotion: Message Boards and Forums
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Almost everyone is searching for ways to promote and market their blogs. I’m sure you are no exception.

Relationship Marketing: Business Blogs Are The Key
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Relationship marketing. You’ve often heard the term used, but were never really certain what it meant.

Non-Profits Can Profit From Blogs

Blogs are a powerful addition to any non-profit organization’s marketing and public relations effort.

Google PageRank FAQs
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Google PageRank (one word) is Google’s measure of the relative importance of a web page on the internet. The numbers rank from 0 to 10.

Cavalcade of Canucks at My Blahg

The showcase of Canadian blogs known as the Cavalcade of Canucks is up and ready for reading.

Google Penalties: Getting Them Removed
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Jane stared at the computer screen with a mixture of disbelief and horror. Her website had disappeared from the Google listings, and her Google toolbar showed a grey line. After thinking back for a moment, Jane remembered what might have incurred Google’s wrath. Her fly by night alleged search engine optimization (SEO) expert had added violated Google’s webmaster guidelines, and used her site to do it. The doorway pages, cloaked sections, and hidden text, he had assured her, would give her site much higher search rankings than ever before.

Marketing Is Hearing What Your Customers Say

Good marketing means careful listening. Great listeners, who hear what their customers say, make more sales. All too often we hear sales and marketing professionals talking about giving the perfect sales presentation.

Blog SEO Power Continues To Grow

Business world. That two word phrase, when entered into the Google search interface box, gives back 461 million returns.

Creating a Best of Blog Archive

Blog archives are a standard feature of every blogging platform. They can also be used to attract and maintain new and returning visitor traffic to your blog.

Links: Your questions answered
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What are links?

Links are the pathways created by website owners that lead from one website to another. The internet was built on this series of interconnections between sites. Links are seen on virtually every page on the internet, ready to be clicked by the mouse, and send the internet surfer to another page either on the same site, or to a different website entirely.

Google’s fresh link filter discussion on SEO Radio
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Google’s alleged fresh link filter is on the minds of many website owners and search engine optimization professionals. If indeed, Google is filtering new links into web pages, and not providing full link popularity transfer, then SEO is a whole new ballgame.

Mission statements and why do you blog

Mission statements. They are usually the feel good creations of endless committees and countless meetings. The wording is discussed and talked over innumerable times.

Google’s New Link Filter

New incoming links are much sought after by every website owner and blogger. It’s generally agreed that having abundant relevant incoming links provide a boost to a site’s search rankings. Conventional search engine optimization wisdom, coupled with experience with incoming link power, would seem to bear out that fact.

Press Release Seminar: Mick Jolly of PRWeb

Press releases and how they can help your business are the topic of the next Duct Tape Marketing teleseminar on Local Online Marketing to be held on Wednesday, April 6.

Blogger Jeremy Wright Needs A Job

He is very short of cash, and has many unforseen bills and expenses that he is unable to pay. Following his very well publicized non-admittance into the United States, on a business trip that would have helped both his company and his American client, Jeremy is needing a job.

Blog Posting Frequency and Other Dilemmas

Blog posting frequency is a question, that faces and confounds every blog writer, from time to time. Occasionally, more often than that…

Corporate Blogging Guidelines
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Corporate blogging guidelines are fast becoming a staple (pun intended) of many company employee handbooks.

SEO Blog Power: Spread The Word
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More and more online businesses and internet marketing companies are finding out the business blog secret.

SEO Blog Power Revisited

Blogs are still a mystery to many people. When hearing about blogs, many people still equate them with personal online diaries, or the high profile political blogs.

Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches

They are truly search engine optimization powerhouses. Before your eyes glaze over, and you start to yawn, keep in mind that many of your brand new blog visitor traffic arrives from search engines.

How To Destroy Your Blog

There are several ways that you can destroy your own blog. It might be a slow and gradual demise; or perhaps sudden and decisive.

Articles Build Blog Readership

Writing internet articles is a powerful way to add visitor traffic to your blog.

Blog Awards for the Underappreciated

More blogging awards are on the way.