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Google Hub Sites: A Blog Goal
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Turn your blog into a high powered Google Hub Site. Building your blog into what is called a Hub Site is not something that occurs to many bloggers.

Blog and Website Visitor Traffic: Finding Offline Sources

Everyone wants more website blog visitor traffic. You have probably already tried many ideas for gaining new readers through internet promotions …

SEO tips for blogs hosted on Blogger
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Blogs are the fastest growing class of websites on the internet. No longer the sole domain of teenagers and the love lorn, blogs are now an established form of internet communication.

Small Business Blogs: Where Are They?

This is the question posed by my good friend Anita Campbell writing on regarding business blogs for small companies.

Hurricane Katrina assistance: Blog for Relief today

Hurricane Katrina has devestated New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast region with her fury. Bloggers can help and do our part.

SEO Business: Real World Marketing

SEO as search engine optimization is commonly called, is my main business. My blog provides information, and helps others to succeed. That is the purpose of the blog.

Relationship Marketing: Business Blog Style

Relationship marketing. You’ve often heard the term used, but were never really certain what it meant. It does sound kind of touchy feely, doesn’t it…

Business Blogs: Spread The Word

Business blogs are powerful tools for any business to adopt. Whether the company is a traditional bricks and mortar business, an online business venture, or both, a business blog can pay huge dividends for any business bottom line.

Blogging Goals: Thinking About Reasons

Thinking about blogging. Talk about an obvious choice of topic; but then again, it’s not really something many of us think about at all. We just do it.

Small Business: Entrepreneurs Lead The Way

When you think about it, small business entrepreneurs hire themselves. Now that’s efficient job creation. I’d like to see some convoluted government make work project match that one.

An SEO Client Adds Blog Component

A business blog component as part of every online business is one of my main SEO recommondations. Because of the search engine power of business blogs, it’s a natural addition for every website.

Bloggers: Speakers As Well As Writers

Bloggers should add speaking engagements to their already growing repetoire of skills….

Crawling Webs With Search Engine Spiders

When it comes to discussing search engine spiders, this is no time to succumb to feelings of terror. These are not the eight legged variety.

Blogging Software Compared
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Blogging software platforms. Which blogging tool to choose is a dilemma faced my many new bloggers.

Seek The Facts: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Business people often have a blind spot when examining their own companies. Because of the emotional and personal involvement with the organization problems are often ignored, deliberately downplayed, or even refused entry into the office or boardroom door.

Blog Ping Services: Free And Paid
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Pinging your latest blog entry is something every blogger should do immediately after posting. You say you don’t know what pinging is all about, and didn’t know who to ask? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. Let’s talk blog pinging.

Carnival of the Capitalists at CaseySoftware.com

This week sees a software touch for the travelling business show, recognized by one and all as Carnival of the Capitalists makes a visit to the CaseySoftware.com.

Podcasting: Some advice from Jim Logan

Podcasting advice? Well, if we need the information, we need to go to the experts. Right? Podcasting is definitely worth knowing about if you are a serious blogger and business person.

Magnetic Marketing: Getting Clients to Come to You!

Are you tired of confusing marketing advice and promotional strategies that never live up to your expectations? Whether you are just starting out or a grizzled veteran, the balancing act of doing your work and finding the time to marketing your
services can be a daunting chore!

Podcasts Market Books

Podcasts can help authors promote and sell books. I have already written about how podcasts can be developed into a large scale internet radio station. Bloggers can provide the content via podcast and the station can be far more wide ranging than simply the blogging audience.

Reviews: Build Traffic and Reputation

Writing book reviews, product reviews, and reviews of other blogs is one way to increase your visitor traffic level. Reviews are also a powerful technique to enhance your reputation as a blogger.

Blogs, Links, and SEO

Blogs and links are the perfect couple. Of course, everyone knows that. You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic or some SEO techie type to figure that one out.

Better writing through blogging

Blogging improves your writing skills…Better writing ability, and an enhanced ability to express yourself in print, is a rarely thought about benefit of blogging.

Blog Business Summit August 17 – 19 San Francisco, CA

The annual Blog Business Summit is scheduled for August 17 – 19 2005 in San Francisco, California, USA.