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Business Blogs: Old School Marketers Take Note

Not everyone is keen on starting and maintaining a business blog. They are not at the top of everyone’s business or marketing plan. While that might arrive as a shock to most of you; it’s true.

Sales Techniques: Create Sense of Urgency

Sales representatives are always told, and often in not so subtle terms, to create a sense of urgency in their prospects.

Blogging Builds Self Esteem

Blogging builds self esteem.

Football to Business: People are Everything

The great NFL football coach Bum Phillips allegedly said of legendary Miami Dolphins Head Coach Don Shula (pictured below) that, “He could take his’n and beat your’n; or take your’n and beat his’n.”

Global Business Opportunities

Globalization, outsourcing, and offshoring are very much in the news these days.

Interior Website Pages Sell

Many website owners don’t spend much time thinking about where their visitors enter their site. They usually want to see their traffic arrive through the website’s home page.

Customer Service Blogs: Communication is key

Customer service blogs are one of the most powerful types of business blogs, for keeping open the lines of communication, between company and customer.

Business ethics: Don’t compromise your principles

Business ethics are one of those topics that receives much discussion, but sadly, not always enough action.

Blogs and Connections: Process and Goal Setting

Blogs are about creating and nurturing conversations, that lead to making connections, that in turn lead to business or personal relationships.

Fan Letters: Are They for Bloggers Too?

Authors, newspaper and magazine writers, and columnists of all types receive fan mail.

Business blogs: Fad or long term communications tool

Business blogs are often referred to as being a fad. You know the line. It usually includes terms like “fad”, “personal diary”, “self important”, and of course “waste of time and resources”.

Link bait: SEO with Linky Love

Does your blog provide link bait?

Blog Evolution: Managing Change in Blog Focus

Blogs evolve over time. They change even when we aren’t thinking they are changing in any way.

Business at a Crossroads: Growth or Status Quo

Mary found her successful business at a major crossroads.

Blog Post Ideas: The Link Roundup

Blog posting ideas present an ongoing challenge for even the most experienced and creative bloggers.

Blog posting time: When work gets in the way
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We’ve all had times when the pressures of earning a living, working on a pet project and hobby, or taking some much needed family time encroach on our blog posting time.

Business Problems: Seek Them Out

Business problems are everywhere. Your company has difficulties that crop up almost on a daily business. You are not alone.

Blogger Editorial Calendar is Here

If you are like most bloggers, you often discover that finding time to blog can be an issue.

Title Tags: SEO by any other name
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Title tags are SEO through name calling.

Sports Marketing Vice-President Shares Ideas

Laurel Lindsay is the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team Vice-President of Consumer Marketing.

Testing Blog Awareness: Ask Other People

Blog awareness is, as expected, highest among bloggers themselves.

Blogging Your Moods: What a Feeling

Bloggers experience many moods, just like anyone else. Well, that’s not especially profound.

Marketing Plans and Goals: Website Essentials

Every website needs a promotional and marketing plan to ensure that the goals and objectives of the business’s website are achieved.

Blog Evolution Meets Intelligent Design

Okay, so this post title was a little bit over the top.