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SEO for the MSN Search Engine
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The giant Microsoft Corporation has made some inroads the search engine fray since the launch of its new MSN search engine.

Helping Bloggers: Donations and Sponsorships

Blog donation buttons are seen all over the blogosphere. No one really knows if those ubquitous click to donate buttons result in any real revenue for the blogger.

Going Public: PR Blogging Through Disaster

Disaster can strike a business at any time. Despite an entrepreneur’s careful plans to handle any possible emergency, life has a way of throwing the odd curveball.

SEO Ethics and Practices: A Guide
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Search engine optimization (SEO) ethics are often discussed, but rarely defined in any meaningful ways. Website owners often hear about the so-called “white hat” and “black hat” SEO professionals. A few webmasters are even aware of some undefined “grey hat” SEO techniques, and their practitioners as well.

Internal Blog Links: SEO Help From Your Blog’s Past

High search engine rankings are important to most bloggers and website owners. To achieve those page one search placements, a combination of interesting and informative content along with many links to your blog are needed.

SEO advice: Hire the best

Inaccurate and unreliable search engine optimization (SEO) advice is available with alarming regularity, it seems. You can find it almost everywhere you look on the internet.

Overcoming Groupthink: Invite Creative Ideas

You are probably familiar with the concept of groupthink. It’s where all members of a meeting, a task force, or even an entire company hold the same opinion on a topic.

Marketing and Promoting Through Media Interviews

If you are like most business people, you are constantly seeking new and different ways to promote and market your website.

E-mail Newsletters: Inbox Marketing Power

Your e-mail inbox probably receives several of them each day. Some you open and read, while others are deleted, without a second thought.

Motivate and Inform Your Staff

Staff motivation is both a science and an art. I like platitudes like that one that don’t mean very much unless you look at them more deeply.

Contrarian Thinking: Don’t Follow the Herd

People tend to follow the crowd. From fear of being left behind in business and social circles, many business people follow the latest management fads.

Business leadership: Crisis management

Daily frustration is something all business people must learn to live with as part of the price of entrepreneurship.

Unique Selling Proposition: USP for Success

Business management is a topic that receives books and lecture circuits worth of discussion.

Sales Mistakes to avoid: Jack Yoest Speaks Out

Business blogger Jack Yoest of Yoest.org is guest blogging over at my good friend Anita Campbell’s independent business industry leading blog and Forbes Favorite in Best of the Web in 2005 Small Business Trends.

Business Ethics: Change the World

All too often we hear people say that business is evil and a major cause of the many problems of society.

Relationship Marketing: Keeping the Faith

Relationship marketing and relationship building with blogs has long been considered a major reason for starting and maintaining a business blog.

Business Cash Flow: New Revenue Sources
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Business income is important to all entrepreneurs, whether new to small business or along time independent business owners.

Blogging Connections: Real Life Meetings

Blogs are connection and relationship builders. We are all aware of the blog potential for creating and nurtuting online relationships.

Customer Referrals: Viral Marketing Goes Old School

Getting referral business and new customers, through recommendations by satisfied customers and clients, is a dream of most business owners and managers.

SEO for Non-profit Organization Blogs

Blogs are an SEO powerhouse for a non-profit organization and its various programs and events.

Business Plans: Disaster Planning

Business plans are a must for any entrepreneurial venture. Every new and existing company should have one.

Entrepreneurs: Community Leadership

Small business is the backbone of the economy. Small businesses hire the vast majority of new employees. Independent businesses are leaders in their community as well.

Business Management: Honesty as a Policy

Business people often have a blind spot when examining their own companies.

Business Mentors: Sharing Knowledge

Everyone possesses some valuable skills and knowledge in one or more aspects of life. You certainly know many things that are unique from your own life and working experience.