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Revisiting Spilled Milk Management

Spilled milk management is the mindset among many managers and business owners of failing to move beyond a business problem.

Telling a Story as a Blog Post Idea

Blog topic ideas are often difficult to find, even for the most experienced and prolific bloggers. The careful blog owner always has a few post ideas and possible topics written down, or even stored on a set of index cards. Some bloggers may even have their ideas categorized in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, not all bloggers are that well organized.

Problem Customers: Fire Them

Problem customers and clients plague every business large and small. You know who they are after they show their true nature.

Staff Problems: Ending Employee Disputes

Problems between people happen everywhere in your life. Whether at the grocery checkout line, during public events, within families, or at your place of business.

Blogging Gifts: Links to Bloggers

Blog links are important SEO search engine optimization ranking boosters that bloggers provide freely to others.

Customer service: Company Culture Change

Customer service is an important aspect of any business. Without customers to purchase the business’s products and services, the company cash flow dries up faster than a rain shower in the Sahara.

Bloggers as Speakers: Talking Business

Bloggers should add speaking engagements to their already growing repetoire of skills. There is no better way to develop a national and international reputation as an expert than sharing your knowledge through the various print and broadcast media.

Blog Reviews: Sharing Other Blogs

Blog reviews have enormous potential as blog posting ideas. Book reviews are already a popular topic for bloggers. Reading and writing about books and authors is a mainstream, and widely accepted blog posting idea.

New Challenges: Widening Your Horizons

Many people feel that they might be stuck in the same old rut. Changes to their lives are few and far between.

Building a creative company: Embrace new ideas

A creative company is a must in today’s highly competitive business environment. To build that innovative business, it takes courage on the part of management.

Group blogs: There is no “I” in Team

Group blogs are always an intriguing topic. At least they are to me. They should be of interest to you because they are a growing phenomenon in the blogosphere.

Leaving a Job: Exit Interview Advice

Leaving a job is often a very difficult and traumatic period in a person’s life. In fact, many people are simply devestated by the loss of employment, regardless of the reason for the termination.

Followup Blog Posts: Updating the Past

Followup blog posts are an often overlooked way to develop an idea further, provide more information on an older post, and to develop a posting series.

Professional Blogging: Effective Outsourcing
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Professional blogging, as a paid writer for other blogs, has a very bright future. Writing blog posts for other blogs is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Blogiversary Celebration Ideas

Blogs have birthdays. Or is it blogs have anniversaries? In any case, blogiversaries are a rapidly growing phenomenon on the internet.

Independent Business: Changing Your Focus

Independent business and entrepreneurship are hallmarks of the new breed of business in the New Millenium.

Blog Awareness: Public Perception of Blogs

Blog awareness is, as expected, highest among bloggers themselves. Members of the blogging community tend to not only write their own blogs, but read other blogs, as well as link to blog after blog.

Blogging Support: No Longer Alone

You are the only one… You’ve probably had someone tell you those very words, or ones very much like them.

Blog Topics: Widening the Search Engine Net

Blog topics are always a popular posting item. After all, most bloggers are short on posting ideas from time to time.

Blog Posting Ideas: Seeking the Throwaway

Blog posting ideas, or the lack thereof, are a constant source of anxiety for many bloggers.

Blog Out: When Blogging Becomes a Chore

Blog out might not be the proper blogspeak term, but everyone who has blogged for at least three months understands the phenomenon.

Employee Motivation: Build Trust and Respect

Employee and staff motivation is an often discussed topic. The opinions about how to get employees working range from hard driving close supervison to hands off and let the people create on their own. Most business owners and managers fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

Case Studies: Blogging Real World Business

Case studies are widely used in business and the academic communities as a teaching tool.

Blog Visitors: How Long Must You Wait?

For most new bloggers, starting a blog is fraught with concerns.