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How To Avoid Employee Disaster


Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

Feeling empowered personally is important to everyone. No one wants to think their opinions, ideas, and contributions have little value to their employer. Unfortunately, too many people feel their workplace doesn’t provide them with recognition or sufficient opportunities for personal growth. Too many employees sense they lack empowerment on the job.

Solving the Work Overload Time Problem

Work overload, and the accompanying stress of not having enough hours in the day, is a major problem for many business owners and managers. Not only is the issue of feeling snowed under by too much work an issue for entrepreneurs and exectives, it’s getting worse. Some business people are left to dream of adding magical hours to their clocks as a last resort.

Missing the Point: Blog Post Themes

It happens to all writers at one time or another. It may be an occupational hazard that occurs when fingers tap keyboards. A reader will misunderstand the point of your blog post. There may even be issue taken with a very obscure part of the article. Instead of debate taking place over the main theme of the column, some obscure section may find itself the topic of various interpretations.

PR Blogging: When Disaster Strikes

Disaster can strike a business at any time. Despite an entrepreneur’s careful plans to handle any possible emergency, life has a way of throwing the odd curveball. Sometimes those major issues feel like a hailstorm, and it’s landing right on your head. Of course, that’s only the beginning.

Values: From the General Store to the Internet

Relationship marketing and relationship building with blogs has long been considered a major reason for starting and maintaining a business blog.

Business Mistakes and Admitting Errors

Making mistakes is part of operating a business. All companies, and all owners, managers, and other staff members make errors.

Standing Out in Business Management

Business management is a topic that receives entire books and lecture circuits worth of discussion.

Blog Resolutions

It seems that everyone is creating their usual New Years Resolutions list. Bloggers are no exceptions, and you will find resolutions and predictions for 2007 everywhere on the internet.

Customer Evangelists – Referral Rusiness

Getting referral business and new customers, through recommendations by satisfied customers and clients, is a dream of most business owners and managers.

Ask for Feedback on Business Plans
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Entrepreneurs create new business ideas at a tremendous rate. Development of new products and services is one area at which many entrepreneurs are at their best.

Business Problem Prevention

Business people often have a blind spot when examining their own companies.

Fair Treatment is Good Business

Business ethics deserve much more attention than they usually receive in operating a company.

SEO for Misspelled Words

Optimizing a website for misspelled words is often recommended by many people within the search engine optimization SEO community.

Posts that Share with Others – Link Roundups

Blog posting ideas present an ongoing challenge for even the most experienced and creative bloggers.

Does Your Blog Provide Link Bait?

You may have heard the term link bait discussed in search engine optimization circles. In SEO speak, link bait is content that attracts natural incoming links from other blogs and websites.

Marketing and the Right Person Myth

Marketing requires much more than just wishful thinking. While that statement might sound like the obvious, upon reflection, it’s a more ubiquitous concept than we might think.

False Encouragement and Business Startups

Business people often need encouragement in their startup business phase. Getting that fledgling company ready to fly on its journey to success is a challenging and often lonely journey.

Entrepreneur Peer Support
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Over the years, many entrepreneurs have told me about one problem they found very difficult to solve.

Entrepreneurial Growth Opportunity

Only 13% of owners and managers read blogs relating to their business and fewer than one in ten maintain blogs for their business (7%).

Blog introductions

Bloggers know many people. Not only are bloggers on a first name basis with other bloggers who share their interests, but the blog itself has helped to create a wider network of personal contacts. Networking is just one more blog benefit. Bloggers know bloggers.

Blog Messages Are Magical

Do you believe in magic?

Choosing the Right Words in Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords can help give a website a huge boost in visitor traffic. Webmasters who choose the wrong keywords to target often end up with less than desired numbers of visitors.

The Resurgence of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has made a resurgence, in recent years, as a viable career option for many people.