About Wally Klatch

Wally Klatch has over 25 years experience in industry both as a management consultant with global and regional consulting firms and in executive positions of production and distribution firms. His primary focus is on the application of innovative techniques and technologies to manufacturing and distribution environments, both within companies and throughout the supply stream. His book Supply Chain for Liquids: Out-of-the-Box Approaches to Liquid Logistics is being published as part of the St. Lucie Press Series on Resource Management. Klatch received his MBA degree from Purdue University and may be reached at Operations@SupplyChainForLiquids.com .

RFID: Ready For Industry Deployment or Rosy Fantasy In Disguise

Judging by the amount of ink, either real or virtual, that has been used to write about RFID you would think it is the most widespread, the most useful, the most all-curing logistics remedy that can be found – the business-technology version of patent medicine. One carnival barker after another proclaims its many wondrous benefits wrapped in snappy high-tech verbiage.

Dont You Like the Other Logistics Approach?

The lose-no-matter-what-you-do predicament occurs in business as it does in domestic life. The joke about the fellow whose wife bought him two ties, and when he came down the stairs wearing one of them got caught with the question, “What’s the matter – don’t you like the other one?” rings familiar. Especially in the world of logistics, where fads in methods come and go seemingly according to consultants’ need to drum up new business, it’s hard to know which logistics method is best and when you’re better off staying put rather than moving from one to another.