About W. L. Wilder

W. L. Wilder is the owner and founder of Critical Thinking (http://www.thinkingcritically.net), a website analyst company that researches user habits to make website marketing more profitable.
Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Website

A professional website is, above all else, professional. What constitutes professional though? This question has been asked by many, and the answers are as varied as those asking the question. There are at least a hundred or more possible aspects to consider, some consisting of parts of others, such as demographics and content. Each factor has its own affect on how customers perceive a website.

Demographics : Who are you selling to?

You have a great product, fantastic website, financial backing, and the undeniable urge to succeed, but you are not making any money through your website. Why? The answer is you haven’t directed your product to the people who are looking to buy it.

A Rainy Day Of Rainbows: Colors And Website Design

There’s more to websites than just images and text. A website is a marketing tool, representing the company, owner, employees and products. Beyond that, it is a personality. A website is a personality? Yes. It portrays a positive or negative symbolism and/or emotion.