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How to use C# Constructors

Why Constructors?

Initialization of values of different variables is critical in any application development. C# does initialize simple data-types to default values as per the language specification in the .Net framework, but for classes that are user specific, it is obvious that you would be the only one who can decide what is an ideal default value. The means of achieving this is Constructors. There is also a perception that constructors can only be used beyond initialization, which is true to some extent. We will examine them in the following sections.

How To Use Caching In ASP.NET

In this article one will learn about concepts, advantages, types of caching and about implementation of caching in Asp.Net applications. The code also serves as an example of using inline coding, creating user controls, trace mechanism, etc.

Creating Setup and Deployment Projects in VS.NET
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This step-by-step tutorial guides you how to create a setup and deployment project using Visual Studio .NET to build a setup of your applications.

Even before we could get into the VS.NET mode of creating setups we will have a quick introduction on the need of automated setups.