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Cleaning up Your Inputs in PHP

Cleaning up your inputs from $_POST, $GET and $_REQUEST is an important task if you’re looking at security of your PHP applications.

Backing Up And Restoring Your MySQL Database

If you’ve been using MySQL database to store your important data, it is imperative that you make a backup of your data to prevent any loss of data. This article shows you how to backup and restore data in your MySQL database. This process can also be used if you have to move your data to a new server.

Coding a Simple Guestbook Using PHP and MySQL
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This is a short article which shows you how to make a simple guestbook by capturing the visitor’s input and storing the data in a database using PHP. You’ll need to know a bit of HTML, PHP and MySQL in order to do the task. For a guestbook to work, we’ll need to create 3 pages.

Redirecting a Page Using PHP
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Redirecting a page in PHP is an easy task. You can use the PHP Header method to redirect a visitor to a new page. The header() method is used to send HTTP headers back to the browser. The headers can be sent back to the browser only if there’s no content or error messages shown in the page.

Automating Tasks in Linux using Cron

Linux has a powerful task scheduler called Cron. Cron will allow you to run commands automatically at times specified by you. Cron is similar to the task scheduler you find in Windows. To keep track of the schedules and tasks it has to run, Cron requires a file called Crontab (CRON TABle). All the Cron schedules and tasks should be stored in this table. The Crontab files cannot be directly edited. You can add or delete entries in the crontab file using the crontab command.