About Trinity Security Services

Trinity Security Services (Trinity) is a leading independent information security solutions and services provider. Customers include a range of FTSE 250 customers across UK and Europe

Trinity provides its customers with market leading expertise, delivering solutions ranging from the technical such as IDS, VPN and E-commerce, to strategic services including security policy and procedure development.
Incidence Response Programme

As the reliance of businesses on their information assets continue to grow so will the number of computer/security incidents. In the protection of their informational assets, most business’s will perform the following functions:

Is BS7799 For You?

BS7799 is the UK national standard for best practice in information security derived from the International Standard ISO/IEC 17799:2000. This standard comes in two parts and replaces BS 7799-1:1999 which has now been withdrawn.

Incidence Response Teams

A major part of any organisations IRP is the team that is responsible for handling the incidents using the process and method outlined in section 1.2.1. Whilst it is strongly recommended that every organisation should have an IRP in place, this is not necessarily the case with an incidence response team. However, each organisation should have an individual such as the corporate security officer who is responsible for the IRP of the organisation.

BS7799 Compliancy and Certification

What is Compliancy?

Compliancy with BS7799 requires an organisation to have implemented and documented their Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with the control objectives set out in the BS7799-1:2000 documentation.

What are the Benefits of an IRP?

The major benefit in an organisation for having an IRP is that of damage limitation. In the event that an incident should occur within an organisation that has an IRP in place, the damage and the ensuing financial loss that is incurred due to this incident will be minimised. Other benefits include:

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) the Insecure Solution

Many organisations have deployed VPN’s as a quick win solution and have suffered as a result of not implementing a full solution. Trinity Security Services’ Consultants have worked with a wide array of customers to solve security issues as a result of hastily rolled out VPN solutions.

The Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are a significant threat to the availability of any company’s networks and systems. In the last 18 months, the press has reported many high profile DDOS attacks costing the victims many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

IDS-Can you afford not to have one?

Everyone has an opinion as to the longevity of this type of technology, its validity and its capabilities as a security tool. Most security professionals will agree that an IDS cannot be used as your only form of defence. If an IDS is deployed in the correct manner, that is as part of an overall security program, with the correct processes and procedures in place governing operation maintenance and incident handling, can an organisation afford to be without one?