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Trevor Bauknight is a web designer and writer with over 15 years of experience on the Internet. He specializes in the creation and maintenance of business and personal identity online and can be reached at trevor@tryid.com. Stop by http://www.cafeid.com for a free tryout of the revolutionary SiteBuildingSystem and check out our Flash-based website and IMAP e-mail hosting solutions, complete with live support.
Style and Substance in Flash 8

Because a large portion of our Web application user interface is done in Flash, we here at Cafe ID (http://www.cafeid.com) took special interest in Monday’s official announcement of Flash 8 by Macromedia.

PassMark’s SiteKey – Answering The Wrong Question

In my article “Spear-Phishing – New Angles On An Old Game” (http://www.cafeid.com/art-spear.shtml), I wrote about a variation on “traditional” e-mail phishing that has proved to be more effective than random casting of stink-bait into a vast pool of random e-mail addresses.

Spear-Phishing – New Angles On An Old Game

It usually doesn’t take long for emerging trends in business IT security to reach the point at which a new name for a given phenomenon is required to set it apart.

Google SiteMaps and You

Last week, we looked (http://www.cafeid.com/art-rss.shtml) at the recent news that Microsoft had decided to embrace RSS in a big way in its upcoming releases of Internet Explorer and Windows “Longhorn” and determined that this was a Good Thing.

Yet Another Subscription Model at Microsoft

At Seattle’s Gnomedex technology conference (http://www.gnomedex.com/), a cutting-edge exploration of emerging Internet technologies like RSS…

Apple And Intel, Sitting In A Tree

For this lifelong Macintosh fanatic, the urge to react to the news that Apple would be making the switch to Intel processors over the course of the next year had to be suppressed for a few weeks.

Cookies and PIE – An Introduction to Flash Security

Web-enabled consumers are tossing their cookies in greater numbers; and although this phenomenon is related to the stomach-churning activities of some Internet marketers and their offerings, it has more to do with taking back control of their Web browsing, and less to do with violent physiological reactions to bad snack food.

Who Do You Want To Be Today? – HP and Microsoft Planning Identity Systems Dominance

Dennis Miller once said that “Bill Gates is a monocle and a Persian cat away from being a bad guy in a James Bond movie.” Last week, Hewlett-Packard announced that it, along with Gates’ Microsoft, is getting set to make a push into yet another market currently dominated by small niche players and Unix-based software platforms — identity management systems at the national level.

Downloaded Firefox? Good. Now Put It To Work For You

So you’ve read the glowing press and you’re sick of the gaping security holes Internet Explorer opens into your personal computer and the personal data it manipulates

Light Up the Web with Flash and a LAMP

When it comes to creating a robust server environment for delivering dynamic content securely and reliably across the Internet, it’s practically impossible to beat the LAMP setup. LAMP is an acronym which represents the combination of Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP which is probably the most common and best-loved collection of server-side technologies on planet Earth.