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When is it Time to Terminate a Troublesome Subordinate?

When is it time to terminate a troublesome subordinate? The moment you believe you’re getting the run around, trust your instincts. It’s time to RAT out an employee when you conclude three work aspects persist as nagging issues.

The ART of Business Operations: Rules, Tools and Glue

Ok, so you’re growing the business but have you paid attention to its infrastructure and the extent to which it can support this growth? In today’s technically dependent work environment attention must be paid to the tools and glue that binds and keeps a business operation functioning efficiently while preventing it from falling apart under the pressure of expansion.

Personal computers have become to the office of today, what hand calculators were thirty years ago, you’ve got to have them. They are the tools for today’s highly efficient operation, permitting team members to organize, communicate, manipulate and produce a number of products efficiently to support the business.