About Tom Richebacher

Tom Richebacher is an information specialist with the EDS Business Intelligence team. His area of expertise is the creation of statistical and financial models based on database services that are used for customer relationship management purposes. He also develops the infrastructure and reporting systems needed for financial, marketing, and operational analysis and information delivery. Contact him at thomas.richebacher@eds.com.
CRM Performance Management

Why finance must create CRM objectives and metrics that will translate back into its traditional framework.

The Art of Customer Profitability Analysis

Without a doubt customer-profitability analysis is a hot topic — especially for companies that embrace customer relationship ideas, because without it interpretations of CRM failures or successes are mere speculation.

Creating CRM-Based Budgeting And Forecasting Models

Budgeting-forecasting models are key diagnostic tools for management to decipher how changes in policies and decisions impact financial performance. Finance typically maintains these models, as their format is attuned to existing accounting systems and data. This natural fit makes it a well-established process that is used in all organizations that plan and evaluate performance via individual product/service categories.
In a CRM environment this process disintegrates. The assumptions and relationships on which conventional financial data sources and analytical methods are built become inadequate, because CRM requires a systems perspective instead of a component perspective.