About Todd Malicoat

Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl made his first horrible looking website full of animated .gifs in 1997, and after fours years of failure and experimentation ended up in the world of SEO and internet marketing in early 2001. He is currently an independent marketing consultant from the SEO school of thought. Todd earned a bachelors of business adminstration from Northwood University in 2003 while running an web design and consulting firm Meta4creations, LLC. Todd is a speaker at both Webmasterworld and Search Engine Strategies conferences.
Rand Cracks Google Algorithm

Rand has a post on the Google algo that’s beautiful in it’s brevity. Don’t miss this one.

Link Developer Training on Link Building Cycle

Better. Stronger. Faster. It’s important to constantly redefine link training techniques. Understand the full value of links. Simplify the link value technique.

How to Valuate a Link

Link valuation is a difficult subject to quantify. Most SEO’s will tell you that coming up with a value of a text link is a “gut feel”, which really doesn’t help much when you are deciding to drop hundreds or thousands per month on a text link ad that doesn’t often show a completely direct correlation with your web site rankings.

Buy, Borrow, Beg, and Barter for Links
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I’ve quoted this before, but it’s worth quoting again (many more time most likely)…