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Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl made his first horrible looking website full of animated .gifs in 1997, and after fours years of failure and experimentation ended up in the world of SEO and internet marketing in early 2001. He is currently an independent marketing consultant from the SEO school of thought. Todd earned a bachelors of business adminstration from Northwood University in 2003 while running an web design and consulting firm Meta4creations, LLC. Todd is a speaker at both Webmasterworld and Search Engine Strategies conferences.
What NOT To Do At An SEO Conference

I love SEO conferences and meetups. I’ve met most of my favorite people on the planet at them. There’s also lots of douchebags, who really don’t get what an incredible community of people it is most of the time. I sat down with Mike McDonald and talked a little bit about what to do, and what not to do at SEO Conferences. I thought I’d do a written version for the things I forgot as well.

The Sick Tools of the Marketing Ninjas

I’ve been procrastinating far too long on this post – and unfortunately, it’s going to come out a bit rushed.

Internet Marketing Ninjas - Internet Marketing Training

There’s No Such Thing as Half way Optimal

Just a quick rant for those who would rather debate than execute and implement.

Quick SES Roundown

Another SES San Jose is in the books, and what a doozy it was. I usually try to do a complete rundown of all the great folks I got to meet and friends I got to spend time with, but life has been a bit hectic, and the blog is the first to be sacrificed to the god of poor time management. As much as I enjoy writing – it just hasn’t been an option for a while now with too many other deadlines and obligations.

How to Own Yourself on the Web

After having a nice recent conversation with Jeff Liebert lately, I read his fantastic post in the WMW supporter’s forum about Are Businesses and People Adapting to the WWW Publicity Machine?

SEO Class Rides Again

In case you missed the official announcement, SEO Class will now be partnering with WebmasterWorld, Inc. to create SEO Class hosted by Pubcon. The first of several dates to be announced is July 30th and 31st in Manhattan. We’re proud to have Brett Tabke and Joe Laratro joining as speakers to up the ante of the quality of information provided.

SEO Warfare

Search engine optimization is misunderstood and despised by those who have had consistently failed at using it, or have been repeatedly beaten by those who were successful with it.

Re-Upping Your Google Adwords Certification

If you earned your Google Adwords certification close to when the program was launched, it’s about time to re-take your test, and prove you’re still qualified.

The SEO Playbook (Welcome to the Rabbit Hole)

SEO is about more than meta tags, title tags, and targeted anchor text. Call it "competitive webmastering", "SEO", or any one of a slew of other titles – it is the thought process of lateral thinking and understanding of website creation and marketing combined that matters most.

Perspectives on Link Buying

I like to buy links. In fact, I love to buy links. As powerful and relevant as possible. The more they are such, the more they will help search engine rankings. Search engine rankings help sales. I love to buy sales even more than I like to buy links. I love to scale this process too. I am a capitalist. Capitalist theory may have it’s downfalls, but overall it has served our country pretty well. I think a case could be made for just about any link on the web being purchased in one way or another. You can read my thoughts on not being a link communist here.

Breaking Up with Bad Clients

As any type of company or consultant, the WRONG clients can destroy your success. It is often very tempting to keep clients, since the money seems nice, but when you drill down to the nitty gritty, they are often not very profitable at best, and a complete resource drain that can damage your pocket book and your quality of life at worst.

StuntDubl’s Friday Favorites

I missed last week (My laptop started with the “laptop death rattle” – so it was a scramble to do data backups, find and migrate to a new machine). One of the worst parts of being a solo shop is being your own IT guy. Excuses aside – here’s twice the friday favorite goodness for this week.

Optimizing for Yellow Pages

How many AAA companies do you know of? AAA insurance did it most notably with insurance. Insurance is competitive.

The Link Baiting Playbook

Linkbaiting is all about the bait. In the same way that you can’t catch a giant tuna with a bag of doritos – you’re not going to get the attention of important bloggers, journalists, or other folks with some garbage content or news.

Upgrade to Latest WordPress

Is my advice if you’d like to keep from getting hacked.

Why Widgets Will Rule the World

Widgets will be one of the handiest link development tools of 2007.

Digg Could be New Google…Suggested Improvements

Despite being incredibly sick of always hearing about “the new google”, and not believing it can happen due to the extremely high barrier to entry, I think there *IS* still opportunity for someone to gain significant share of the stagnating search marketplace.

Ask Shoemoney Your Affiliate Questions

I got a chance to hang out with Jeremy a bit in Chicago and at pubcon in Vegas – and we’re gonna do an episode of NetIncome this evening.

SES Chicago: Conversation Creators

1. How’s the show goin’ for ya?

11 Euphemisms for Cloaking

Euphemisms are used in many areas of politics.

Link Developers and the Link Building Cycle

Better. Stronger. Faster. It’s important to constantly redefine link training techniques.

SEO Conference Tips and Tricks
· 1

Since I’m shortly getting ready to head off to pubcon – I thought I’d put together a quick resource on tips and tricks for those newer to the show.

5 More Blogging Sins

Neil wrote a very nice piece called The 5 deadly sins of blogging - I thought I’d add a few more of my own to the list. Here’s 5 of the deadlist sins I’ve made and witnessed.

Tips for Launching Your Blog

I’m sure I’m not doing all the things on the list, but I’m sure you’re not either