About Todd Jamieson

Todd Jamieson is Founder and President of EnvisionOnline.ca, an Ottawa-based web development and consulting firm. He holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from Bishops University and has over ten years experience with Internet and database technologies. Jamieson has worked as Project Manager on more than 200 web sites, web applications and Internet e-business initiatives for small and medium sized enterprises. He is also actively involved in a number of other small businesses and is Associate Director of Exploriem.org, Professional Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Organization. He lives in Ottawa with his spouse, Erin.
10 Ways to Ensure Your Site Does Not Get Indexed on Search Engines

Search Engines have come a long way since the web’s beginnings. Back in the old days it seemed like anything you typed in would ultimately show at least one or more pornographic web site.

7 Things You Can Add to Help Your Site Sell

In my conversations with hundreds of business owners I have met over the years, the same questions seems to pop-up over and over again. Can you build me a site that gives me a steady flow of sales? We are bombarded daily with get-rich quick schemes. Most of these statements have no basis in reality.

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Google is one of the most accurate and usable search engines every developed.

10 Secrets to Online Success (its all About the Customer)

You’ve got your web site online. You’re on top of the search engines. You have killer web site copy. Now all you have to do is wait for the sales to roll in right? Well not exactly.

5 Surefire Ways to Increase Revenue in Tough Times

In tough economic times or when your company revenues are not meeting targets, the gut instinct for most companies is to reduce marketing expenditures. This may not always be the best approach. The one thing you need more than anything is sales right? But in order to support the existing clients you need money. So what do you do? You just have to become creative.