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Tim Ritter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.
Widgets To Watch

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the governing body that determines Internet standards, has a working draft proposing a specification for online widgets. Also known as gadgets or modules, widgets are small programs like clocks, stock tickers, news casters, games …

Thinking Before Blogging

As more and more people discover the joy of keeping a blog on a global Web that zillions of anonymous surfers can peruse, it’s probably a good thing to think about the approach to what you’re writing about before launching it out into cyberspace.

CEO Blogs Not Censored Yet

It seems that blogs are trying to make a transition away from the simple person-next-door chronicling their activities, moods, likes, dislikes, and thoughts to the higher profile musings and strategies of business executives who want to communicate quickly to their journalists, investors, analysts and even customers.

Gmail Continues Upgrading Services

Gmail continues moving ahead in the competitive market of free webmail services and has just announced some added new features toits expanding and very popular service.

In Search OfThe Best Search

So what’s your pleasure? What are you specifically looking for on the Internet and where do you go to find it? Does everyone consider himself or herself a Googler’ or are there alternative and more specific ways of searching for specialized desires or merchandise?

Keyword Marketing Advances

In the world of E-commerce, everyone in the business of hawking something on the Web, big or small, knows how important Keywords and Search Engines can be in leading prospective customers to their website.

Video Sharing Goes Cellular

With the less than stellar results companies have seen from the ability to download television shows, rock clips, and other video entertainment onto portable consumer electronic devices, video sharing on cellular phones is gearing up to be the next possible rage.

Political Net Ads Low in 06

Industry analysts have been watching the worldwide web closely over the past few months to see how political ads fared in Election ’06. Surprisingly, it appears that many politicians do not see the value in paying for Internet advertising.

Net Video Providers Compete

With streaming video footage on the Internet now becoming a key component in all recent high-profile website successes, Atlas and Doubleclick, two marketing technologies providers, are both offering up competing video platform systems for e-commerce customers.

Computer Voting Woes On Election Day

As we all head out to vote on our favorite candidates and issues on this Election Day ’06, a bigger question looms in the minds of many as we recall the well-documented disorder of elections’ past: Will my vote really even count?

Cyberspies Invade Silicon Valley

Fictional super spies like James Bond may have to retire from all the action, sizzle and international intrigue of days past if the recent trend in stealing company secrets through computer hacking in Silicon Valley continues.