About Tim Fulton

Tim Fulton is a nationally recognized small business consultant and management trainer. He is also a very popular public speaker. Tim can be reached at timfulton@hotmail.com.
Customer Loyalty vs. Satisfaction: Is There a Difference?

I spent time recently with one of my clients who had just recently spent considerable time and resources to survey the satisfaction levels of his respective customers and employees. The results were in and overall they were very positive for both internal (employee) and external customer groups.

Ten Questions For Small Business Expert Bernie Meineke

#1. What are three (3) trends you are seeing in small business start-ups?

  • Laid off workers seem to be starting their own businesses in larger numbers.

  • Many new business owners are better prepared, I think largely due to the internet and the proliferation of books on small business start-ups.

  • Start-up capital is out there, but it is harder to find now. Many people we see are starting businesses that don’ t take as much capital.

Ten Reasons Why Most Business Plans FailAnd What To Do About It

Research indicates that less then 20% of small businesses execute any type of business plan. Research also indicates that only about 20% of all small businesses survive the first five years of existence. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so.

Too Busy? Take a Vacation

Do you know what the most productive day of the year is for the typical business owner or manager?