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64-bit Microsoft SQL Server for Opteron near completion

I WAS JUST THINKING of calling Jill the Transmeta Molette when a vibrating sort of call came through on my CDMA Issa enabled cellphone. It was Tarquin from Sacramento and what he said made me go all quivery and jelly-kneed.

AMD claims Intel chipsets cause system crashes

CHIP FIRM AMD has quietly dissed its much bigger competitor Intel by claiming that the latter’s 845G/GL chipset crashes peoples’ machines. According to a competitive notice on its website, aimed at its resellers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Intel’s “extreme graphics” technology “struggles and even fails” to run some popular software packages.

Apple to switch to Itanium says columnist

IT’S THE MARK OF A GOOD April fools day joke that there might just be a grain of truth in it. So when PC Magazine’s columnist John C. Dvorak says that Itanium will be the next Apple processor, where do you turn? It could all be hokum but then again…

WinTel trips on Linux?

AS A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE the WinTel alliance used to work pretty well. Intel lived up to Moore’s Law by building ever larger and more complex chips, while Microsoft executed Gate’s Law by churning out ever more bloated and serially incompatible versions of its software.

Microsoft Licensing 6 did cost businesses more

THE MUCH HATED licensing 6 deal from Microsoft raised hackles with thousands of firms around the world. Microsoft’s scheme seemed to be demanding more money from companies just as they were starting to face tough times.

Sun remote procedure call puts vulnerability in Linux and Unix

Anything Microsoft can do…

Lindows promises better revenue stream than Windows

THAT UPSTART LITTLE LINUX company that’s forever tweaking the Vole’s nose is back again. Lindows.com seems to be forever willing to put itself right in Microsoft’s path and risk being run down. Its latest scheme is one that is sure to make systems builders give Lindows.com some very careful thought.