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Terence Lau has been working with the Web since late 1995. He is currently writing articles and helping web users to find web hosting services as a Web Developer with HostPulse.com while living in Malaysia which is a much nicer country than you've been led to believe. A graduate of Coventry University, Terence Lau coordinated the authoring and creation of HostPulse.com, 100MostDynamic.com and 25hosts.com to provide web hosting resources to web users and recently he has been pushing the limits of ASP-based design as hard as he can on his site. Research over 300 asp hosting companies at http://www.HostPulse.com
10 Basic Requirements in Choosing a Good ASP Hosting Account
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In the world of internet application, solutions are greater than products. Individuals and companies are still investing in web technologies, but they are investing in solutions with demonstrated benefits. If you are looking for top-notch ASP hosting solutions that helps you to deliver quick productivity and profitability, you need the necessary hosting foundation and ASP tools to help you plan and achieve your deliverables for your site. So what are the basic requirements that you should look for, in choosing a reliable ASP hosting account?