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Syed Ali, is the lead CRM Analyst for a Toronto based company. His company, offers Microsoft CRM software Solutions www.crmsoftwareprovider.com

Syed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email:asyed@cqsolutions.com
The Importance of Training On A CRM Solution

Imagine buying a car before you have had driving lessons of any kind, and then sitting behind the wheel trying to figure out how to get you and the car back home.

You would likely fail. Not only that, but you would most likely have an accident by either running into another car, or into a wall or something. That’s not how to learn to drive.

Sales Management w/ Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 is a comprehensive customer relationship management software package that helps businesses to improve all aspects of customer service and improve marketing and sales performance.

Turning Leads Into Customers With CRM

In order to turn leads into customers, you need to understand exactly what the customers want and rapidly set the wheels turning to provide what is wanted in the minimum of time.

CRM Training – Essential for Success

Imagine yourself wanting to run an airline company – a budding Freddy Laker. What do you need? Well, planes of course, but let’s say you have a bundle of these. What do you really need to make them work? That’s right – pilots! So how are you going to train them? Will you introduce them to an airliner? Take them up the steps and show them the insides – the aisles, the seats, the toilets? Why not take them into the cabin and show them the instruments, the dials, the communications system, the . . . Or how about showing them how it works.

Automation With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0

Sales and marketing personnel are best employed in sales and marketing rather than carrying out repetitive administrative tasks. This is particularly true of small and medium sized businesses with limited personnel resources and the need to focus on customer contact in order to maintain and expand the customer base.

CRM Software That Works The Way You Do

How often have you had to change the way you work to fit in with the latest software needs?

It’s a nuisance and disruptive, and frequently breeds resentment against a software solution requiring employee cooperation to achieve the desired result. Training is difficult and the implementation frequently results in failure. This is as true with CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) as it is with any other.

How to Drive the Right Customer Management Software

As companies battle to win new customers and keep current ones, more companies wanting to leverage their sales and marketing strategies, strengthen their workforce, and utilize the best tools available, are making Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software choices.