About Susan James

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. Covering Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods. For more information on award winning books and courses visit: http://www.susanjames.org, http://www.immaculatephysics.com
The Role of Hope In Business

Whether or not we apply non-physical applications to the expansion of our business, there is a non-physical element that can play a major role, if we use it.

Two Primary Steps to Precipitation (Manifesting)

We want what we want. We want it in our businesses, our relationships, our lifestyles. Are there any shortcuts and free lunches?

Thinkin’ Moves It

When we take a shovel and put it to a mound of dirt, to move the dirt from one place to another, to the place we prefer to move the dirt to, the shovel is the tool, the instrument.

Clarity: The Mechanics in Business & Lifestyle

Many of us have had and still have dreams and desires for our lives. Those same many of us have not been taught or shown the real mechanics behind drawing our *dreams come true* to us.

Cranky or Sweet Money?

Have you ever handed someone money when you knew they really needed it?

Did you notice what their face and eyes looked like when you gave it to them? Did you feel the joy in their voice, maybe it was relief, which feels like joy? Do you remember what you felt like, knowing that you could help?

Millionaire Essence

Perfume is Perfume because of its essence. We know bread is baking because of its essence. We know a mechanic is a mechanic because of his essence. We know a physician is a physician because of his essence. We know a building is a building and a rose is a rose because of their essence. We know Wealthy people & Millionaires because of their essence.

Money Talks

The energy of money can be quite a comedian sometimes, especially if you *see* it from the energy/spirit of money, and not the clutching fear and limitation that we humans choose to clothe it with. (I’ve been there, so I do know the difference.)

The Pre-Vibration to Manifesting Business & Lifestyle

It’s quite amazing as I continue on this trip that I am on. The more that I understand about Energy, and Flow and Stream, is that of course they are all the same thing. It just helps us to communicate the understanding better by making up different names.

Does Higher Intelligence Know How To Find You

We have this carrot out in front of us. It’s part of the game we agree to play. This carrot is in the form of our intentions, our desires. We have these carrots show up in our homes, our businesses and our lifestyles. How do you think that carrot got there in the first place?

Kissing, Desire & Business

As we mold our own energy on a more consistent basis and on purpose in order to design our lives the way we choose, we learn more and more about the skill of visualization, and pondering and daydreaming. We are told that this is one of the key factors in allowing our intentions and desires to manifest, both in ease and momentum.

Desire, Lack & Sensuality in Business/Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about where *desire* begins? I have, and the “buck” seems to stop at Divine Mind. What does this have to do with Business and Lifestyle?

Barbie & Ken Frequency

As children, some of us have dolls and cowboy boots and hats, and holsters and guns, with caps of course !! Some have GI Joe and Barbie & Ken Dolls.

Potential: Got Any?

I have a friend, who just recently discovered the beauty of following his heart. This friend is busy, family, work/business all the “normal” life stuff, however his life was always full & fun, but still resting on the frantic side.

Should We Protect Our Creative Stuff?

The Questions are getting louder and the possible solutions are many and some solutions are filled with venom.

Writers Success, Money & P-NutButter

When you ask writers, why do you write? Most all of us say, *because we have to*.

And many say, *oh, and , its not about the money*

How Good Does It Get?

Ok. I am extemely happy, and my livelihood just seems to flow in huge wonderful chunks towards me. Notice I was extemely happy first, and as I became happy in my own space, my life began having incredible stuff dumped all over it ! DUMPED!!!

SuccessfulWriting From Behind The8-Ball

Several years ago, I received a call from a friend of mine in a city about 2 hours away. She and another had just started an new company in medical consulting and needed someone to come and do about 3 days of data entry. She asked me, know- ing I was in between careers, and familiar with Medical Terms and Technology, would I come and spend 3 days and do the computer work.

What’s *Writing* An Ebook REALLY *Worth*?

Part of my strategy for building my livelihood is to first write books but put them out in ebook form, and this then paves the way for me to bring it out in print form.

Missed Once,Twice, Thrice Got It

Like many of you, I am one of those Entrepreneur types. Give me Line, and I’ll Step Over It. Tell Me I Can’t, Just Watch Me! Big Dreams In My Heart Comin’ True ? You Betcha !

Fun & Money In E-Media

There’s lots of stuff on the Internet about making money; and lots of folks Marketing Different products and services. I’m only addressing folks who write books, and many of the questions that come from those folks on making money with their books and using the Internet as a Primary Tool.

17 Seconds to Book Promotion

1. Not withstanding, there is a huge amount of quality information on the Internet, much of it free, and also lots to exchange our energy in the form of dollars for someone else’s energy in the form of product or service, on how to sell and market our books.

It’s About Energy, Not *Free Vs Pay*

Many things prompt this topic. The main thread? *Money* The Internet is changing, of course many of us knew it would.

For weeks now the information and articles and discussion has been flowing on this topic.