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Blog Your Way Out of Oblivion

I market coaches. One of the most successful ones really had her practice take off when she started a blog. It got 42,000 hits within the first 3 months, quite a bit more than her main websites.

Getting Back in the Work Force After 50
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Whether you’ve been forced into early retirement, downsized, or are tired of being at home and eager to work again, or even taking your first job, entering the work force after the age of 50 can hold some challenges. Here are some tips from someone who coaches a lot of people in this transition.

Ten Tips for the ‘Displaced Corporate Woman

Once upon a time there were what were called “displaced homemakers.” If you’re too young to know what that phrase means, this article may be particularly helpful to you. It referred to women who were taking their first jobs in the workplace after having been home raising their children; generally speaking, because of divorce.

The Benefits of EQ Coaching for Mid-Level Executives and Professionals

The majority of CEOs, executives and professionals are left-brained — analytical, linear, and focused. They are good with numbers, and in communication tend to listen to the actual word spoken, word-by-word, missing the nuances, the expressions, the tone of voice, i.e., the “other” 90% of verbal communication.

Developing Punctuality In Your Employees

Dear Susan,

How do I motivate people/ co-employees to come to work on time?


Dealing with Bullies Around the Office
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Hi there Susan,

I have worked for a corporate company for 19 years – My MD is an extremely “driven” individual and is very hard on himself. This character trait has changed recently to being one of total domination (especially regarding ideas or opinions)

Coping with Business Social Events


Work holiday parties are a time when I often find myself pulling my foot out of my mouth – that’s why I dread them – and why I study EQ.

How to Use the Office Christmas Party to Enhance Your Career

Use your Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal skills and you can get a lot of mileage out of the holiday party.

Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Clients for the Holidays

We’re always looking for unique, personal ways to remember our clients for the holidays. Coaching is a relationship field, and somewhere the Honey-baked Ham just doesn’t fit. Here are some ideas that will work for whatever your client is celebrating, whether it’s Eid al Fitr, Hanukkah, Christmas, or Dewali.

Always Do the Hardest Thing First

“In the time you spent complaining about this, Susan, you could’ve had it done.”

Who Are You Marketing To On the Internet?

“Dear Friend,

My name is JANG DOO-HWAN, The brother of Mr. Chun DOO-HWAN, former President of South Korea who seized power …”

How Many Ways Can I Market Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

What does it take to be a good marketer?

Confessions of a Lover of Books and Learning

Many of us love to read. Some of us who love to read the most are introverts, so I went to the source to find out what it’s all about.

Marketing Mistakes You’d Be Smart to Avoid

1. Resting on your laurels.

Just because you have what you think is a good marketing plan in place today doesn’t mean it’ll be right tomorrow. The pace today is accelerated and you can’t afford to coast. Research constantly what your competition is doing. Surf the Internet!

Do You Want It So Bad You Can Taste It?

Is there something you really want? “You’ll never attain it unless you know the feeling,” wrote Goethe, many years ago, but what a great way to describe it.

Bring the Coach; I’m Ready to Play

I get letters .emails, that is. Inquiries from prospective clients. They ask the only questions they know how to ask in seeking a coach, admittedly a hard thing to do when you’ve never had a coach, and their questions reveal as much to me, in this joint-interview process, as my answers reveal to them.

Do You Need Someone to Tell You Why You Want to Be Rich?

If there was ever a thing that causes pleasure and pain, it’s money-how we think about it and how we feel about it. The current crisis in private credit card debt in the US is some indication that this is a very loaded issue for most of us.

What’s More Important than Momentum?

“Success requires first expending 10 units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce 10 units of results with each unit of effort.” ~ Charles Givens, US businessman and author I named my coaching practice Momentum Coaching, as I worship momentum. Once you get it going, it’s unstoppable, for individual productivity, creative inspiration, and that golden moment when your business reaches “the tipping point”.

Are You Over 50 and Don’t Have a Job?”

Over 50, don’t have a job and wondering what you can do? Well, you can start University of Phoenix, how’s that?

How to Be Perfectly Imperfect

You know those research guys really know their stuff. You can read just about anywhere that being a perfectionist is a horrible lifestyle. In my coaching practice, and among my friends and acquaintances, I have always found when someone seems really unhappy, the first thing I check for . and usually find . is perfectionism.

Confessions of a Coach for Dysfunctional Businesses in Recovery

Dear EQ Coach,

My name is Legion, and I’m in recovery from working in a dysfunctional office.

Has Everyone in Your Office Been Grafted, So There’s No More Evolving?

Has everyone in your office been grafted so there’s no more evolving? Let’s say the “party line” is demanded of everyone, like a graft on a plant, so eventually everyone’s thinking the same way.

The High EQ, Low EQ Sales Quiz

In addition to my coaching, and my usual comings and goings this past couple of months, I’ve been in the real estate business, selling my own home, and working with a coaching client who wants to buy a house in Alabama. I’ve seen a lot of people trying to sell things lately and thought I’d share with you High EQ, Low EQ in the sales world.

The Difference Between Therapy and Coaching

“Oh,” said Bob, after listening to me explain what I do, “So coaching’s like therapy for healthy people?”

No, because for one thing there are healthy people in therapy, and for another, coaches aren’t doing therapy.