About Suhas A Desai

Suhas A Desai

*Undergraduate Computer Engineering Student,Walchand CE,Sangli,INDIA.

*Previous Publications in area "Linux Based Biometrics Security with Smart Card" are include:ISA EXPO 2004,InTech Journal,TX,USA,IEEE Real Time and Embedded System symposium 2005,CA,USA.,e-Smart 2005,France.

*Writes security newsletters and features for many security sites.
Trojans and Backdoors

The Trojan Horse got its name from the old mythical story about how the Greeks gave their enemy a huge wooden horse as a gift during the war.

Introduction: IP Spoofing

An article on “Security Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite” by S.M.Bellovin in 1989 initially explored IP Spoofing attacks . He described how Robert Morris, creator of the now infamous Internet Worm, figured out how TCP created sequence numbers and forged a TCP packet sequence.