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The Disease of Arrogance

Sometimes I wonder if a company reaches a certain size and suddenly, almost like magic, they wake up one day and figure the normal boundaries of reality don’t apply to them anymore.

Google Slams the Brakes on Big Name Spam

For a long time there has been speculation about Google playing favorites in their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Lemon-Aid Anyone?

As a newcomer to the industry of Search Engine Marketing, I found myself paralleling this form of marketing to a more simple time of my life.

Mobile Searchs Future Is Now

More and more, “sometime in the future” is yesterday, and the ubiquitous “New Year’s Tech Predictions” lists find themselves rendered obsolete by mid-January.

Flash and SEO Sitting in a Tree…

With the online Flash movement just about done with, we’re left with a ton of visual enhancements that do little more than animate or entertain.

Why Wont Google Comply W/ DOJ Subpoena…

…and what does this move mean for online advertisers?

Commoditizing an Art

Picasso was approached by a woman on the street. She asked him to create a sketch of her likeness. He agreed. Within minutes Picasso proudly handed the woman a unique but perfect likeness of herself.

Suggestions and Stones May Break My Bones

As integrated search marketers, we rely on the Internet for much of our daily communication and research.

Communication at its Best/Worst

We’ve all played the old game of “telephone” in school. You remember, you sit in a circle and someone starts by whispering something into another person’s ear.

The Marathon of SEO

As a newcomer to the world of search engine optimization and marketing, I’ve thought about what aspects of my life have best prepared me for Oneupweb.

Cybercrime: Protecting Your Customers

Businesses small and large have a growing concern over cybercrime, and for good reason.

Search Engine As Web Browser

Nielsen/NetRatings recently reported that 43% of online searchers use their search box like an address bar to navigate the internet.

Will Link Churn Remove the B from A/B Testing?

Which is better 1 or 2? 2 or 3? 2 or 4? As you sit in the optometrist’s chair blurry eyed and dilated, a marketing marvel is happening to you: A/B testing.

Protecting the Brand – Reputation Management

Search engine marketing is known for increasing a company’s profile, establishing an online presence, increasing traffic, and ultimately growing the bottom line.

Up Against the Jordan Bulls of Search

I don’t think there’s anything inherently virtuous in rooting for the underdog (unless that underdog is journeyman Paul Shirley) but I loathed the Jordan-era Chicago Bulls.

How Michigan Can Teach You About Feedback

I am browsing a website that claims to be an important resource for the “World’s Business Leaders” when I discover my quest for business enlightenment may soon reach Gilgamesh proportions.

Mobile Search: Coming to a Screen near You

The New Year has ushered in a number of high-profile partnerships in the mobile search space, confirming our prediction last summer that as go the major search engines, so goes mobile search.

Inside the Shadowy World of SEO/M

One of the liabilities of working in the field of search engine optimization and marketing is the cold fact that, without a year of tedious explanation, hardly anyone understands what we do.

Got a SSL Certificate? Show Me!

So you want me to buy something? Well, I’m already in the door and browsing down the aisles of your online store.

Search Engines, Teens, and the Southern Oracle

In a study that is both interesting and destined to get more attention than it should, A Couple of Chicks Marketing has published the findings of a 125-student survey on search engine use and online travel brands.

Web Usability: Why Do We Overlook the Obvious?

As the holiday season grows closer, and my shopping intensifies, I can’t help but notice how many online retailers don’t seem to be paying attention to the usability of their sites.

AJAX for SEO Considered Harmful
· 1

Here at Oneupweb, our development team has been playing around with AJAX development on some of our internal web sites.

In Search Engines, Web Standards and Semantics Rule

Not adhering to web standards is like rollerskating down the freeway. You might get to where you’re going, but it’s inefficient and fraught with peril.

Its Just Another Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, I know, it’s all you’ve been hearing about for the last week and a half. It’s like Black Friday for retailers but for online retailers, we get it.