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Who are You? Yahoo! Mail and Search Engine Results

“Personalization” on the web is becoming very popular. Sites like MySpace and Yahoo! seem to go to great lengths to allow users to create their own “identities” online – both intellectually and physically.

Build and Protect Your Corporate Image(s) Online

If I were to start talking about optimizing content, most of our readers immediately conjure up visions of text words, words, words.

Victorias Secret & Woot – Selling Benefits

Why is it that some sophisticated marketers suddenly forget the difference between a feature and a benefit as soon as they get online?

From the Frying Pan to the Buyer

Prior to Oneupweb, I worked for a medium-sized retailer of home-dcor products. In addition to brick & mortar, the company mailed several million catalogs annually, and had an extensive offering of products available for purchase online.

MySpace Movie Marketing

Over this past weekend I was watching TV when a commercial for the new movie John Tucker Must Die came on.

YouTube Confessions

Is it wrong that at night, when I’m alone in my apartment, I’m scouring Popurls.com for the top YouTube posts and searching uncontrollably for Maury Povich’s show on Pickle Phobia?

Monk Finds the First Clue to Subdomains

My wife’s a fan of Monk, the TV show. And sometimes I can’t resist watching Tony Shalhoub nervously, yet elegantly fumble his way through a mystery.

Web 2.0 is it Real?

Yesterday morning, I was doing my usual morning surf of popurls, trying to keep up with the buzz on the web, when I landed on a page and saw an ad that caught my eye. “Purchase Web 2.0 here.”

Teaching a New Blog Old Tricks

By now, organizations around the world have begun to realize the benefits of creating a corporate blog. In fact, a new weblog is created every second of every day.

You Down with ODP?

In a recent Matt Cutts blog post (for the unaware: Matt Cutts is a Google engineer, one relatively famous in this admittedly rarified subsphere of society) the great sage introduced the META “NOODP” tag, and how it can help webmasters control, somewhat, the appearance of their results in Google.

Podcasting and Beach Bums

“Go, Beach Bums!” Alright, so they could have done better with the name, but last year when it was announced that the Frontier League, an independent professional baseball league, was granting Traverse City an expansion team, I was excited.

Small Retailers on the Big Internet

Before the internet, small specialty retail stores always wondered how they could compete with mail order catalogs.

Webmaster Questions for CMS Developers

Before Oneupweb, I worked at an online children’s store. One of my many duties there (my desk was always covered in toys) was to manage our store’s migration to an entirely new e-commerce platform.

Using Design Clichs

Web 2.0 is the new black, rounded corners are the new complimentary accessory, drop shadows are a part of the status quo, and you’d better not wear a bevel before Labor Day.

Microsoft Says Google is for Girls

As a programmer, I do what I can to keep up-to-date with all the hip and happening developments in technology.

In Paid Search, Numbers Are Everything

The following statement will likely send my seventh grade math teacher reeling: I love numbers and everything about them.

Verisign and eBay Use VIMN for Mobile SMS

It seems that there are more features, services, websites and applications available on mobile devices every month.

Click-to-Call & the Future of Paid Search

You may notice a new icon while cruising the Google search results this summer. Once again, Google will be testing a Click-to-Call feature.

SEO Benefits for Online Shopping Sites
· 2

Having worked at a J.Crew store awhile back and now working as a project manager at a reputable SEO firm, I want to shine some light on how heavily branded and well-recognized retail shopping sites can benefit from SEO.

Straight Up Site of Interest – Net Neutrality

For the newcomers out there, our monthly Straight Up Site of Interest post is designed to spotlight websites/services that thrive upon forward-thinking internet technologies.

iPod Setting Apple Up for Reputation Sabotage?

Let’s play a quick game of word association. If someone is about to sneeze, what do you hand them?

A Peek Behind The Curtain Reveals Wizardry

As a PR person, I’ve been backstage a lot. It’s our job to make sure that others look good in the limelight.

Stay Visible to Customers with Friendly Favicons

I’ve heard the phrase “sticky website” creeping back into the oral arsenal of search marketing practitioners and webmasters lately (if it ever left).

1 in 2? I Need Better Odds Than That!

According to a recent Nilesen/Netratings Inc. analysis, Google’s market share is now 50%. That’s huge! One out of every two searches is a Google search.