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Credit Cards Online – Where to Start?

Are you thinking of changing credit cards or looking for a new one? Where do you start to look when comparing credit cards? Let’s talk about where we compare credit cards services and prices online.

The Power of Eloans and Mortgages

If you will be needing a loan or mortgage, there is no greater way to shop and compare prices than online. One of the great benefits of the Internet is letting the average consumer (like you and me) share information like we’ve never been able to before! We can shop and more importantly, compare, the prices and services of all kinds of financial services in detail. There are many good providers of “eloans” online. So who are the major online players in loans and mortgages? Research firm Media Metrix recently listed the top financial information sites based on “impressions”. At the top of that list was MoneyNest.com which operates an online financial marketplace that enables consumers to shop online for a variety of financial products. Moneynest.com sums up the one key thing about online loans and mortgages – it places the power in your hands. You no longer have to feel insecure about not having enough excellent information at your fingertips or about trusting “your” bank and wondering if you got the best deal possible. The Internet places all this power at your fingertips.

Tax Preparation and Filing Online

- It’s All About Comfort

The main reason I began to use tax preparation software a number of years ago was “comfort” – I still did my own taxes but wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing out on any potential deductions or savings. Using electronic tax preparation gave me this comfort level and assurance by “holding my hand” through the process, giving me “alerts” that can guide me through the process and let me take advantage of any and all new changes that may help me.