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Steven Bradley is a web designer and search engine optimization specialist. Known to many in the webmaster/seo community by the username vangogh, he is the author of TheVanBlog, which focuses on how to build and optimize websites and market them online.
Social Web SEO

American sculptor Horatio Greenough coined the phrase “Form follows function,” which was later popularized by architects Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.

SEO Books New SEM Glossary

In case you missed it Aaron Wall added a rather comprehensive search engine marketing glossary to his SEO Book site.

How Not To Handle Customer Service Calls

I awoke this morning to a few inches of snow on the ground. Nothing unusual here in Colorado, but as it so happened the snow must have caused some problems in my internet connection.

SEO Success

Are you looking for long term success when it comes to search engine visibility? Do you want to make sure all the hard work you do today will still be paying off a few months or years from now? If you do then you want to look forward in the your thinking with regards to search engines and their algorithms.

What New Browsers Mean For Developers And SEOs

You may or may not have heard that new releases are here or about to be here for Internet Explorer and Firefox.