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How To Submit Articles For Massive Traffic

As you perhaps already know, article submissions can drive a huge amount of traffic to your web site for months if not years. The first step is obviously to get a good article written, with a suitable resource box at the end containing a link to your site to drive traffic to your site. But without submitting your article effectively, all this hard work will be of little benefit.

Are You Losing Sales Because Of Your Email Link?

I don’t know about you, but I get dozens of emails daily with completely blank subject lines. The vast majority contain viruses or spam messages, and due to an overloaded inbox and the impracticality of going through each message individually, I tend to delete these suspects automatically en masse, in the same way that I delete other messages containing subject lines that scream spam.

15 Ways To Read An RSS Feed
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No doubt you have seen those small orange ‘XML’ or ‘RSS’ buttons beginning to spread across some of your favourite web sites.

Simple Changes To Make Your Web Site Sell

So you have a web site, you have traffic, but it doesn’t … well … sell? But what can you do about it? Often some very simple changes to your web site can mean the difference between success and failure. Based on my own experience and extensive testing of what works and what does not, here is a quick list of simple changes you can make to turn your site around and rapidly improve your profit levels.

5 Top Tips For Attracting Targeted Traffic

One of the most common needs of online business owners is traffic. Without traffic, your web site barely exists, and is unlikely to make any profit whatsoever. With traffic, you stand a much greater chance of success – but not just any traffic.

Why You Should Ignore This Advice

Doesn’t make too much sense does it? Am I really going to give you some advice that asks you to ignore the advice I’m giving you? Well, that’s not strictly true. I am however going to show you how to qualify the advice you are given, so you can sort the wheat from the chaff, and help you to survive the information overload on the Internet.

Creating Content: The Easy Way

There is little doubt that quality content has a number of real benefits for your web site, not least increasing levels of repeat visitors, and valuable revenue streams such as advertising and the sale of products or services related to the content you provide.

The Lowdown: How To Create And Send HTML Email

I am frequently asked how to create and send HTML email, usually with regard to how to broadcast it to a mailing list. This article presents the various options available to you.

Stop Spam: How To Escape The Spam Hell-Hole
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If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty sick of it, and just want it to stop. What? Spam, of course. This article gives you a solution to radically, and quickly, reduce the amount of spam messages you receive to a bare minimum.

How Many Subscribers Actually READ Your Email?

Would you like to find out exactly how many of your subscribers are opening and reading the emails you send to them? This article describes a very quick and simple method that anyone can use to do this, that you’ll be able to implement immediately on all the HTML mail that you send out.

The Single Best Way To Boost Sales On Your Site – Forever

Imagine if you could put something on your web site that you know will multiply your sales and boost your profits.

Imagine if you could adjust your web site in a way that you know will maximize the amount of visitors you can convert to subscribers.

Mopping up those 404s

On a recent examination of my traffic statistics, I noticed a significant percentage of people going to the domain takanomi.com were getting a ‘404 Document Not Found’ error. That means that they were typing in the URL for a document that did not exist, or they were clicking on an invalid link.

Five Steps to Successful Viral Marketing

I’m sure we’ve all heard of ‘viral marketing’ – the first question is usually ‘What is it?’ (and I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you it’s nothing to do with ill health).

How To BOOST Your Profits With FREE Support

In my unfortunate experience, many internet business owners, even well-known ‘names’, offer a very poor level of post-sale customer support.

Two Easy Ways To Optimize Your JavaScript

Many web sites, even those owned by people we all think of as gurus in the Internet marketing business, have large blocks of JavaScript code at the top of their web pages, sometimes running to dozens of lines of code.

Easy Web Site Personalization With PHP

Is your web site dynamic enough to address your visitors by name?

How To Set Up A Web Page and Start Earning Money

I deal with many complete novices and newcomers to the internet who just need someone to outline in straight- forward terms how they can start to make money online. This article will show you five easy steps anyone can take to set up a web page and start earning money.

Five Ways to Make Money With ClickBank
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ClickBank not only allows you to accept credit cards on your web site without the need for a merchant account, it also provides other ways in which you can generate income – in this article, I’ll highlight five different ways you can start making money with ClickBank by the end of today.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Ezine Publishing

Getting so many emails as I do about ezine publishing, I thought maybe an article covering the most asked questions would be useful to some of you who are thinking about or just starting your own ezine.