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Steve Rubel is a PR strategist with nearly 16 years of public relations, marketing, journalism and communications experience. He currently serves as a Senior Vice President with Edelman, the largest independent global PR firm.

He authors the Micro Persuasion weblog, which tracks how blogs and participatory journalism are changing the public relations practice.
Why RSS Hasn’t Taken Off Yet

There’s been a lot of debate about why RSS usage has been slow to take off among mainstream Internet consumers.

Fox Offers Blogs to Idol Fans

Fox has launched a program that give American Idol fans their own blogs on the Fox site.

Marketing and Wikipedia Are Antonyms

Rohit Bhargava sees a way for marketers to carefully become part of the Wikipedia community by creating short articles in an effort to facilitate further discussion.

Brand Your Own AIM, But Add Value

AOL today is releasing its AOL Instant Messenger code to developers.

Tips for Corporate Blogging

Backbone Media has published a list of tips for corporate blogging. They are:

Nike Basketball Launches a Blog

One of my readers writes in that Nike has launched a basketball weblog!

50 Million Podcast Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Internet researcher eMarketer forecasts that the total US audience for podcasts could reach 25 million by 2008, and perhaps 50 million by 2010.

PR Week Interviews Digg’s Jay Adelson

Keith O’Brien at PR Week has an interview with digg’s Jay Adelson.

Technorati Adds List of Most Favorited Blogs

Technorati has launched a new Top 100 list.

Coast to Coast with Eric Schwartzman

Eric Schwartzman separately interviewed my new teammate Phil Gomes and I and mashed it up into a big podcast.

Tag Tutorial Time

Over at ProBlogger, Aaron Brazell has written an outstanding tutorial on how to integrate tags into your blog and why this is important.

The Middle Ages

What if leadership didn’t originate from the top of an organization, society or ecosystem, but from its middle?


Alright, I know you really really need to know this so I just have to oblige. Presenting – tada – social bookmark manager #4,523: Scuttle.

Washington Post, CJR Tie Up with del.icio.us

Yahoo’s Matt McAlister discovers that both the Washingtonpost.com and CJRDaily have added “Bookmark with del.icio.us” buttons to their article templates today.

There’s No I in Denuo

Publicis, a massive conglomerate of advertising and PR agencies, has formed a new standalone consultancy to help clients “exploit the rapidly changing digital, interactive and mobile communication environment.”

Press Releases Get TrackBacks…

But Will They Send Them Too?

The Dirty Little Secret About RSS News

There’s a dirty little secret in the newspaper industry. In fact, it’s a secret that might one day cause serious damage to newspaper brands and give further rise to blogs, unless there’s action.

The Four P’s of Blog Marketing

Anyone who has spent any time around marketers has probably heard about the profession’s “Four P’s.”

Advertising 2.0 Whitepaper

I haven’t read this yet, but after a quick scan it sure looks interesting.

Feed Dashboards

I have developed a methodology to managing my increasing cache of RSS feeds. It works nicely for me so I thought I’d share it since it might be helpful to you.

Blogspotting Needs a Kelly Ripa

BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker is turning to the b’sphere for advice.

Wiki Search Engine Arrives

I have been wondering for awhile when someone was going to build a search engine that searches wikis. Well, now there is one – Qwika.

Majority of Chinese Office Workers Blog

According to CBP Career Consultants Co., Ltd., a leading career consulting firm in China, 52% of white-collar workers now keep blogs.

Call 1-800-2Podcast Your Gripes

Buzz-o-phone is aggregating opinions about products, services, brands and companies via an 800 number (1-800-591-5375 to be exact).