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Steve Rubel is a PR strategist with nearly 16 years of public relations, marketing, journalism and communications experience. He currently serves as a Senior Vice President with Edelman, the largest independent global PR firm.

He authors the Micro Persuasion weblog, which tracks how blogs and participatory journalism are changing the public relations practice.
Newsvine Launches

I have been invited to try the public beta of Newsvine, a news aggregation/citizen journalism hybrid.

Google to Make Major Move into Selling Videos

Reuters reports via the WSJ Google will allow users of its site to buy videos from content partners in an upgrade to its video-search service.

Expatriate Blogs

Mike Evangelist (that’s his real name) worked at Apple for two years and several times appeared on stage with Steve Jobs as he unveiled new products.

Reporting on the Job

Jon Garfunkel wants to know what I think about the whole Scoble tirade and what he calls his eventual backpedalling over the Chinese blogger “Mr. Softee” iced.

Moblogging Rights

Andrew Kantor has researched the rights photographers have to take shots under certain circumstances.

By What Measures?

In the old days, circa Web 1.0, most online marketers measured the success of a Web site with a few different metrics.

Pseudo Advercasts Spotted

PodGuide.TV has found two short form branded entertainment shorts available in iPod format.

Anatomy of a Corporate Blogger

In an article about the power of blog marketing destinationCRM.com has included this interesting graphic breaking down the anatomy of a corporate blogger.

Wikipedia to Remain Ad Free

Contrary to earlier reports, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is now saying there will be no ads in Wikipedia.

Vectorized Version of the Standard Feed Icon

Matt Brett has graciously posted a gorgeous vector version of the new standard feed icon that will be in the Mozilla and IE browsers.

TypePad Tests Comment Auth
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TypePad is testing some new captcha features to stop comment spam.

Fun with Technorati Charts

On his blog, Niall Kennedy shows us how to create custom Technorati charts.

Dan Gillmor Goes Nonprofit

Congrats to one of my heroes (and a friend) – Dan Gillmor.

Read Email In Your RSS Reader

What a simple, but useful idea. MailFeed.org converts email newsletters into RSS feeds in just 30 seconds.

Technorati Unloads a Ton of New Features

Can’t you just feel Technorati’s lead widening in blog search?

Test Drive an AJAX RSS Reader

Backbase has a whole bunch of AJAX web applications that you can test drive.

PR Practitioner of the Future Has Skills of a Blogger

In describing the ideal attributes of a corporate blogger Richard Edelman inadvertently creates a visual picture of tomorrow’s PR professional.

The Show Must Go On

Over past several months I have had the unique opportunity to podcast with a living legend of marketing – Joseph Jaffe.

Ten More Wikipedia Hacks

About a month ago I blogged about my 10 favorite Wikipedia “hacks.” (Some prefer I call these tips.)

Study Says 75% of All Blog Pings Are Spam

According to a study performed at UMBC eBiquity Research Group at the University of Maryland, nearly three out of every four pings to blog ping servers are from splogs – or what they’re calling spings!

Google Launches Blog Comments Firefox Extension

Google has launched a new Blogger Web Comments Firefox extension that shows surfers what bloggers are saying about any page they’re viewing in their browser.

Talk Digger 2.0 Blog URL Metasearch Simply Rocks

The team at our agency has been gushing of late over Talk Digger and I can certainly see why.

What Conferences Should I Go To Next Year?

As of right now I have three big conferences on my 2006 calendar.

Using Blogs to Rank High on Google

In an interview with Performancing, Googler Matt Cutts explains how your blogs can rank high on Google.