About Steve Riegel

Steve Riegel is a recognized thought leader in Search Engine Marketing and a master of search solutions that connect clients directly to their online target audience through market research, analysis, strategy and design. He is an active member of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) being nominated for the 2008 SEMPO Broad of Directors and serving on the SEM Metrics and Standards Taskforce. He brings over 12 years of consulting, research, and data analysis and project management experience to our clients' dynamic interactive marketing programs. His website is: www.factionmedia.com.
Search Marketing: Transform your Channel Strategy

As technology advances and the demands of customers fragment, the task of empowering resellers and distributors with effective and relevant marketing tools becomes more daunting than ever before. To solve these challenges, a handful of forward-looking companies are experimenting with emerging technologies and particularly Search‹to empower their channel partners in an attempt to make them more flexible and responsive to the changing market.

The Channel Challenge