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7 Simple Strategies to Sell More of Your Products Online

So, you sell online – congratulations (and welcome to the 21st century)! But does your online store sell enough? Chances are you could do with increasing your sales figures. And this article discusses seven simple strategies to help you sell more of your products online.

Is YOUR Web Site Ready For Christmas?

It will soon be Christmas. Whether Christian or not, that means one thing to online vendors everywhere: BIG SALES!

Cookies: How To Learn From Your Visitors and Improve Your Website

Time for a quick question and answer session. Question: How can you improve your visitors’ experiences of your website, AND at the same time learn how to improve your website (or learn how to increase sales)?

Answer: Use cookies

Anyone Can Sell Online

This deceptively simple formula belongs to everyone and anyone, but I have to credit David Taylor who wrote about it first in his impressive and inspiring book called: The Naked Leader http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1841124230/shoptouruk .

And here is the formula for guaranteed success:

1) Know where you want to go

2) Know where you are now

11 Success Tips For A Better Web Business

*01* Spend Time On Activities That Make You Money

How To Write A Press Release AND Get It Published


This article contains a checklist to writing a press release. And it includes the single most important ingredient of a press release, that will dramatically improve your chances of getting your news published.

10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Website
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At times, website promotion can seem confusingly complicated. There seem to be so many, sure-fire new ways to get thousands of hits to your site. Whilst some of these methods work, most just waste your time.

Tell the world? Tell the search engines!

Okay, okay there are no big surprises with this promotion method. Search engines represent the best way to get traffic to your site, day after day after day. But which search engines are the most important?

Pay Per Click to guarantee targeted traffic!

Search engines and directories are important in getting a steady flow of traffic to your site. However, you really have to work hard (or pay someone to work hard), to even get close to guaranteeing a top 10 position on them.

16 Reasons Why The Next Site I Visit Could Be Yours

You spend so much time promoting YOUR site, but why, exactly, do YOU VISIT someone else’s?

The other day, I re-visited all of the sites I had been to that week (using Internet Explorer’s History option). I asked myself the simple question: “Why did I visit that site?” I came up with 21, yes 21!, reasons why I visited a particular web site. Now if they are reasons why *I* visited a site, they could well be reasons why I (or someone else) would visit YOUR site!

Promote Your Site Every Day!

You want traffic at your site, but with so many new websites added every day it isn’t easy. The only solution is to promote your site, each and every day…

Cookies: How to Improve Your Website and Learn From Your Visitors

Question: How can you improve your visitor’s experience of your website AND at the same time learn how to improve your website (or learn how to increase sales)?

3 Great Website Promotion Ideas Part 1

In this article, I want to discuss 3 different approaches to generating traffic to your website; how each approach can help you promote YOUR website; and who REALLY benefits from these methods.

Question: What do the following sites have in common? StartBlaze; Trafficology; and TextMeFree.com.

3 Great Website Promotion Ideas part 2

Site 2: Trafficology newsletter

You still have to put the website promotion ideas into practice, though, so you may not actually benefit at all.

Trafficology – 7/10

3 Great Website Promotion Ideas: Which Works Best For You?

In this article, I want to discuss 3 different approaches to generating traffic to your website; how each approach can help you promote YOUR website; and who REALLY benefits from these methods.

More Recommended Ways To Promote Your Website

“Submit your site to search engines!”

“Bid at pay-per-click search engines!”

“Publish a newsletter!”

Add “wow!” to create a buzz!

Why is any site special?

Is it because the site is unique? Is it because the site loads the quickest, has the freshest content, is easiest to use, or contains the best resources? Is the site so useful or so much fun that people SIMPLY CANNOT stop talking about it?

Submit site to announce it to the world!
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NO, don’t bother! It’s a waste of time, and you’ll probably just receive lots of spam.

Instead, submit your site to the major search engines and directories, monitor results, and resubmit only if your site isn’t listed yet. (You have worked hard on page content, page title and keyword and description meta tags, haven’t you?) Repeat this process for any new content you create.

Write a newsletter to get site visitors to return!

Not as many as you would like, I bet! It is a lot easier and less time-consuming to promote your site to people who have *already* visited. So how do you do that? Well, you could:

Use keywords and meta tags to get the click!

Now everyone knows that you need to choose keywords and meta tags to make your site search-engine-friendly (don’t they?). And pages should be ‘optimised’ BEFORE you submit them to the search engines.

What is Your Website’s Most Wanted Response?

You spend time and money promoting your website; but what do you want to achieve (apart from more page views)? Is it more sales of Blue Widgets? Is it more subscribers on your mailing list? To be exact, what is your site’s Most Wanted Response?

Anyone can sell online, anyone!

The Internet is an amazing medium for communication, and entertainment. It can help save you time and money, and provide a lot of fun too! S-l-o-w-l-y, big businesses are starting to fully realise the potential of the Internet.

Internet Marketing: I don’t know everything – neither do you!

Internet marketing is confusing, isn’t it? It needn’t be. Over the years I’ve learned to recognise a few names – a few gurus – and I now subscribe to some great newsletters. You can do this too! Find a guru you trust, or simply subscribe to a few marketing-related newsletters; listen, and learn. And ignore the rest… for now!

8 ways to promote new content on your website

After months of rebuilding your website – adding great content filled with profitable, keyword-rich copy (all due to Dr Ken Evoy’s excellent 5-day Affiliate Masters e-mail course, no doubt) – your site is now ready to be uploaded to the Internet!