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An iSCSI debate….

I loved Chuck Hollis’ (EMC) blog, and equally enjoyed both Dave Hitz and Tony Asaro’s responses. With EMC, Netapp, and another ESG’er pontificating on an issue, it must be good.

Where Is HDS In The CAS Space?

I was chatting with fellow ESG’er and avid HDS proponent Tony Asaro about an unrelated matter – how HDS has really been one of the few to take advantage of the V word – they use it as a differentiator on their big Tagma USP gear and it’s getting them deals.

Was Dick Egan Right?

I remember him telling me two things – first, there was no need for tape, that everything would be disk.

The Machine Has No Soul – Sha Doobie

I make a living in the computer world. I love gizmo’s, spec’s, and waxing ethereal on all things IT. I wanted to be a rock star, but this is as close as I could come.

Crafty Marketing

Hitachi, parent of HDS (who I love – though they have their own marketing challenges from time to time), just announced an “enterprise” caliber 500GB SATA disk drive.

EMC Re-Org

Here’s ESG’s take on EMC’s org changes announced this morning:

Aperi All About Supporting SNIA Standards

Read it here. Last night I spoke with the remaining Aperi consortium folks – Cisco, Netapp, Emulex, CA, Novell, McData, etc. and was relieved to find that they were right on message.

Think Of Virtualization Like A Mutual Fund

John McKnight gave me this analogy, and I can’t be happier about it. It really helps people understand what this “virtualization” thing is all about.

Is CA Really Screwed This Time?

Computer Associates did it again – they have to restate earnings.

Virtualization Solutions – Same Motivations

I’ve been writing a lot about virtulalization lately, and the process has been clarifying. I figured out a few things, such as the fact that none of the stuff we are talking about is new. Most of it is really old actually.

Tacit and Kashya Get Taken Out

What does it mean? First, it means I lost money. Both were good ESG clients. I’m sure you feel sorry.

Integrated Enterprise Virtualization

Hu Yoshida, of HDS fame, spoke about a conference in his latest blog, and one of the topics was virtualization.

Storage Problems Simplified

“Our central file system was getting hammered in a way it had never been hammered before. The NFS caches couldn’t go fast enough — they did not have enough RAM on them.” Greg Brandeau, Pixar

Who Will Win The Switch Wars?

Why is it that people can look at a simple sentence – and interpret it in so many ways?

Security Is Happening….Finally

I’ve got to resign myself that I’m cursed with longer eyeballs than most. It seems I’m like a B movie psychic when it comes to IT sometimes – I see whats going to happen, but there’s not much I can do about it.

SAN and NAS: What’s In A Name?

Did you read Tony Asaro’s latest? In his blog he talks about the end of SAN and NAS – and he’s right. Do you think anyone really cares about SAN or NAS? If you aren’t in the storage business, it’s a good bet that you don’t.

Notes From EMC’s ETS

I didn’t attend, but Tony Prigmore, Tony Asaro, Brian Garrett, and Mark Bowker of ESG did. Some interesting things: