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Stephen Schochet is the author and narrator of two highly acclaimed audiobooks "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood." To hear RealAudio samples of these entertaining and inspiring productions please visit http://www.hollywoodstories.com.
Who Lives In The Star Wars Galaxy?

It’s hard to say where old Hollywood ended and new Hollywood began. People in the industry don’t think of themselves as making history, they are just going to work. But the day in 1967 that Jack Warner cleaned out his desk at Warner Bros. studio, George Lucas and Frances Ford Coppola arrived on the lot.

10 Tips For Selling Books Through Radio Interviews

William A. Gordon and Stephen Schochet are Hollywood authors and storytellers who, between themselves, have done over 600 radio interviews. Although they work independently, they often share information about specific shows and compare strategies for getting booked. Here they share some of the lessons they have learned about selling books, CDs and audiotapes through radio interviews.

Walt Disney’s Failures Could Inspire Entrepreneurs!
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If you are a struggling entrepreneur who sometimes feel like you are pushing a 3-ton boulder up a steep hill, costs keep mounting and you are considering giving up, check out the 10 setbacks that Walt Disney faced. Some were financial nightmares that put him millions of dollars in the red and others were just plain embarrassment.